Polishes That Stamp


Update: I'm adding links back to pages where the stamping appears. I want to add that while I may freely call a polish a stamping-worthy polish, I won't include it here unless its been used to stamp.

OK, let's break it down.

I want to list polishes that work as stamping polishes in a meaningful way. Meaning they don't just leave a shadow that you have to decipher with a special pair of glasses to see. (Hey! I know I've done that!)

I've gone through my own posts that have had at least good stamping success. Some brilliant, some just good.

5 - perfect - you won't go wrong. Full coverage.
4 - very good over dark or light - may need to shake it or leave it uncapped for a very short time
3 - good over one or the other dark or light, leaving uncapped for a spell might help
2 - leave the cap off, settle for translucent coverage (might be fine for decals if you make them)
1 - not worth bothering unless you are a glutton for punishment.

I've still got a long way to go, but here's a start!

 Wet n Wild Black - needs shaking. Can leave the cap off for a short time for best results - 4


Revlon Magnetize - a heavenly burnished silver. Big lots? Ebay? Worth it! - 5
OPI My Silk Tie - could use some evaporation, but very nice over most shades - 4
CND Times Square - dc'd - 5
China Glaze Millenium - 5
Milani Instant Pearl - a little sheer, but the effect is beautiful over dark and medium shades - 3

American Apparel Factory Gray - look for it on eBay only or other places because American Apparel is pretty much gone. - 5

Milani Hot Orchid - old bottle, dc'd, find it if you stamp. It's great - 5
Zoya Cyma - 3
American Apparel Downtown L.A. - very good over light colors - 4
Elle Elle 209 - super hard to find, but excellent - 4
Maybelline Jewels and Berries - ok for a shimmer best over lighter shades - 3

Milani Nail Art - bright blue - 5
Maybelline Denim Dash - bright navy that does very well over light and medium shades - 4
SinfulColors Blue Crushin' - beautiful deep peacock blue, needs a bit of evap - 4
SinfulColors Endless Blue - very good, best over medium shades, but hard to fault at $2 a bottle - 4
Milani Blue Print - with evaporation, a pretty bright blue - 4

Sally Hansen Navy Baby - not perfect but very good coverage - 3
Orly Opposites Attract - 4

Milani Yellow Design - nail art polish, needs evap, good over light colors

China Glaze Magnetix Gold Fusion - very nice! - 5
L'Oreal Bond Bronze - an old dc'd polish that you may see on eBay. Good on medium and lighter shades - 4
Color Club Golden Girl - best over dark/medium, but holds its own - 3+
OPI Golden Rules - best over dark/medium, but holds its own - 3+

China Glaze Harvest Moon - 2
Milani Orange Graph - these are art polishes with fine brushes. Benefit from evaporation best over lighter colors - 3

Revlon Captivate - the perfect copper - 5

Sally Hansen Frost Freeze - lovely sage green over light, pink interference when stamped over black. Dc'd and worth the hunt on eBay. - 4
Maybelline Galactic Green - excellent, dc'd, try eBay - 5
SinfulColors Olympia - could use some evap, but so far holds its own - 4
Pure Ice First Time - sheer for a chrome, surprisingly, workable - 2

Sally Hansen Pat on the Black - talk about a dark horse! Probably floating around eBay - 5
SinfulColors Dream On - decent over mid and light colors, its strong suit is its price - 3

Revlon Enrapture - 5

Seche Lumiere Alone - very beautiful - 4

OPI Bare It In Trafalgar Square - Excellent over everything - 5

L.A. Colors Seafoam - in need of evap and best over a lighter shade - 3

Misa Spark My Interest Collection - amazing - 5

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