Monday, November 21, 2016

Art Nouveau

Wanted something rich and luxurous that seemed like a fin de siecle velvet robe draped with long gold chains.

I sponged Sally Hansen Salon Formula Navy Baby and L.A. Girl Iron Red then stamped it with L'Oreal Bond Bronze.
SH is easily found on eBay, even if you don't get the old square salon bottles, there are ample navy shimmers about: Hard Candy has on you can find on eBay, too.
L.A. Girl has reined in their extensive line and Iron Red is not on their site, but it is on eBay.
Finally, L'Oreal Bond Bronze, can readily be replaced with a gold metallic shimmer. What I love about this polish for stamping is the micro glitter sparkles that show up scattered through the stamping. Very  unique.

Very simple to do for a freshman nail artist like me,but evoking the complexities of Nouveau at its height when it was taking the 20th century into the bright lights of its electrified self.

When I did this I imagined Norma Shearer devolving into vamphood in Strangers May Kiss.
(If you haven't seen many pre-Hays Code Hollywood movies, they are all worth watching, even the more obscure ones give you a peek at early 20th century culture in America more than the glossed over stuff that became the "golden age" of Hollywood)

Meanwhile, loved this a lot.
The foil of the red and the transition from navy through purple coupled with the soft gold chain appearance of the stampognevokes exotic-ness.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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