Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Thrift Shop Memories

Back in the early 90's in Seattle, I used to hit the thrift stores as rigorously as I hit the latte stand or Three Girls Bakery.
This was well before eBay and its affect on great finds and good prices, plus it was fun to find old 60's cashmere coats, brocade kitten heels, or - my fave - sweater sets. 

Here's a stamping that reminds me of vintage sweater labels. They were always black with gold thread and goofy names. I've unloaded a lot of those sweaters, but still have a couple of old cashmere cardigans. I think my favorite, is a hand knit sweater in deep blueberry with rhinestone buttons. It's too big, but occasionally I wear it belted. I always wonder who made it and who just discarded such a great sweater. (of course who discards their pets at shelters? unfathomable. They are family.)

Back to the polish...

I can't recall the base, but I reused China Glaze Magnetix Gold Fusion, dense and working into a wonderful stamping polish!

The plate is Pueen Sumptuous Elements 03. Go Pueen! 

This pattern is almost too big for my nails, but I liked they little crowns.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


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