Monday, April 18, 2016

Revlon Metallics

Four Revlon Brilliant Strength metallics up for you today.

I have to admit, I have been pretty excited about this post. It's taken a while to get everything organized, but it's here.

I'd found a few more of the Revlon Brilliant Strength polishes at the Ol' Dollar Tree and wanted to flex their muscles as stamping polishes as I gathered them in. Mostly a win with one that isn't quite up to the task, no matter.

I will also show photos of the stamping plates, since I think it will help you see the plates a bit better.

The plates are all from Bundle Monster's Spring Buffet collection and I have to admit it's a collection that keeps on turning it out.

Revlon Magnetize

A beautiful burnished platine that stands out more as a stamping polish than a chrome, however it is a very unique chrome shade.
I recently found a back up at the Dollar Tree and was glad to find it: excellent stamping polish.

Three coats on the accent nail, though two would do. These are at the Dollar Tree, and I don't see anything in Revlon's current line up to match up with this color.

I used Bundle Monster BM-722, with a very sweet design.

Revlon Captivate

A molten harvest orange that stamps a GORGEOUS bright copper metallic shade. This is my holy grail copper stamping polish. Heavenly!

Again, found at Dollar Tree and easily found online. LOVE.

If you stamp, if you want a true copper, then you need this puppy. It looks good as a chrome/metallic shimmer, but as a stamping polish, it is very unique.

Used BM-723. I think it managed the thick pattern very well.

Revlon Enrapture

I chose a favorite of mine, L'Oreal Future Rose as my base for stamping and it came out very close, so it was hard to get a good look at the stamping.

This polish, to me, does double duty. I find this shade of muted, dusty rose chrome/metallic shimmer quite beautiful. Neutral, yet on point with the spate of "nudes" that are popping up in cosmetics these days. Yet as a stamping polish, it does make its presence known, despite my monochromatic choice.

BM-702 has a more delicate pattern, but it all came through rather well. In case you are wondering, I did the vines on the right side.

Revlon Hypnotize

This is a fairly generic gold shimmer that doesn't translate as a stamping polish. I am trying to let it evaporate a little bit and will update if I find that it does work out. Right now, just not enough coverage to get enthusiastic about it.

BM-703 is a charming little plate and I used the curly-cues in the upper left corner. 

Finally I goofed around with a process that I saw on Youtube, where you put colors on a matte or a plate and mush them up with your stamper. Interesting!
I used everything except Enrapture over Magnetize...

Although I am not sure if it's 100% success without a topcoat, I feel like it's a fun alternative to water marbling, this was easy: slap on some liquid latex over my fingers and splodge away. Plus I don't waste sponges: the stamper cleans up with the the adhesive lint roller. Win!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Magnetize is a big winner!

    I should try that technique you describe, that sounds like my kind of nail art: Foolproof!

    1. It is kind of no brainer, my absolutely favorite kinds of crafts. :D


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