Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Pair of Silver Belles

Normally I use foiled silvers on a regular basis, things like the ones I blogged here.

I do have a pair of silver chromes that I wanted to try out and get blogged.

I did use a ridge filling base coat - 2 coats - beneath these. Quite unforgiving on that front.

First up is Creative Nail Design's Time Square:

This is a very old CND polish. Meaning it's a regular polish, not a long wearing one with an old school formula. Stinky, but not bad to use. Some brushstrokes. A bit touchy on try time. Not bad, but not a perfect formula. 

I wanted to try it out for stamping - in the hope that my guess that this would be a great stamping polish. (Despite my skills!)

It was pretty awesome. Laid down perfectly with a very good coverage. I missed a section, it wasn't the polish, it was me.  

This guy has been permanently added to my stamping polishes. 

Next up is China Glaze Millenium: (my autocorrect if duking it out with the China Glaze spelling of this polish)

Three coats. China Glaze did a Krome collection back in 2009 that kicked much butt. It was apparently discontinued, but I still pick up one or two now and again if I find them. This really pops. Love it!

I love this polish. I have Maybelline Mirror Image, which is also great, but this one is really nice, too.

No complaints at all. 

I then used it as a stamping polish.

I found that it adhered to the stamper a bit when I laid down the design onto my nails. I am not sure if this is my stamper (a soft one) or my prep of my nails. It seemed as though it dried very fast and became a little plastic-y, so it was less forgiving. 

I will keep this one as a regular polish for now, mainly because it's quite gorgeous on its own.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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