Where I Get It!

Updated 02/06/2017

Hello Everyone!

Been trying to put down a list of places I personally purchased polish from.
These are everything from retailers to etailers to polish manufacturers to etsy sellers to indies.
The list is long, part recollection, part repetition!
As with any purchases, don't rely on photos they provide, use blog and other resources to get your comparisons.

I buy my own polish and the only people who have ever sent me polish to review has been SinfulColors, but I no longer accept polish from them. So, fundamentally I am buying my own stuff.

I'm not affiliated in any way with any of the stores below, except eBay: I have a separate ID for selling and a separate ID for buying. Beyond that nothing else.

Rating System
I am inaugurating a rating system.
Since it would be impossible to really just rate polishes - I'd blow my own system to bits with ennui and miscalculation - I've got to say that buying polish is often consistently consistent.

A simple 1 through 5 with 1 seems workable.
1 - Passable, iffy, try alternatives. Either broken bottle, unsafe packaging or just no customer service. Store has either no consideration for cleanliness or just doesn't carry anything anymore, etc.
2 - Doable, but issues with packaging or poor customer communication/service on a occasional basis.
3 - Not bad. If there are issues, they are generally resolved. Not wow, but not always consistent.
4 - Consistently good, but has a moment of questionable, but the preponderance is very good.
5 - The best of the best. I buy there even if shipping costs more than somewhere else.

I might add a + or a - if it's just around the full star range. No decimals or fractions, I promise!

Shipping Thoughts
I will add that shipping isn't a deal breaker for me, If I buy a large order from a larger etailer, shipping may shake out to 25 cents to a dollar more a bottle. I've found that it is still more competitive than buying one bottle on eBay or at a retail store. Generally. Generalizations are made to be broken, right?

Let's begin!

Brick and Morter Stores

I am in a location that doesn't have a lot of retailers like CVS, but sometimes I get good luck while travelling. I'm in the Pacific Northwest, and most of my travels are in the West. I'm a 5th gen Californian and love the West, read a lot of history, and adore open spaces. So, I'm not in a dense region for shopping. Probably for the best, eh?
If I haven't included a shop, it's because I haven't been there.

Dollar Tree
Since their merger with another dollar store, Family Dollar, my Dollar Tree has stocked a regular supply of L.A. Color. Along with some NYC, WetnWild, and Milani in ever decreasing amounts.
I have heard of people finding SH CSM, which is almost unheard of. Ironically SH was dumping a ton of stuff when I was just starting out. You never know with their new "healthy" line of polish, they may just change things up.
As usual, it does vary location to location, though I don't see much in the way of variety that I used to, but things always change with Dollar Tree and nail polish.
Eveything is a single pack, versus a two pack that they used to do.
If you aren't too fussy about what you may or may not find it can be a good way to pick up some fun stuff. I find that L.A. Colors has nice stuff.
I often find that polishes I see at the Dollar Tree seem to also be on eBay, and some for about the same price as the polish and the cost of wear and tear on your car. My point here is that unless a Dollar Tree is close by or en route, it may not be worth an expedition in its own right. Well, for some people. Hehehe.
Prices: It's a dollar. ;)
Rating: 4 - It is what it is, but it can be a real win, too!

Walmart can vary in how well they maintain the nail polish/cosmetic aisles. Some look like a war zone. Others are tidy. I am not a regular shopper at Walmartland, but occasionally go in.
They don't, at this writing, sell WetnWild at my locations, but for NOPI special editions, they can be handy. 
They carry Sally Hansen, Essie, Revlon, Hard Candy, NOPI, OPI, Maybelline, and Pure Ice, which is a really nice brand. 
Downside? People test polish like crazy and clerks seem to be too busy to monitor this.
Upside? When I wanted the K collection for Christmas and couldn't find it I had a clerk and two managers helping me find it. Nice!
Prices: not the cheapest, for a chain based on "dropping prices" but they have a nice sale pile and will price match with appropriate documentation - at least they did for me once.
Rating: 3 minus - Because of the testing people do on the polishes and prices on polishes. Not a discount and you could buy polish that's been opened, etc. 

Fred Meyer
Regional grocery/department store chain. Their cosmetics department is quite nice. They carry all the drugstore brands, including some OPI and Essie. Additionally they carry Essence a great little brand at a nice price point.
Not local to me, so I go when I'm in the area where a store is located.
Always well stocked, clean displays and a lot of cool brands. Are loaded with seasonal displays of the latest promos. If you think you want it, they probably have it.
They really nailed it. Ha. ha. HA! Ahem.
Prices: not the cheapest, but on par with most of the other drug stores.  I've never left empty handed. 
Bonus: want a spiral cut ham for the holidays? You can't go wrong with Fred Meyers. 
Rating: 4 plus - the plus for sheer size of their display and variety. 

Located in 26 Western and Mid-Western states, I'd never heard of Shopko before moving to Eastern Washington. Like a mini Walmart, with about as much charm. 
Spotty on seasonal displays, but a loaded bunch of discount bins. Worth a periodic look.
Some OPI and NOPI, many drug store brands.I see China Glaze in the discount bins, I think that was from the days of an old Nail Bar that is now defunct.
I've had some issues with price labeling, customer service.
Prices: nothing is a deal: China Glaze was almost $8 a bottle when they had it. In fact their prices are tippy top for my area. I feel it's the Cutters vs. College mentality that a lot of local businesses utilize in pricing.
Saving Grace: Discount bins, not screaming deals, but I found a couple China Glazes that were a good price.
Rating: 3 - mainly because of customer service and such a dingy set up. I only go for mark downs, which are in fits and starts. 

Mall setting retailer chain who specializes in teen and tween (and the genX'ers/baby boomers who rock those looks) demographic. I have seen some great deals, they always have a "buy one, get something" thing going on, with occasional better deals. Not a large selection. Nice staff, which always changes, so it can vary.
Truthfully their polish choices are very few. Occasionally they pop out some great little polishes. I don't go very often now, because it's starting to look the same to me: glitters, brights, bright glitters, shimmers. 
Prices: always some sort of sale, but generally not bad. 
Rating: Three  - they can have a really nice polish on occasion, but mostly it's the same thing over and over. And they are downgraded because their formulas are a little sparse on pigment.

Rite Aid
Drug store chain that has been recently remodeled in my area and consistently good at displays and a wide variety of brands. Remodeled and quite bright, dense, and up-to-date. They have dropped SinfulColors from their lineup and NYC. They do carry a lot of seasonal displays for WnW and Revlon and Essie.
Prices are pretty much top drugstore, but if you are a regular shopper, you can get points and earnings back.
From some obscure weirdo brands that end up being surprisingly good, particularly around the holidays, they have the full complement of Revlon, WnW, NYC, Essie, SH, Bonita, L.A. Girl, NOPI, Jesse Girl, L'Oreal, and Maybelline.
They now have a Nail Bar that includes China Glaze and OPI.
There is one Rite Aid in Milton Freewater Oregon that is a juggernaut of cosmetics. It's very unlike my claustrophobic store, this one is expansive, lots of displays and lots of great stuff. If you are down there, it's worth the stop.
Prices: not so much the deep deal, unless you work points and coupons, lots of "buy one/get 50% off" but they carry a lot of stuff.
Rating: 4 -  pricing is at par with drug store pricing, no super deals, but they have the selection.

Drug store chain that has shrunk - at least mine has - their cosmetics down to fit other things like perfumes, "as seen on TV", and seasonal stuff like sunblock.
They have a lot of SinfulColors, and a ton of Sally Hansen. Also Revlon, Maybelline, Cover Girl, and the usual brands like Rimmel and WnW. Branching out into Essie. L'Oreal is always well represented, too. They could do more, but they are very friendly and always helpful about when stuff comes in, especially 3-5 years ago when I was looking for Hidden Treasure and other stuff.
They also are good at markdowns. I am not a coupon'er or points person, but do like the markdowns and I try a lot of cosmetics thanks to that and their "end of aisle" sale piles.
Prices: some deals, mostly standard pricing, but they turn it over to sell it much cheaper if it's not moving. Unlike others they really work the sale side of things.
Rating: 4 minus  - only because they've decreased the new displays in lieu of what I've mentioned above.

Outlet retailer chain. The one that really boosted my collection. They used to have Color Club sets. It was heavenly. Now they have Bonita, JLB, Kleancolor, L.A.Colors, Cherimoya, and some random OPI, SH/Revlon/or/L'Oreal packs of 3-5. Sephora Formula X is a regular. Plus a lot of random no name brands of prepackaged collections. It's iffy and I don't go to Ross as much, but every time I do go, it's not got as much as it used to.
I recommend Bonita, the L'Oreal and L.A. Colors. Occasionally they have Princessa. Great place for shampoo, body butter and the occasional Nailtiques or Barielle treatments.
Prices: not bad for the selection. New to polish? On the right day you can score Barielle stuff, good sets with basic colors (JLB foil sets are lovely for stamping! Check out Another Bottle of Polish blog here!) that are as good as $8 Sally Hansen polishes at the drugstore.
Rating: 3 plus - no returns and indifferent staff. Poor and often untidy and inconsistent  selection - they've downsized my two stores quite a bit, this could be different in larger markets.

Northwest Beauty Supply
Regional beauty supply chain store. It's a tidy store, with a boutique feel. Friendly staff, they always greet me, and their presence helps discourage polish testers, which I like. OPI, Essie, China Glaze, and more. I only browse the 50% off basket, which is often full of stuff that didn't sell well. Ah well. They do have an annual sale, too.
Prices: high-ish, except for 50% off bins, which range from one to three at any one time. I will often look there, then buy online.
Rating: 3 - prices are just too much. I know they probably give a discount for licensed professionals, but I don't have a license, .

Sally Beauty
Beauty supply store. Limited selection of new releases. Inconsistent, indifferent, unhelpful staff. China Glaze, OPI (now), Orly, in-house brand Finger Paints, Seche Vite, and other doodads.
I've consistently felt the snooty shaft almost every time I go there. Do me no more favors, please. I'm done. Last thing I purchased was the Finger Paints autumn collection and they had only two bottles of each color. Not online either.
See online for online review.
Prices: average price for salon brands or deeply discounted. You can sign up for $5 to use on next purchase.
Rating: 1 - I'd rather buy on their online store at full price than deal with them. This has been my experience in two stores.I hate the retail store. YMMV.

TJ Maxx
Upscale outlet retailer chain. What Ross used to be to nail polish.
Courteous and friendly staff.
Good deals on OPI (relabeled and not), Essie, some Butter London, Ciate, Orly, NOPI and Sephora X polishes. Probably more, but that's what I've seen. Lots of hand creams, etc, never see very many treatments, though.
If you can wait for a less popular color, at $3.99 a bottle with sets around $5.99 and $7.99.
Essie is about 3.99, comparable to online prices.
Aside from that, it's nice to shop there. Mine is tidy and pretty decently stocked.
Prices: pretty excellent! On par with online and sometimes there are deep discounts.
Rating: 5 - for an outlet, it's very nice. Never an issue.

Big Lots
They get huge job-lots and huge volumes when they do, at least in my experience. Prices are very low: $OPIs for $1.80, for example. Some Dollar Tree brands, but lots of other stuff. Sometimes they have nothing. I've seen Revlon, $OPI, Maybelline, and Sally Hansen.
Staff is super friendly and helpful.
They are a regular stop when I'm in the area.
Things that aren't popular don't move super fast, so I've seen piles of $OPI black and white crackle over the course of a several months, but I've found some cool stuff like Revlon gel base coat!
Prices: low! Nothing isn't a good deal. I've tried foundation, lip gloss, makeup, Kindle covers and Christmas decor.
Rating: 5 minus - only because sometimes it's got nothing.


I do buy a bulk of my polish online. My main issues are good packaging, good service, and selection.
Also, I won't use links, because things sometimes change with URLs.


Online discounter. They seem to sell a lot of brands like Jordana, Kleancolor, Milani, NYC, NYX, L.A. Girl, L.A. Colors as well as China Glaze, OPI and Essie. 
I find them a great resource for discontinued things like Milanis, particularly things like the holos, glass flecks, etc. 
I personally give them a regular peek. If you are interested in older collections of China Glaze, you might want to pour over what they have, the prices are super competitive.
Prices: good, some things are really low, which is nice! They also have a $5 first time offer, and other discount codes. I've used Retail Me Not as well.
Rating: 5 - for the price point and for the product selection, it's hard not to find a bunch of goodies.


Cherry Culture (NOTE: CC is closed until Fall 2017)
Online etailer who seems to, at this writing, shrunk the heck out of their polish offerings.
I used to consider them a more expensive Beauty Joint, but as I write this, I'd say all they are doing is unloading NYX polish.
In the past they've carried a broad selection of current collections. Things like Milani, L.A. Girl, Kleancolor, Jordana, and L.A. Splash.
Especially L.A. Girl glitters and things like that.
Prices: right now low, in the past they were higher, but not impossible if you wanted the latest shade of NYX
Rating: 2 - until they upgrade their polish, I'd pass.


L.A Girl
L.A. Girl has drastically reduced their nail polish collections online. They do have displays at Rite Aid, but rarely do a seasonal display. I'd say if you were looking for older L.A. girl, check out eBay or Discount Cosmetics Outlet (the old Discount Cosmetic is defunct and I haven't shopped the new one, so I can't say how they are, but if they offer paypal, it should be fine.)
Prices: fairly normal, like full retail prices
Rating: 2 - they have lost their mojo: all their collections are gone and they don't seem to be moving anything new out. Times must be hard.

A super little brand that I've only ordered a few times from. I've also ordered cosmetics from them as well.
I like NYX's ideas, but for some reason, I haven't purchased much polish. I think their strength is knocking off higher end makeup colors, rather than promoting their polish as much. Plus I've seen NYX sets at Ross, they looked good, but I'm so maxed out and there were many dupes.
Prices: normal retail type pricing, I've not used coupons/discounts, but I am sure they are out there for people to use.
Rating: 4 and I'd go higher, but I really haven't bought anything much. I like the blushes, etc.
I'm lowering their rating to a 2 - they've got no polish except for promo sets that are seen in Ross/Nordstrom Rack.

If there is one brand that I respect, it's Milani. I won't make this into a brand thang, but I have ordered through their site often.
They've changed bottle shape and instead of making dupes of higher end brands, they are holding fast with a little diverse collection. Not as exciting as in the past. I hope better days are ahead. I love Milani.
Prices: not the cheapest, on par with retail pricing wherever their brand is carried.
Rating: 5 - mainly because they do a great job on every order.

Diamond Cosmetics
I add them for one reason alone: if they ever go back to selling directly to us consumers, I wholeheartedly recommend them for great polishes and good customer service.
Right now their website is super transparent on what it takes (costs) to get your own polish brand in the world. Wow. I can see why many boutique brands snap up a nail polish line as an adjunct.
I have many, wish I had more. Right now they hover around the $9 an up price range, in one brand, Ginger + Liz who boldly used DC swatches from their site and then got huffy when a blogger called them on it.
Drama aside. I love the brand. It's great.
Prices: well, it was $2-$3 a bottle. It was great polish. I'm not inclined to support the resellers at this point, though.
Rating: 5 or 1 - it might return. If not, time to move on.

They run specials all the time, seriously a LOT. I've paid as little as 3.50 a bottle. Nice.
It's a smart move on their part. They are the talk of the town on Makeup Alley nail board.
Their selection is vast, they also have great mani products, which they toss in as freebies and samples to try.
Additionally they have special collections loaded with huge variety.
Finally: they don't discontinue stuff almost as soon as they've started it. It's easy to build your collection up over time.
I've ordered a lot, never had a real problem, and think if you like Zoya it's the place to go.
Prices: buy the sales, if you want the deals.
Rating: 4 - There is no holo collection, why?


I buy from a lot of beauty suppliers. This is a work in progress. I dream of the one supplier who carries EVERYTHING from salon brands and IN STOCK! LOL! As if.

Trans Design/Nail Supplies (dot) US
The motherlode.
The shizz.
The MAN.
OK. Seriously. If you create an account then you can access the OPI polishes. Anyone can make an account. Win!
I've never had a hint of a problem: every order is well packed, complete, and not a bad deal.
If you are keen to have the latest polish collections from salon brands and buy at least 10 polishes at a time, shipping is nominally affecting your price.
Brands: OPI, Essie, Orly, China Glaze, Color Club, CND, Lechat, Jessica, Misa and more.
Prices: The lowest OPI short of a blog sale or an eBay find that I can find that has the biggest variety of OPI's available.
Rating: 5 - among my top rated places to shop.

They don't carry the wide variety of brands as Transdesign, but they do carry old OPI, among some of the older versions of China Glaze, Misa, etc. They also carry Seche brand polishes. Nice!
I never have a problem with  them, and just recently made an order.
Price: excellent, they old OPI is cheaper than Transdesign, so if you are wanting to flesh out your collection with the most unloved of OPI's offerings, go for the gold (I found two neutrals and am super happy)
Price: About the same as above with shipping about the same, if not a touch more expensive. You need to buy at least 10 polishes to make it worth your while.
Rating: 5 - never an issue, always fun to shop there.

Another standby. They have a big variety of the salon brands.
Same category of need to buy in bulk to alloy shipping costs.
I've never had a problem.
Prices: on par with Nail Supply and Head2Toe. At times a wee bit cheaper.
Rating: 5 - on my list of places to shop.

Victorias Nail Supply
I admit they aren't my go-to any more.
They've implemented a "sign in to see pricing" thing on some brands, don't seem to have many brands any more, and don't seem to organize brands with the latest up front.
Back in "the day" they had their own China Glaze exclusive Halloween polish.
Price: great, especially if you are filling in your oldies but goodies on OPI and China Glaze, plus Color Club is pretty cheap. I can't recall the shipping.
Rating: 3 plus - they seem to be fading away.

Sally Beauty Online
They use the same fliers and discount membership as the store. They also have coupons at Retail Me Not. Still the only thing I ever buy is Finger Paints. OPI, China Glaze and Orly are the other three brands I notice there. Worth the $5 if you buy on a regular basis.
Price: between membership and sales, discounts aren't to be completely ignored. Especially for a decent brand like Fingerpaints.
Rating: 3 plus - I think there are better prices on China Glaze, OPI, and Orly, but for Finger Paints, it's not bad, except for lack of access to some collections. I rarely shop online because of the lack of access.

I've purchased Morgan Taylor from and they were a great deal, with a great selection of that and other polishes. Plus shipping was super great.
 I went back to see about ordering again and see a "call for pricing" note instead of "add to cart". Found out that all I have to do is call. Prices are the best for the handful of brands they carry. I will add that they are mostly a gel polish place, but my experience has been excellent.
Price: the lowest Morgan Taylor and OPI prices I can find, with fair shipping, too.
Rating: 5 - they've always been great.

Fabulous Street
Your Nfu Oh headquarters.
I have always used Paypal and never had a problem, but a few years ago they did have a breach in their security.
Meanwhile, they have a great blog with lots of photos of the polish. That alone is worth the visit.
They carry Layla, known for their holos and chromes, among other things.
I've only purchased Nfu Oh through them, and it's been a few  years. (Just bought a pair of polishes, excellence as usual)  Love the bottles, but the price versus unique color isn't quite ringing my bell.
Price: they do have sales, get on their mailing list and it can work itself out there. Low purchase threshold to get free shipping. I mean, seriously take note Trans Design!
Rating: 4 - Never had an issue, but still don't think of them first when it comes to polish. I think if you are into cool bottles, they win that game.


The etailer juggernaut. It is both a supplier and a middleman. I rarely buy there due to the simple fact that I don't like the interface, don't enjoy buying on one order from multiple sources and goofing around with shipping. Having said that, I've purchased the odd polish - among many other things -through them.
I think it's appropriate to price compare. Like eBay there are deals and there are not deals.
There are ways to monitor prices and they also email me when a price changes.
It's good to have a wishlist, too, which can be handy.
Price: varies, but they list different sellers, prices, and changes.
Rating: 4 - they often have stuff you think is gone. It's a weird search engine, but can produce results.

My home away from home.
Seriously. I've shopped there a lot, sold there a lot and have a low ratio of issues, so low it's less than 1%, considering the number of transactions I've done, it's a winner. They've improved buyer safety, too.
I've posted a couple times about buying there, and still am a browser. I don't hit it as hard as I used to, but it can still reveal a lot of fun finds. It's definitely a place where the buyers want a deal, and, more importantly, small, medium and large sized retailers/etailers are putting up stores on eBay as an adjunct to their own online stores.
eBay's added things like "collections" (the social media-ization of everything is a bit of a hassle) they've diminished saving searches, but you can still watch and save sellers.
Price: still a lot of deals, but sellers pay fees and pass them along to consumers. eBay is encouraging sellers to offer free shipping.
Rating: 5 minus - it can have potholes and wrong turns on the road to proficiently navigating it, but watch yourself and you can do well. Polish category can get fakes, another consideration.

Ah, Etsy. A sort of artsy eBay without auctions.
I love how you can really dive into the good stuff.
Site seems to swell with people who have excellent photography skills.
I personally sold beads through their site, but found that the fees, my lack of turnover, and the limited listing time, didn't jell with me. I now only buy through Etsy, although my storefront still exists.
Meanwhile, a lot of sellers migrate to their own store or online sellers. Nice!
Price: can vary, but generally normal prices for indies. Some newer sellers have better deals.
Rating: 4 plus - I love the cart, but have had sellers put stores on hiatus and not answer emails with anything but a canned answer.

I've made some spectacular finds on eCrater.
I used to follow the old eBay seller boards (not on eBay) and eCrater was a good alternative for sellers who were mostly fed up with eBay. I don't know their system, but often you will find expensive, hard to finds that have sat there - literally - for years. It's not a regular for me, but I do occasionally check it out.
3 - prices not super competitive. I know it's a "wait for the right customer" thing, but sometimes it's more like a nail polish archive than an active place to sell.

I've purchased many a polish through Storenvy. It's a great place for blog sales, so you will see a variety of prices, shipping costs, and items. This is good.
I've experimented with it as a seller, but minimally. I've had two items listed, the store is open, but I can't see my items in the search. That is disconcerting.
As a buyer, I think it's a great avenue. I think back on polishes I got through a blog sale and I realize several have been through Storenvy.
4 - great to buy, but search is a bit funny.


Ah, the rise of the independents! They come, they go, some are so elusive you need a secret insider status and a fast internet connection to snag one.
I will only delve into the ones I've purchased from


She created the indie store and I've been a regular customer ever since, well there was a gap when another one started up, who shall remain nameless, but ever since, it's been a true pleasure shopping there.
Here service, communications, shipping, and selection are top notch. Great model of wishlist that you can bung into your cart and a timed cart so you aren't jacked. I personally feel Llarowe has been very open about how she does stuff and responded very well to many people's concerns.
Between regular updates on stock, to great sales events, to affordable shipping, I'm a fan. I've made large orders and small, all handled with excellence!
Llarowe now only stocks her brand and some pigments. End of a too short era.
Price: on par for indies, with a lot of sales. Plus you earn points! I just hit 1000 points. Oy!
Rating: 5 - hands down a hard working site.

Beauty So Fly
I believe they are based in Singapore.
They have a ton of indies and I often turn there to find out of stock items from indie seller or Llarowe's site. Great packaging, customer service, and comparable pricing.
Price: not a win on the salon brands, but shoulder to should with indies here in the states and quite decent shipping.
Rating: 5 - Every order has been excellent!

Harlow and Company
Canadian based company that sells many brands. With the Canadian dollar a bit weaker than the US dollar at this writing, it's not been hard to give them a gander.
Excellent website, easy and intuitive cart.
Price: depends on the fluctuation of the dollar, but much win!
Rating: 5 - love it!

Pretty amazing customer service.
I've ordered from them with zero issues. Great selection in this growing source of indies.
Price: on par with most indies.
Rating: 5 - every order has been beautifully handled.

A good pairing with LLP, above.
I've got a nicely curated collection, too.
Price: on par with most indies.
Rating: 5 - ordered from them with no problems.


Elevation polish - ordered once, nice! (I think they are on hiatus right now)
Cirque - excellence, ordered several times, Wunderbar!
Glitter Daze - A real winner!
Indigo Bananas - several orders, much greatness!
ILNP - Awesome, simply awesome, boutique greatness.
F.U.N. Lacquer - nice! Based in Singapore. Much beauty. Not cheap for shipping and I used to have to pay a tax. Now she's on the etailer sites like LiveLovePolish.
Glam Polish - Australian indie, sells in via a US shipper. Awesome!!
Emily de Molly - An Austrialian indie who is my favorite. Winner winner winnnnnner! Also has a US shipper. Greatness.

Nail Stamping (mostly plates)

Moyou (UK, not US site)
In a nutshell: excellent.

Messy Mansion
Very excellent, but large designs. Still customer service is superb.

I love the plates, very good service.

It Girl Nail Art (Etsy)
Amazing plates, awesome aesthetic. She is definitely worth checking out!

Beautiful large plates, great customer service, lovely overall.
Designs are large, but really seem to be of such beauty and variety that you can play your heart out.

Emily de Molly
Aside from

Blog Sale Sites

Wanted to add this, mainly because blog sales enable my purchasing polishes that I normally just can't afford, missed out on, or want to try.

MUA Blog Sales Take Two
Small, right now, but well managed. Easy to navigate, found some deals that I love there.
It's my favorite venue. Had a blog sale there once, but didn't sell a lot, I am guessing it had to do with a combination of my prices, traffic on the site, and my polishes being less than super desirable in the wash of polishes that are currently available.

Makeup Addict Blog Sales
I've bought and sold on this site. It's not bad, but it's not really professionally run. It's like someone is doing it part time. People tend to price things a bit high on the site, too.

Live Journal Makeup Sales
Go either through the Live Journal site or directly contact the seller, if a link is provided.
I've had good experience with this site, too.
They are dwindling down, though.

Store Envy
I've purchased through here as well, but there can be multiple shippers, so I feel it's like Amazon with all the different shipping.
All experiences have been excellent, just be aware of shipping. Still, a great little place.
I have a store, but haven't tried it yet. I understand that, like eBay, fees are an emerging issue.

Although due to their arcane shipping rules, you can't sell nail polish "officially" I see people do bundles. Sadly it's luxury brand driven and people often have prices way too high.

The newish kid in town. No specific groups, because one I joined that had so many nasty rules and were a cluster f*ck of nasty moderator baggaged-ness I wanted nothing to do with it. There is a "no rules" one, but it's absolutely hard as heck to get into.


  1. Wow. Thank you so much. This must have been a huge amount of work. I'm going to bookmark this page. Enabler!

  2. Epic post, I hope you don't mind a mega comment to add some food for thought?

    I have had a zillon orders with Llarowe, no bad experiences, love them! I've also bought a lot from eBay without issue, and more lately, a lot from Storenvy sellers doing their destashing...only had a couple bad experiences (a seller canceling/refunding because she had already promised/sold a listed Nerd Lacquer in some other manner like social media; a bad packaging experience where they used a paper towel threaded between polishes and two broke, no response to me reaching out through Storenvy messaging). I've probably been really lucky all things considered. And I bet my mailman HATES me. :D

    Some fading/closed online retailers: RIP Ninja Polish. Overall Beauty seems to have little listed these days.

    Some indies I've bought from directly (the DD ladies might've been Etsy, at least at the beginning): Darling Diva, Different Dimension, ILNP, Elevation, Girly Bits, Indigo Bananas, Rainbow Honey, Smitten...all great experiences.

    A couple of online retailers you could try:

    Can get Barry M, Celestial Cosmetics, Cupcake Polish, Dance Legend, Ethereal Lacquer, Femme Fatale, Glam Polish, Jade, Joss, Layla, Liquid Sky Lacquer, Picture Polish, Powder Perfect, Pretty Serious, Too Fancy (also China Glaze, Essie, Zoya), and that's just naming bigger names...
    Color4Nails.com offers Free Priority Shipping for all U.S. merchandise orders of 7 items and up (excluding taxes). For US shipments totaling less than 7 items there is a delivery fee of $2.00 for the 1st item; $3.00 for 2 items; $4.00 for 3 to 5 items; $0.00 for 6 items.

    LiveLovePolish free shipping on orders $20 and up: China Glaze, Color Club, Colores de Carol, Floss Gloss, FUN Lacquer, LVX, NCLA, Models Own, Mint, Pretty & Polished, RGB, Seche, Tenoverten, UNT

    1. I miss Nerdlacquer, but have a $30 gift card that will never see the light of day. I didn't want to include her since it was now a non issue.

      I know, there are so many. Soooo many!!!
      I now need to try Color4nails!
      Thank you for the additional info!


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