Tuesday, March 10, 2020

A Little Green Sparkle If You Please

Pop Polish "I'll Grow Back"

I put a couple coats over a Milani silver glitter to add to the sparkle.

Lovely metallic flake with large platinum flakes that take no prisoners.

It feels like a holiday polish with the red and blue and some gold, but it's just beautiful.

Here is an indoor shot:

Better under the indoor lights for my iPhone, that's for sure!

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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Coral Claws

Finding photos on the phone can be interesting.

I blogged L'Oreal Mandarine 320 back in the Old Days of this blog (2012, view here!) but really didn't do much else with it.

Thinking back, I don't think I've worn it since! This is the problem with a metric tonne of polish. Right? Maybe.

Truthfully I love coral. I think it can be a universally flattering shade, especially pink.

Somehow I must not have marked the bottle (my high tech "did I blog this" tracking system) and I tossed it on over white:

It's fairly epic for spring.

Three coats and a beautiful shimmery frost that arrests your eyes in the sun, because indoors it's more like a creme.

Here it is under lamps:

This is a tough formula, prone to some issues, as you can see on my left hand here.

Also, over white, it just has issues.

I don't keep my nails quite this long, but also not quite this thick. This is right before I removed the polygel in 2019.

I love this shade and how it zings into the neon realm and yet has that whitish frostiness.

Are frosts coming back? OPI will release a pearl collection and pearl is a kind of brushstroke prone frost.

We shall see...though, OPI isn't on the bleeding edge of much these days, so don't take my word on what's on or off trend.

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Thursday, February 6, 2020

Of Gleams and Songs

Whenever I get a polish with a pop culture reference it's safe to say I need to look it up.

Native War Paints The Gleam In Your Eyes Is So Familiar from Polish Pickup 2018 was no exception.

In fact if it weren't for searching I would have guessed "modern era vampire/monster/paranormal franchise".

The hook in Video Games got me, too, so at least I'm not "whooo??" (insert clip art of granny in a rocking chair with square glasses and a gray bun).

Meanwhile, why haven't I worn this delight sooner?

A delightful pink rose with some lavender tossed in, my flash photo here doesn't show the perfectly beautiful blue glass fleck that gives a pronounced blue flash.

I am mesmerized.

Easy three coats, and a healthy holo with a scatter that leans toward a nice soft flame of warmth.

I am crazy about the formula, too. Dried very nicely, three days later I am seeing no wear or any issues.

For some reason I don't have a lot of this brand, why I do not know!

It was a one off for the Polish Pickup (www.polishpickup.com) back in 2018 (August).
If you aren't familiar with this check it out, it's a pop up type shop with limited edition samplings from an ogling array of makers. You may want to hide your credit cards. Shipping is a flat $3.

Don't blame me if you are gazing at your nails and sipping ramen broth for a few weeks.

Just saying!

Oh and Native War Paints does have an offering this month (check it out here).

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Thursday, January 30, 2020

NIcole by OPI. Gone But Not Forgotten

Back in 2011 Nicole by OPI was a going concern. In fact they'd had even some affiliation with a pretty popular tv family, plus some TV show tie-ins.

Somehow it just wasn't meant to be. Gone the way of the Dodo, as I frequently say.

I found that in the nail community people didn't like the bottles.

Sometimes they did a better version of something (Dutch Ya Like OPI next to NOPI Purple Yourself Together as an example) or did some fun stuff with glitter.

This set came out around Christmas 2011 with four glitters. I had them set aside for swatching, but ended up separating them into their color families.

Nicole by OPI Orna-ment For Each Other

Three coats (two would be fine).

No top coat.

This is a texture, but  I honestly can't recall if it was supposed to be textured or not, I really can't recall. 

I love how the gold brings it into the warmer tomato family of reds.

Wore it for about a 4 day span with no tip wear or anything. Nice!!

I think I bunged it over another polish, so you can see that a little around the edges. 

Perhaps considered rare at this time, as it's not inexpensive on eBay. You might find it on a blog sale, though.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Back to Blog + Instagram (And Polygel news)

Yes, yes, yes...I know.

Make up your mind, dear!

I have.

I again have access to my photo editing software, and so will begin paralleling the two, but mostly here with a shot on IG.

Why you ask? (Please do!) I like having control over my content. So I have a central place to place photos that I trust (Flicker/Smugmug) and I also don't have to worry if Instagram gets to onerous.

I will post soon, it's been a lazy river of a winter.

Polygel News

I have been following how they've changed technique by adding a gel base coat. I've been doing that and have not had any adhesion issue.

Additionally I am owning my filing a bit more and getting a better (certainly not perfect) shape that really makes wearing polygel a pleasure.

I also have discovered that Polygel does "dry out" or get a bit more "set up" in the tube toward the cap if you let air into it. I thought I had the little squeegee thing that comes with it up, but it wasn't so I had a gap. No worries, though, it all has worked very well. Even a little stiff.

Next time I buy, I may get translucent pink instead of clear, not sure. I don't do anything except wear it over my own nails, so no forms, no building a smile line, etc.

Monday, December 16, 2019

Moving to Instagram

Hey sweet people. I am posting on Instagram for now.

No excuses, "don't explain, don't complain", right?

It's just easier for now.


Thanks so much!!!

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy Hooooowloween!

Here is a quick delight: Fair Maiden Mind Freak over the top of Color Club Orange Revenge.

The shards are all metallic orange, but when the light doesn't reflect back to the eye/camera, they turn black and it's a great combo.

This is two coats of Mind Freak over the top of two coats of Orange Revenge. I love this a lot!!!

Wanted to add, I put polygel on to my nails, of course the chase begins with filing and shaping, but I like the way they look right now, nubs be darned!

Thanks so much for reading my little nail polish journal!

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

H&M Liberty Girl

I really want to get some old polishes swatched. I mix old with new and I sometimes pass on things repeatedly and they sit in the drawers too long.

I think it's a little bit of stage fright with my nails. Now that they are "polygel free" I have less worries about shape and thickness, which seems to be always on my mind with Polygel.

Here is a beauty H&M Liberty Girl:

Three coats, no top coat. Pure delight. Could use more shaking, but very rich and covers well. Formula was very easy to work with.

H&M has since changed their bottles since I got this polish back in at the latest 2011 or 2012, so I know it's feeling a little vintage.

This is shot with my iPhone and with flash, so it actually pulls a tad bit more purple than it is in real life. My phone loves adding red, so I need get out of the habit of using it!

Polygel notes
So I've been without Polygel for several months and the weird thing about Polygel is that when it cures and sets up from a liquid into a solid, their is some contraction as it sets the bonds. Well, I've noticed splitting inside the nail, so it's not a flake or split near the top, but it goes along the free edge down to the portion where it attaches to the "meat". I normally don't care but realize that if I remove them again I need to remove most of the free edge. I had a center split because a long crack formed underneath and was flaking away an inner layer. Even when I clipped and filed, I could see the bonds in my nail weren't knitted as strongly as they should be.


I will be nubbing out this weekend, since my nails are too long now to support them without Polygel, and this winter I am going to be pretty busy.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

American Apparel Mouse

Three coats of simply marvelous.

While American Apparel has retained that odd flash photography motif, it's shed its beauty products from the website.

These polishes are just great.

They cover, self level and never fail to please when I wear them.

Might still be floating around eBay.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Glistening Mauve Comparison

I find that I tend to buy dupes. I think the more I wear my untrieds, the less I will do this. I hope.

(Tell that to the drawer full of periwinkle polishes!)

Here's a follow up on the Pretty Serious Toxic Tiara post from a while ago.

I pulled out all the similar polishes (there are probably more if I think about it!) and wanted to compare.

Here we go!

Left to right:
OPI It's My Year
Orly Leading Lady
Zoya Faye
Pretty Serious Toxic Tiara

All are three coats.

Some thoughts.
OPI is a stellar formula, lots of balance between that mauve shade and gold shimmer glass fleck. It is the closest to Toxic Tiara, who has a slower-to-dry formula on me.

I personally adore Orly Leading Lady. This is part of some "two step" system I have no idea about. I saw it at TJ Maxx and though it might be a gel (this was before I had a lamp). It's not and it's great. I love this one a lot. Looks better in person. So much life to it. Zazzy!

Zoya Faye is a beauty and the strongest with the gold glass fleck. It moves almost into a brown category in some lights, though I don't hate it at all.

More pix!

There is a blue undertone to OPI It's My Year, so it holds itself well with the rich gold. I love it so much. I like it a wee bit better than the Pretty Serious Toxic Tiara because it seems to have more life to it, though that could be part of the translucency of the base letting light pour through.

You can see the shimmer here. I have to say the Orly had some crazy beautiful going on, but OPI held its own.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

I wanted to add a quick note on camera and Polygel.

I went back to using my Lumix by Panisonic more often as it does a better job with skintones and dealing with light, better range shall I say.
I love it a lot, it's been a workhorse and doesn't need the correction as much.

I'm taking some time off with Polygel, still. I am keen to get back into it, but have been a bit busy.