Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Emily de Molly Reflection

Here is a semi-green, a blue clover green that pulled extremely blue when photographed.

Pretty as can be and two coats that were super easy to use.

A scattered flame and a readiness to show holo makes this such a win. Not a huge fireball of holo, but a beautiful shade and a respectable holo showing.

Playing with my old Lumix because it can be easier to use and does a better photo than the iPhone.

I am loving my A6000 by Sony, but the quickie jpeg file is too small and so frustrating. Perhaps it's just me and the menus. eep.

Here is some polygel info, and a photo I normally would ditch, but there is a great image of polygel "snot"

Take a look at the index finger up in the left hand corner. This is a result of the slip breaking down polygel and causing it to get on your skin. It is interesting how slip (what is basically perfumed alcohol and acetone) must be balanced: too much and you get this, too little and the brush just grabs on and causes brush marks. 

This goes away after a while, but really shows that I got a bit zealous. This was my non-dominant hand applying it and control was an issue.

Meanwhile, liking the more flattened polygel enhancements and loving the much easier grow out: less obvious and easier to fill.

Filing is also mitigated because there is less of a hump.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Marching Forward, Carrying the Old on Our Shoulders

Here's a kitchen sink of layering that I won't say didn't turn out just right.

Here's a combo that I really enjoyed:

This is in the sunshine.

I admit my cuticles are so dry, many apologies.

It's so weird how my camera couldn't pick up the depth and play with the flakies.

The layers:

  • Revlon Top Speed Emerald
  • Color Club Lady Liberty (blogged here)
  • Sally Hansen Aisle Be there (blogged here)
  • Finger Paints Motley

I really liked it.
Sally Hansen Aisle Be There is a pretty oddly shaped flake, almost a semi glitter, like a flake of pearl or something akin to it, I have nothing like it, really. Sadly this whole line has gone the way of the Dodo. You might find it at the dollar place, or ebayland. You never know. Worth a look. Unique.

Here's Revlon Emerald all alone:

I call this more of a Kelly green, but it works out as a nice base.

And now we have it with Color Club Lady Liberty:

I confess this was the scene-stealer for me! I wore this for several days and just adored it. Well done Color Club!

Here it is again:

Here it is with flash. Loved this a lot.

Thanks so much for reading my little nail journal!

Wednesday, March 6, 2019


Yes, yes,'ve tolerated liverish shades for long enough.

Here's an emerald green from Colors by Llarowe: It's Your Destiny.

One coat. One. I am so serious.

It's juicy and luscious.

It isn't a scatter, but it's flame is blue, and my phone camera did it no justice, zero.

It's in the sun here, and though a little blown out, it gets the gist of things.

Dense formula that was highly forgiving in my growing out polygel, and this is without cleanup it was a little flow-y, but not over-flowing and it is a bit challenging on an uneven surface. I did a stand up job, to be honest.

Here it is under a lamp:

I put this on back on the 3rd and am still wearing it. I used Seche Vive and a mix in of some other top coats, and after a lot of use, am experiencing tip wear, but I am typing on my tips sometimes.

I can't fault this. 

It's from the 2017 August Polish of The Month. If you love green, you need to find this one, wow. A pretty stunning color.

Keep an eye on blog sales. I have nothing that approaches a dupe in the holo arena.

Sorry for the full on drool, but it's really that nice.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Pahlish To-to-ro? and Don Deeva Stripper Glitter

Polish names always make me laugh, but I thought the combination of such a wholesome household nameas Totoro from Studio Ghibli and Don Deeva's offering was kind of a hoot.

Very simple, Pahlish To-to-ro? is a sweet mauve with a dash of holo that spices things up. There is a pink shimmer along for the ride, too. It is from the December Polish Pickup, it's theme Enchanted Forest. I think of shadowy glens and perhaps a few fungi and ferns as well.

I think that the Don Deeva Stripper Glitter is amazing.

This is a more shadowed photo with daylight corrected light. It shows the Don Deeva off very well.

With flash now, the soft grayed out lilac is apparent.

Three coats of Pahlish, two of Don Deeva

More flash...what's not to love.

Find these on blog sales or Facebook destash or swap trade pages for the various purchasing groups.

Not impossibly obscure to franken, but a delight to have.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Old Polishes Making New Layerings

Normally I try to hit the new stuff, but sometimes I want to share the old stuff. I do that a lot on this blog, so this isn't the home of latest and greatest ever, really.

I have blogged Rimmel Steel Grey before as well as Sally Hansen Take The Leap, in fact, the Sally Hansen has had two outings!

Here is the combo:

My goal was to find a base that would work with this not wholly transparent topper.

I love this a lot.

It's three coats of Rimmel (a total favorite liver-y shade of taupe) and a couple coats of Take The Leap.

Then I added a matte top coat (Old NYC, now discontinued).

It reminds me of a cloudy day, evening, it's late winter, it will snow, but the dusk still has let the purple creep in before it's dark.

Winter has been hard for many, even if it's a late one. We have a phenomenon around here called the February Fake Out. Normally winter, well winter: snow, wind, cold, dark. Then in February there is this spate of springtime that just makes me love it around here. I wash my heavy down coats, I nearly put my thermals away. Then March trots in and reminds me that my notions of spring are cockeyed and to put my coat on.

This winter we had a balmy, mild one, then February just lost its mind. It's still in need of a back rub and a good talking to.

Meanwhile this polish fits the dreary bill.

Polygel Notes

Much flatter, though it's not super apparent, and shorter, too.

I've been bolder about replacing things that lift and even more bold about filing. Own it, basically, not pussyfooting around to get a better shape.

It's still hard with the non-dominant hand, but we are working around it.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Portal Referenced Pahlish

I love Pahlish, an indie if you are not familiar with the brand, and so I will happily accept the polish names that have so little that relate to my life and understanding.

All I know is that this one, Material Emancipation Grill, refers to a game called Portal.

I think I heard about it years ago, but, truthfully, forgot.

My gaming tastes are more to Backgammon (I play on a phone app, and so far have maintained my own, a top 25 player) and Oxyd (you can find a dos emulator, and it is a very tricky game, that is so simple).

Here's Material Emancipation Grill

This is a favorite. It is from the October Polish Pickup Pack and I kind of wish I had a backup!


Three easy coats, not top coat. Look at that pink shimmer!

The deep hydrangea blue shifts a bit, and I couldn't catch it.

A side note: I am really just fed up with looking like an Oompa Loompa in my photos. I am not that orange!!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Thursday, February 7, 2019

After the Ball is Over

I had hoped to pop this one up in January, but here it is now, Black Dahlia Lacquer's Before The Ball Drops.

Unlike the image on the website, this is a bright gold with a fair amount of green flakies.

Very pretty and super glam.

This is three coats, no top coat.

This is definitely a show stopper.

Here's another image:

It is a beautiful polish, and perhaps the latest one at Black Dahlia Lacquer is a newer version.

In any event, no complaints.

Beautiful coverage and a lot of pow.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Illyrian Time To Go To Sleep

In a perfect world I would not have to google references to nail polish names.

Here is Illyrian Time to go to Sleep:

Three easy coats. This is a dark base with load so shift pigment, flakes, and a sprinkle of holo.

The purple/blue/aqua flakies stay in the bright blue range and are luminous in contrast.

There is a red/gold shift, that probably goes green, but in the red, it really makes it all very plum colored.

I think this refers to a Bruce Campbell movie. I am no horror buff...nightmares...heck day-mares!

The name really reminds me of Roy Batty's line "time to die" at the end of Blade Runner.

This is how I would imagine the sparks or lights from C beams at the Tannhauser Gates.

I love how imaginative this polish is, things dance and pop and move in the light, it's not muddy, which I think is a big challenge.

This was part of the September Polish Pickup Pack and worth a look. There is one the 1st of February at

If you want to toy with indies, this is a great spot. There are caps on some polishes because these are one-offs and so makers do limited runs. The upside is that this is a great showcase for their brand and you can really see some gorgeous stuff you may never have imagined trying before.

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!

Friday, January 25, 2019

Random Stamping

Sometimes I stamp and I forget virtually everything.

Here's a quick one:

This is Borghese blue (sadly I moved this along, but now that I look at this, I really think this was an Anise polish!)

Stamped with a Sally Hansen Garnet Chrome (these old SH's are available on eBay and worth it!!) and overlayed with Orly Fifty-Four.

A pure delight to wear this one!

This is so janked up as far as good info, I literally remembered everything as I was typing. 

Thanks so much for reading my little nail polish journal!

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Mining the Past: Color Club Love 'Em Leave 'Em

When I first got into nail polish I had a terrible habit of buying Color Club collections because they were so inexpensive.

I think part of it was fandom for several great bloggers and also Ross had them for super cheap.

The bloggers have moved on, Ross seems to have as well (heck even Color Club!)

Yet I still have drawers of untrieds.

Here is one from a 2009 or 2010 Color Club Wild at Heart collection called Love 'Em Leave 'Em:

I topped it with a virtually invisible Revlon Glimmer Gloss Banana Blaze.

I couldn't catch any glass fleck pops, nor did I really get a handle on the very subtle holo flame.

I call this scattered, but it does produce a faint warm red/orange flame that is a delight.

I think in order to emulate the current indie trend of multiple layers of depth, I'd have to layer it (It's two coats, pretty dense, so not really a good direction) or add a lot more Glimmer Gloss.

Many people call this a nude, it definitely is a golden nude. I will be moving this over to my stamping polishes because it covers very well.

Polygel Notes

I'm adding this section to just pass along things I learn.

A few things in this post.

I notice that thickness is an issue. Since this photo, I've been filing with a coarse file (not labeled, but pretty coarse, 150? Who knows I know only from sanding my deck!) It removes a lot of bulk and helps them be less "bubble" shaped.

In the past I didn't have much lifting, but now that I am polishing my nails more, I do get it between fills. Historically I found that it never produced a problem, but about two weeks ago, I had a lot, so I soaked and removed Polygel from 5 nails (different hands) and reapplied it. It took forever. For. EVAH! I mean after 3-4 solid hours, I had to slap on a nude and just deal with reapplication the following day. I so wanted an electric drill!

Reapplied and though I have a touch of lifting, I am not seeing as much. I will play around with some super glue, though, or something that can just prevent moisture from getting under the nail.

That brings me to...

Brown Spots
Prior to Thanksgiving, I had found that the natural nail under the Polygel that was on my pinky had somehow came undone. It was firm against the nail because it was past my nail bed, so in the 1/3 inch that extended past my bed - free edge -  the nail could be pulled away and would snap back.

I thought nothing of this, but a few days later the nail was in need of replacement, and somehow was tender. I removed the Polygel and found these light brown spots that caused divits in the nail bed. I discovered it was a bacteria making a home. Yikes.

Cleaned it up, filed it down, and haven't had a problem since. This is why if I have lifting, I file/soak it off. No easy access parties for the bacteria!

That's all for now, I like the more flat profile, I think it looks better than the old ones (above), but it's still a learning curve for shaping and filing. 

Thanks for reading my nail polish journal!