Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Banana Nude

L'Oreal Eva's Nude is from a collection a few years ago that featured celebrity affiliations and shades of lipstick and nail polish (that I noticed).

I pretty much ignored it all until I saw this warm nude at Big Lots! over a  year ago.

Three coats an no top coat.

I love the soft amber shimmer that is almost undetectable, but clearly there.

I think you can still find this on eBay with ease. Nice!

Excellent formula, truly.

I then topped it with Revlon Glimmer Gloss Pina Colada

I did just one coat and no top coat, so I think a second or even third coat would be good, but I wanted something very subtle.

This, too can be found on eBay fairly readily.

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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Frosty Stamping

Have to admit I really love Seche Lumiere.

It's a gorgeous coral tea rose, or spice rose type of shade, but it is jammed with a green shimmer.

I can't articulate how much I love contrasting shimmers. This is no less than a super star.

I used a plate from Cici Sisi, the first set, and it's a pretty lacy filigree type of pattern that transfered very well from this dense polish.
This is taken in sunshine.

Here is Seche Lumiere alone

This is a fast application and I do apologize. I need to stop doing my manicures in bed. I know. Crazy. 

You can see my application issues do tend to show up, but this is a flash photo so the shimmer shows up with more strength.

I won't lie, I love this formula. It's a treat. Easily available online, just hard to find enough swatches. They have a pretty nice array of colors. Some classic shades, but a lot of interesting ones.

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Friday, August 26, 2016

Orly Precisely Poppy, Redux

Good news.

I got a better swatch! 

Blogged this here, but in need of a better photo!


This is much more accurate. I'd call this one less of a true red and more of a, well, poppy red!

Very much a jelly and quite lovely.

Thanks for your patience!!
Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Zoya Oceane

A Zoya I want to love...

A green leaning deep turquoise metallic shimmer peppered fairly generously with larger sparkling particles.

Knowing Zoya as I do, I know I had to layer it with my toughest top coat: CND Vinylux. It's survived coin counting, and it's a pretty tough customer. 

I didn't make it through a whole day. And this was just typing on the computer. Nothing dramatic. No horse care, no random accidental "tool" use of my nails.

I won't say it isn't gorgeous, but for me, I can't get decent wear. 

Tip wrapping and strong top coats didn't yield much success.

While I like their multiple-free smelling formula, I sure wish I could get it to work for me. 

Meanwhile, very beautiful!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Summer in the 80's

It's hot. Shorts are short. It's how it is in summer.

Zingy shades that can take the heat are de riquer. 

Sure, everyone is pining for autumn. Not yet. Not just yet. 

Milani Totally 80's topped with Zoya Tangy

I've blogged Zoya before, but didn't capture it's zip. 

Here's Milani Totally 80's alone

This is a neon collection from Neon from quite a few years ago. Now long gone, a pretty jonquil yellow that ostensibly is a neon shade. 

Tried some stamping...

I wanted to try some angular stamping, definitely feeling that geometric action from that decade.

From my Cici Sisi set. 

This is probably the last time I will stamp with the Milani art polish I though might work out to be something like a a great stamping polish. Notsomuch. Bummer. 

Meanwhile, I've just been experimenting with WnW black creme and it's a great replacement. This can live out its life as a normal black nail polish. Ah well. Live and learn.

Wanted to toss out another anglular stamping...

This is the same Cici Sisi set, and it's over WetnWild Mint Fusion, blogged here.

Very pretty stamp and I think it's a good size for my nails. 

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Black Shimmer Part 2

Welcome back to part two of my black shimmer collection.

All are three coats unless otherwise indicated and this batch is more of a larger shimmer particle, so let's go!

Diamond Cosmetics BMS

I won't lie, when Diamond Cosmetics came out with this limited edition polish I jumped all over it. This is two coats, and boy what coverage! Yes, definitely a matte, and now that I see it, I want to find some chalkboard stamping images!

I love this baby. Super hard to find, unfortunately DC is a private label company only. Le Sigh!

Misa Wishing on a Star

This has a ton of glass fleck silver floating around in a black jelly base.

Very glossy and because it is a more jelly base it seems almost a gray.

Still available at Misa's website! Nice!

Lovely formula, hard to fault. 

Sally Hansen Raven's Wing

An amazing polish. Wow. Love it!

Not on eBay, but it might show up now and then.  

Best for last? Not sure, but the trio on this page is pretty nice, plus Voodoo from the last post.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Black Shimmer Part 1

Black shimmers are pretty rare, but they are pretty neat.

I've got a few in my collection that have been in need of swatching for awhile now.

First, a few things...I will start with the more fine shimmers and build into the larger glass fleck ones.

All are pretty much three coats unless otherwise indicated. No top coat, as usual.

Zoya Raven

Pretty little soft silvery frost overlays this very deep black polish.

Fairly rough application, I won't argue, but as a general rule it was pretty easy to use. 

Raven is available still at the Zoya site. 

Zoya Anais

This one, blogged before, is shot through with a gold shimmer.  It was part of a Zoya Mystery Trio that was pretty much universally panned because it was packed with neutrals. Looking back, neutrals are so "in" now it's crazy.

This one will show a lot of gold at certain angles, which I find interesting. Like a blackened silver in a lot of ways.

The nearest relative would Zoya Claudine. 

Sally Hansen Voodoo

This is black with a black shimmer, but it's so dark and hard to see. I love it.

I have nothing like it. It's pretty and I'm not doing it justice.

Can be found easily on eBay.

L'Oreal Black Patent Silver

Another black with a silver shimmer. I don't think I get the name, but I do like that it's got some pop against the light.

I don't know if there is one around eBay, I can't find one, but you never know when it will show up.

Part two soon!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Impala Celebrate Collection

Here is a holo collection that is so subtle I couldn't capture the holo under my lamps!

Impala Conqueste Sempre (translates to "always conquest")

Three coats, no top coat.

This is a pretty metallic with a holo that shows up as a pearly soft diffusion in bright sunshine. Very pretty, but hard to see anywhere else. I think the word I am looking for is ethereal.

These polishes never sacrifice the base color for the holo. Interesting combination!

Impala Brinde Comigo! (translates to "toast with me")

Two coats, and I have it over white with no top coat.

This is a more sheer, almost a glitter. I swear it turns holo in the sun, but in anything less, it turns into a plain silver sheer topper style polish.

Impala Ame Muito (translates to "love much")

This one provides more coverage and is a sweet little soft red.

The metallic holo particles turn it into a sparkle even though there is no sign of holo. This too will perform that subtle holo pearliness in the bright sunshine, but nowhere else.

Impala Dance Mais (translates to "dance more")

Two coats, and it's over a nude, so you can see that it would show the nail line as would the silver one. You can see the shade of nude on my pinkie finger.

I have mixed feelings about this set.

I got these off of Colors by Llarowe a while back. Been putting off swatching until summer.

Impala is available sporatically, eBay (I've got a set of these up for sale, sold the swatched set, now just the unswatched ones - for full disclosure), and Amazon.

Pretty shades, but the most subtle holographic I've seen short of the Tron collection.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Something Old and Something New

While summer is here, I wanted to throw in an old photo I uploaded to Flickr, but forgot to blog about.

It's Color Club Something New over Nicole by OPI Ps and Qs

I love Nicole by OPI Ps and Qs. A soft vintage green that bears slightly cool.

Three coats here.

Then I topped it with Colur Club Something Blue from their Celebration collection back in 2014. It's a pearly white glitter loaded with light blue pearl glitters, all a medium hex size, then sprinkled generously with a small white glitter.

It's very much a lacy overlay to a beautiful dress kind of fun combo.

I feel like it's more springtime than full summer sunshine, kind of a guest at the wedding kind of thing.

The Color Club is still available online, but Nicole by OPI can be hard to find, though I think there are many good mint greens out there that would serve the purpose.

Meanwhile, hope you are having a wonderful summer!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Orange and Gold Glass Fleck Monsters

It's my favorite type of shimmer, that's for sure.

Here are a pair that are similar.

China Glaze Riveting

A red tinted orange that, in my estimation, holds it's head up high with a fiery brand of "Hey World, It's ME!" bravado.

Three coats, no top coat.

From the Hunger Games collection, it was a stand out. Not surprisingly. This orange jelly packed to the teeth with gold glass fleck, when it hits the light it mesmerizes.

I purchased mine through Nail Supply online. No longer on China Glaze's website, it's not hard to find online.

Milani Gold Crush

This is a beauty I blogged back a few years ago, here.  Still a favorite of mine.

Three coats, no top coat.

A little less red than Riveting, and it is a touch more sheer, so it can double duty as a layering top coat with less fuss.

I compared the two:

Left to right:

  • China Glaze Riveting
  • Milani Gold Crush
  • China Glaze Riveting
  • Milani Gold Crush

Both are super similar, but the China Glaze is the glass fleck monster that just shimmers like crazy.

Of course the Milani was a Dollar Tree find and you'd probably be finding it easier to find the lost Inca Gold than to see one around.

Both are very beautiful, and I keep them together in the drawer since they are so close in color.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!