Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Getting Serious Around Here

Pretty Serious was started by the blogger who ran the Pretty Random blog. Her eye for long discontinued yet great polishes was epic. Her annual lists made me drool.

I am not sure of the status of Pretty Serious, there is a lot of inventory change going on, but if you have a chance you should check them out. Many are inspired by polishes that are long gone, so it's nice that someone carried the banner for those of us who will never find an original OPI Creme de Menthe.

I don't know if Toxic Tiara is a recreation of something or not, but it's a great one.

I've got three coats on. It's a strong warm plum purple in the bottle but the gold glass fleck warms it up to a wonderful mulberry shade. Delightful.

This is flash/lamp and a top coat.

Here it is out in the sun:

This has the feeling of molten copper in some light. Perfection.

I did get a bit of shrinkage, but that might be my top coat messing around.

There is very little of this one left on the site, but there are dupes around, so all is not lost if you miss out.

I will spend more time and get some comparisons pretty soon.

This autumn to me and I love it a lot.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Blue Deco

I wanted to get started again and I thought I should just dig in and do it.

Here is a stamping project from at least April perhaps even March. It's all been a blur.

The break down...

Base: China Glaze Secret Periwinkle
Stamping: China Glaze Agent Lavender
Topper: Orly Precious Metal
Plate: UberChic Art Deco Flair

I like this combination and it feels right.

I figured out to post on Instagram from my computer desktop, so it's much easier to use than playing the "edit, email, post" game I was playing before.

I will post a link to my Instagram on the side bar, but it's paillettepolishjournal, but how the address works with your device, who knows. Later on I will do a java/html link, but until I backup, I'll just do a link. I love the blog, as it lets me write much more and feels more like home. But some people want images more than words, plus Instaworld is more in the mix with people rather than the lone cowboy on the range feeling of running a blog. (though at heart, perhaps I am a bit of a cowboy)

This photo shows me in polygel, which I was not unhappy with at all, but right now I have set it aside again.

I think this time of year there is too much water and more lifting. I did have another nail that I didn't know was lifting (thumb) and saw that it smelled a bit, so I removed them. All I need is some micro creature making his home there.

In a couple months I'll go back. We'll see. 

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal.
I appreciate it!

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Jemma Has Flown From Us

I wanted to post a little bit about why I haven't been posting.

Last month we had been to our 10th vet visit and finally realized nothing would help Jemma recover from her heart issue, lung issue, and blindness.

We went into palliative care mode, making her days comfortable and happy.

I really just focused on her.

She left us on the 4th and so now she is gone.

She was our darling girl, so kind, patient, intelligent and sensitive. Not the boisterous pug, but the introverted little sweetie.

She was beloved and will be sorely missed.

You were the first pug and in many ways the backbone of our dog family.

Godspeed darling Jemma.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Soft Spring Blue Comparison

Spring is a baby: turning on the tears on moment, mellow and smiling the next. You never quite know what to expect, so you prepare for it all.

Here are three blues I have had for a while and wanted to compare long ago, but never seemed to manage.

Here are Secret Periwinkle, Butter London Sprog, and Color Club Hydrangea Kiss

I love them in the same order that I have them on, actually!
Formula for Butter London is really excellent, it is more opaque and easier to use.

I found Color Club a little bit more subdued and less intense, but still a very pretty blue.

Here is another shot:

Three coats, no top coat. 
In person Sprog is very close to Secret Periwinkle.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Pop Diaphanous

Pop Polish is an Etsy based seller with a wonderful stable of amazing polishes.

I always try to browse and there are many inspired collections.

Here is Diaphanous:

This is over a teal gray frankinpolish, but it covered very well and it just sings.

I can barely take my eyes off of it.

I wore this for about 4 days over the earlier polish, which had been on for two, and experienced wonderful toughness.

My top coat is currently an old Borghese called Brilliante and it's nothing more than a basic quick dry top coat. Nothing fancy, never had a reputation, just a Ross find.

I think this is a great topper polish, but will look gorgeous alone, though there is sheerness.

I don't capture the blue shift, so I can't compare to the Pop Polish Etsy photos, but this polish just wins so hard.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Vintage Blue

As with all things, what is old is definitely new.

Here is Urban Decay Graffiti:

This was discontinued when I first got into nail polish, and I think I found it on a blog sale. I love the soft blue base and the delightful lilac/pink shimmer that really pops.

This does have a clear base when it all separates that has turned slightly yellow (this can be a problem with oldies) so I am planning to use a dropper to decant the base and replace over time. It's not hard to do, just have a tiny bowl of thinner ready to clean the dropper so it won't stop up.

The reason I mention this is that because of that yellowing, the blue can go a bit warm and muddy. Not a win for me.

This is in the Hard To Find category and so you may want to poke around a blog sale to see what's what.

Speaking of blog sale, I've got to get another one started. I've been purging a lot because I really just have too many polishes, so keep your eyes peeled!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

A Not Quite Right Nude for Me

I am so excited by the progressive change in lingerie, foundation makeup, and a whole inclusive arena that lends itself to more products for more people.

As someone with thick hair on my head that is also very dark, I have heard hundreds of hair dressers squawk at how thick it is, how much there is, and how long it takes them to cut it. I even had one gal shave the nape of my neck against my better judgement (I need to just stop being so nice, that took a solid 3 years to grow out). I won't discuss the percentage who can't seem to add layers without making me look like Bozo.

In the "nude" nail polish category I find the thinking still is along the beige lines and any other shade gets yet another name rather than "nude". Nude is a huge range, just like people on earth.

My personal "nude" is still probably out there, or at least untried, for sure. 

Here is OPI Baring It All topped with Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Crystal Watermelon:

I think it's a nice shade, but a bit light for me, though it is fairly neutral as far as light beige goes. 

My favorite thing though is to top the polish off with a glass fleck, the base of which is a little pink in its base and thus caused the whole thing to look, well, a bit too pink.

I have two coats of the OPI and one of the SH.

I think that the glass fleck is the redemption for me.

Formula thoughts: OPI was a bear. It is a black label, and the formula did that terrible thing where the top coat dries it and then it is molten underneath: slow to dry and inevitably I ding it.

I did peer into the OPI lacquer site (they don't call their extended wear or gel "lacquer", but I digress) and didn't see this one, though I did see a blog post where someone found it at TJ Maxx, so who knows where I found this one, I think the same place. 

Their splash page for nudes is filled with a pale graphic aesthetic, then the do populate with more shades. You can see it's a work in progress. That is, to quote Martha Stewart, a good thing.

Looking at the old Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Crystal Watermelon, well, I have such low expectations about dry time, that it must have been a bit of a formula clash with the OPI, because I am sure this was a contributor. On the other hand, it's a gorgeous topper and as I thin it, it's hard to fault.
OPI will move along to maybe some stamping as it does cover deceently, and of course SH will go back into it's topper drawer.

Little Jemma update: since she has been really down and introverted due to sudden blindness we have sort of been her "seeing eye people" while she learns the ropes. The book by Caroline Levin (apparently the best thing ever) spends a lot of time on training, etc, but Jemma is sort of a little pug person who is very introverted for a pug, so there isn't any choke chain or bossing her around. Trying to make the world she lives in friendly, safe, and easier to navigate.
It's long days and long evenings to help her do the basics like getting enough hydration, potty breaks, eye drops, etc.

I have found a stash of old photos that I will be tossing out because it's always fun to do that.

This manicure is fairly recent, from the 11th.

I keep my mildly blog on the down low, but I am not pumping out all the latest stuff, so I appreciate all 20-30 of you who actually read this! A LOT!! ;)

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Absent for a Reason


Wanted to keep you all posted.

I'm still blogging (no, they aren't invisible), but I have had a family emergency with my dog Jemma who was recently diagnosed with SARDS (Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome) and went very blind very fast.

She also has had some senior health issues, too, so it's been a long month of March and April.

Meanwhile, I am trying to be normal but I seem to never get around to this part, and that's not good because I love blogging and still have so many to swatch.

Here's an older photo of Jemma, she's now 12, so this is a couple years old.

It's not an easy transition for her, and so the days are long, and the nights seem longer.

I can only say, thank goodness for pet insurance and the local teaching hospital.

Thanks for your patience.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Green to Gaze Upon

Here is the final green for March.

It's a layering combo, so sit down, enjoy.

How did we get there? 

Base is BB Courture Redwood Forest, which was a blogger collaboration with Vampy Varnish many years ago, but a gorgeous color. Scroll down for a separate shot of this one.
One coat of BB Couture Redwood Forest.

Below that is OPI Jade is the New Black (you really can't see it, but it brightens Redwood Forrest up a touch). I popped on two coats, just to use it up. I have a lot of greens and could have used something else.  

Topper is Polished for Days Cosmic Dust, a red to gold to green shifter, amazing. One coat.

The shift is great, the pigment is dense. It's a mind twister if you love the shift of red to green.
Still available on Polished for Days. Super professional site and shipping is great. They run a For the Love of Polish box, and they know what they are up to.

Here is another shot, the first one was under lamp, these are outside:

The sparkle in the sunshine and the green shift never do less than delight.

Here is Redwood Forest alone:

I love this guy. It is so nice with a glass fleck throughout that sparkles.

Top photo is under daylight corrected lights with flash, second one is outside.

Still available at BB Couture. You have to search BB couture nail polish, it will help.

If you can grab the Polished for Days, you won't be unhappy. It's so wonderful.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Emily de Molly Reflection

Here is a semi-green, a blue clover green that pulled extremely blue when photographed.

Pretty as can be and two coats that were super easy to use.

A scattered flame and a readiness to show holo makes this such a win. Not a huge fireball of holo, but a beautiful shade and a respectable holo showing.

Playing with my old Lumix because it can be easier to use and does a better photo than the iPhone.

I am loving my A6000 by Sony, but the quickie jpeg file is too small and so frustrating. Perhaps it's just me and the menus. eep.

Here is some polygel info, and a photo I normally would ditch, but there is a great image of polygel "snot"

Take a look at the index finger up in the left hand corner. This is a result of the slip breaking down polygel and causing it to get on your skin. It is interesting how slip (what is basically perfumed alcohol and acetone) must be balanced: too much and you get this, too little and the brush just grabs on and causes brush marks. 

This goes away after a while, but really shows that I got a bit zealous. This was my non-dominant hand applying it and control was an issue.

Meanwhile, liking the more flattened polygel enhancements and loving the much easier grow out: less obvious and easier to fill.

Filing is also mitigated because there is less of a hump.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!!!