Sunday, June 13, 2021

Sally Hansen Star Opal 02 (reboot)

I am going through my older polishes with a more stern eye, so I've got a project of redoing the Sally Hansen Opals with an eye on thinning out the collection.

I purged 01, as it was too thick to layer and to unimpressive and difficult to use on its own. 

Here is Star Opal 02:

One coat over navy, the green really popped, but it's more of a chartreuse than a bright Christmas green.

Here is the more common shift:

A pretty eggplant shimmer with a silvery highlight.

I tried a second coat, but it got milky and virtually useless.

I am keeping one bottle but purging any backups of this one. The payoff just isn't there. And as I delve deeper into my duo and multi chromes I am sure there will be better representatives. 

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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Of Wands and Spells and Things

 Here is a sweet polish from Glam from a Potions and Spells collection that references Harry Potter.

Having not read any of the book nor seen any of the movies the reference is lost on me, but that doesn't deny that this is a beautiful polish!

Collection came out in 2019 and is now no longer on Glam's website. I love Glam a lot, but this was the only one that I knew I needed.

Glam Vulnera Sanentur translates to "wounds being healed" (thank you

Three coats and very shiny metallic gold flakes and iridescent flakes awash in a sanguine hue that leaves me delighted!

Here is another shot:

Contextually I have no clue. My background is in things like "Le Morte d'Arthur". Though there could be a metaphor tying it all to the famed "dolorous stroke"

Honestly who knows and most people don't nor care, so enjoy the polish!

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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

The Subtle Party

[Insert clever Hank Williams New Orleans Song Quote] 

This is a beautiful polish by Fair Maiden called Fais Do Do. It's from a blog sale and further research reveals it was from a "polish con" event. 

Let's get into the swatches:

Two coats over a nude, that you can see on the pinkie finger, and a pretty lavender with some holo and flakies and some color shifting pigment.

I love the pastel shade and here it is out of focus so you can see the holo:

The holo is gentle, but not shy. It's not a wildly holo, but the beautiful pastel quality is just amazing. 

I feel kind of silly posting "virtually impossible to find" polishes, but I am determined to get this stuff swatched!

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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

A Glitter With Potential

 Morgan Taylor rides just under the crest of the popular wave of polishes.

Older users are loyal to Essie and OPI, many can name a polish by the titles of its initials!

New users like the boutique brands like Ella and Milla and Cirque (yay for Cirque!)

Morgan Taylor is a salon brand that was an offshoot of the Gelish label. They do infrequent launches and in the beginning launched smaller, curated collections. Lately they have been larger, but still, in my opinion, thoughtful. 

Here is a glitter that is from the Midnight Masquerade collection from winter 2015. 

This is a bronze gold glitter in a sheer pumpkin orange jelly. I could not really emulate the bottle color, despite three coats. This has no topcoat and lies pretty flat. I really like this shade, though I really would have liked the copper shade in lieu of the bronze one. I have mixed feelings.

I guess my feelings are moot, as the polish appears to be discontinued.

Here it is over an apricot/orange creme (that I forgot to write down the name!), one coat:

I think the implication is that the base color sells the copper more than the glitter.

This one can be found online at the nail supplies that carry Morgan Taylor as well as eBay. 

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Monday, May 24, 2021

Lilacs in Bloom

 In my burg it is lilac season. They love the heat and the sun and the occasional stormy day. 

The scent is old fashioned, but ever pleasing. 

I just bought a baby lilac to plant in my yard and I am thoroughly excited at the prospect!

Here's a pretty lilac from El Corazon called Magi Purple Charm, also known as 423/552 on their site:

A sweet little shimmer with a subtle holo that is virtually undetectable, even in the sunshine!

This is a sheer one and needed three solid coats. I think the formula was decent, my nail beds are small so there is always a bit of mess, I opted to not do cleanup.

I've posted El Corazon before and this is under their "Magic Shine" collection.

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Friday, May 14, 2021

A Closer Look at Sally Hansen Spectrum

Please note: this is a post from 2013(!!!) The link to the image was broken so I scouted out the original and fixed it.

Sally Hansen Spectrum, an older Hi Definition collection polish.

Since summer is here, these swimming pool blues seem appropriate.

(as an aside I love how SH uses skewed spellings like Xtreme and Hi Def and Insta Dri)

Sally Hansen has had three iterations of this line, that I am aware of: A more neutral line that looks like it was LE, then the Crayola colored shimmers, finally the glass fleck shimmers.
The most recent collection is on the Sally Hansen website, but it doesn't appear that consumers can do more than favorite, wish list, or review them.


Spectrum is a rich glass fleck shimmering turquoise blue which possesses a green/purple shift within.

Here it is alone:

Four coats. Sheeeeeer. But you can see pops of blue and green. Under lamps the green fluorescent light pulls green. Tried to correct it, but you can see that it does have a greenish tint here.

Here it is over black:

Now the blue comes out a bit more, cerulean blue waters on a moonlit evening.
Enlarge and the purple is also apparent! Nice!
This is two coats of Spectrum.

I pulled out Maybelline Cosmic Blue. It's been blogged before and holds up as a bright, clean, sky blue turquoise.

I thought it would be an interesting base.

Two coats.

I am not sure I feel this is super great, but it really looks as though it is the right match for the original color which takes care of the sheerness. The other colors don't really show up as much. But, the color shift in the bottle is nominal and really requires peering at the bottle a little bit more closely under lamps or sunlight, nothing will come in normal room light or a cloudy day.

Enjoyable color, Sally definitely did a fine job though I can't understand why her formula is just slow to dry. I figure her ingredient list is just at some profitability margin that keeps these polishes at their price point. OTOH, the drug store price point has never been super low. These ran originally at least 5.49, and I somehow am unable to ever time/find coupons.
Fortunately it's on the 'bay and all over blog sales.

If you love this finish, love a layering polish, I recommend Spectrum, Byte, DVD and Laser in this Hi Def line.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Brighten UP

 Bluebird Lacquer is a brand I know from Polish Pickup but I am not certain where I got this one, as my research shows it was for another "special finish" kind of group, so I may have gotten this on a blog sale. Hmm. As my collection burgeons and shifts, I really am trying to play catch up.

The polish is Can't Pee Tamed, a play on the moniker "Unicorn Pee" which is a nickname for the red to green shifting mica pigment that is both rare, and yet, oddly, somewhat rather prevalent. For being out of stock, I still see it popping up everywhere.

In most images you will find (if you google it) that it is rather deep, so maybe the blue in mine faded because it's decidedly a red shade. Though I did put it over Sally Hansen Salon Manicure in Cyclamen (old, discontinued square bottles) that really pushed it brighter.

I really can't see the Red/Green shift as much, but here's another shot:

You can see the flashes of red. And you can see in the bottle it's really not very dark at all, but certainly cooler.

I believe this is two coats over the Sally Hansen Cyclamen. 

It's got some pretty flakies inside as well, that add to the dimension.

I think this is one of those "you need to find it on a blogsale" kind of polishes. Sigh!

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Tuesday, April 27, 2021


Let's start with the photo, no name Gransenbon:

Three coats, not top coat.

I think I picked up this at a blog sale ages ago, and I can't really explain much about it. A pretty middle of the road blurple that was pretty good, despite my poor application skills on this outing.

The weird thing is that it's labeled on the outer packaging as a Givenchy brand. I think, as a guess, this was their foray into a "younger generation" "drugstore" type of cosmetics. I can't find much but found some blushes, some cologne, and an eyeshadow palette. If anyone has any other info, I'd love to know.

I have no luck finding other polishes or cosmetics for sale (even used), just a cologne.

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Monday, April 12, 2021

The Odd Thing Is...

I am now filtering the archives of my images that haven't been posted since my nails took a hit and are pretty short. I will eventually get back to posting some nubs, the backlog is real. 

Here is Different Dimensions Kicking Multiple Scleros-Ass:

Three coats and a lovely flame with an emphasis on the yellow.

No top coat.

Now, here's the thing. Often when I am pulling out an old untried, I have to search around the interwebz to see if there is a blog post or something with an announcement, or if it's still on the maker's site, etc.

It's a way to make sure I can match the right info.

BUT, when I saw that my polish was an apricot shade versus the pink that I found in several searches and am a bit surprised. In fact, I couldn't find a version like mine.

I think I picked this up on a FB sales page, but am not 100%.

Well there's your full disclosure. Who knows what happened. I do know that the polish I received was always this shade, and perhaps there was another version? Thoughts? Thanks! I hate to chalk it all up to pigment fading, but the blue in the original pink shade is the nominee for taking the early exit.

Not a huge fan of the shade and feel like a franken might be in order. I will update down the pike. Any suggestions drop a note in the comments! 

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal! I am grateful!!!

Friday, April 2, 2021

Spring Red

I am working on my untrieds in 2021 and that means a lot of indies will now get an outing.

Here is Emily de Molly's Dark Casanova:

Two coats, no top coat at this point. Great Emily de Molly formula. Super easy to work with.

This beautiful berry is loaded with a pretty blue shifting shimmer. I really had a tough time getting that on camera, but it shifts from blue to purple.

No longer available on her website, but you may rustle up one on someone's destash or blog sale.

Here's another image with perhaps a touch more shimmer:

You can see a bit of the purple on my middle finger.

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