Sunday, March 18, 2018

Old, Yet New

Nubar Reclaim

Two coats and quite the luminous glow The flam is mostly green and blue with some gold around the edges. It's metaphoric!

I love how it looks and have been wearing the heck out of it all day.

My nails are still recovering, but this really just made my day.

Nubar seems to have circled the drain. I see it on Walmart, though. I have seen it on Beautylish. I am a little confused. They did have some questionable collaborations with reality television that did not enhance the brand one single bit.
Sadly they no longer have their own website and their facebook looks more like a wealthy lifestyle type of thing now.

However fear not. The indies have your back. There are a ton of beautiful holographic greens out there now. KBshimmer comes to mind. I think that with some poking around you can find a lot of dupes for this one, but I also think it might pop up on eBay, etc, too.

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

In the Mountain Greenery...

Humming an old standard while wearing this green polish.

Finger Paints Scenery Greenery

A really gorgeous medium deep green. Very much an emerald shade that just delights.

I have two coats on and I love it a lot. No top coat, but fairly glossy. My uneven nails aren't helping!

This was taken with my phone as the Sony transfer to the phone shrunk the images too much for blogging. Working on that, but I like the color of the Sony as well as the Apple iPhone camera.

Ok. The good news is that OPI pretty much has duped it with Christmas Gone Plaid. I say this because it looks like Sally Beauty has pared the polish from their lineup.

I tossed Pure Ice Champagne (I think it's mislabeled) a dupe of Zoya Charla over the top of this.

You can see that it shifts into gold, depending on the angle. Two coats, no top coat.

This shade seems to no longer live among the ranks of the Pure Ice polishes, so I'd suggest grabbing Charla during the next Zoya sale.

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Monday, March 12, 2018

Zippy Green Layering

It's got to be true. There is a green for everyone!

I am not sure, but in my photos (I've been playing with my Sony A6000 again) I see how it turns my skin green.

Here's a green that would look much better on a deeper skin tone than mine, Brucci Green With Envy.

This is a solid three coats with some dabs here and there for the sake of coverage.

I love how thick it is, but the brush was thick and I mean thick in the sense that it seemed to be deforming. I have had this bottle for some time, so maybe it's on its way out.

Meanwhile, gorgeous green. I needed to shake it some more, but I gave up after a long time and just decided to plop the polish on.

I am going to migrate this polish into stamping as I have Maybelline Galactic Green (blogged here - damn I miss my nails being even that nice!)

The truth is that this one is very pretty, and such a bright spring green is always welcome.

I did toss some Color Club Come Fly With Me from the Take Wing collection

Two coats. As a topper it's very bright and shimmer, alone it needs a couple coats, but it really doesn't let down.

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Friday, March 9, 2018

Late Winters

The flip flop of warm January and cold February has leaked into March and everyone is keen for even the remotest nice day.

It's how we roll.

Everyone forgets that the epic snow years may just be behind us. 

Here's a green that does not ignite the way I'd hoped

Zoya Irene

A semi-sheer green with earthy undertones. You can see how ravaged my nails are from Polygel. My enthusiastic filing to scrap away the smooth layer meant that I created horizontal divots. 

I believe that the initial weakness and bubbling of polish was due to the stored up moisture in my nails in the nail bed. I can see how enhancements are a home for fungii. First off, fungus spores are out there in epic proportions, so even super clean places can have them floating in the air. Secondly, dark and damp is their home town. 


I won't say I love this polish, but I won't say that it adds a lot of to my collection.

I didn't want to say no until I tried it as a layering polish over navy blue.

This does help, but honestly, it's more of the navy popping through that wins the day for me.

A pretty shimmer with some reddish warmth in the bottle that just doesn't seem to make it to the nail. 

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Deep and Green

China Glaze Glittering Garland. From a past holiday (2011) collection and seems to have come out during that period where holiday collections were frequent and people weren't as excited about them as in the past.

It's a glass fleck green and really is beautiful.

Three coats, and probably not as well applied as I should have.

The glass fleck is gold, but the green jelly is so strong that it reveals a soft green and some yellow undertone. Most people didn't catch this when it first came out.

It hides the bubbling. But good news, at this writing, the bubbling has subsided with another polish I'm wearing. I really don't know what causes it, the formula, etc.

Without Polygel the nails are weaker and over the last week they've gotten harder.

I'm using Barielle Nail Serum (found at TJ Maxx a couple years ago, it's been a big help), as well as the Growth Activator.

Basically I've filed into the nail bed and thinned my own nails. Yeesh. One nail just broke off, like nail suicide. They are more nubby now.

I recommend Glittering Garland: beautiful deep glass fleck shimmer.

Thanks so much for reading my little nail polish journal!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

As Events Turned Out...

Where to begin.

Reaching back to put my hood over my head in the snowiest late winter day I've seen in a long time, I bent my nail.

Nothing bloody, just awful feeling.

Over the next week I began removing Polygel.

So here's the thing: between my filing and polygel contracting as it's dried, my nails are really in super bad shape. When it contracted it cracked my nails and bent them in ways they never grow. For example: a nail would have a strong C curve looking at it from the front, but the tip itself would curl upward. Cracks in the infrastructure are just not pretty.

Super not fun.

The one nails that had the bend is just not pretty, but I can see file lines, it's not pretty.

And, seemingly hard to understand, because the nail is now more thin, moisture seems to get through the nail and cause virtually every single polish I put on to bubble.

So be warned. Things are uneven and bubbly. It's going to be a long few months.

Greens for March is my favorite, so I want to carry on a bit.

Here is Azature Eucalyptus Diamond.

First off, two coats and no top coat.
A glorious, luminescent olive green. 

I found the formula a bit brushstroke-y and somewhat thick, which is better than too thin. I did have some spill into the cuticles, but not much.

My biggest complaint: the brush!!! It was a scraggly mess. At least 3-5 hairs sticking out left right and center. Plus the brush wasn't laying smoothly, it was thick and bunchy at the bottom. 

I can't understand why a brand that tries to be in the luxury realm would have such a nasty brush. 

I bought mine in 2015, on sale for $6 a bottle. Normally they are $25 (!). I think if you follow the sight through email or social media you will find deals.
Personally I have enjoyed the colors I chose, but I seem to find the nouveau riche aesthetic and the phony "black diamond" nonsense just far too much marketing and huzzah. (black diamonds? Seriously? That's a dirty diamond basically you get the strength but zero fire. Yes it has its place in jewelry, but let's not toy with why people love diamonds: the fire)

Ok. Back on track.

I am loving this color, but for now I am backburnering (is that a word?) them for any purchases.

I'll talk more about my post-polygel nails in my next post.


So bummed.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Vapid Seire

Here's a sheer, dupable polish I think is pretty, but am sorry I spent a dime on it.

Vapid Seire

Two coats over Sally Hansen Gray after Gray.

I will admit that I could probably dupe this with the SH and Pure Ice Heartbreaker just fine.

This is where indies need to slow down.


I am so disgusted with myself for buying this polish.  Normally I'm like, hey, whatever, but when I'm buying a dupe of cheap layering polish that's enough to tick me off a bit.

THEN to see how darn sheer it was, just make me so mad. I mean two coats and it's just not happening without a base. 

I don't mind lots of layers, but when a brand is so hyped and the result is such a drag and such a disappointment, it's time to just steer clear.

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Unicorn Glaze

Lollipop Lacquer's offering for the October Polish Pickup Pack was from the story The Last Unicorn. Based on the book by Peter S. Beagle.
Most people are familiar with Rankin/Bass animated movie featuring Kenny Loggins ballad of the same name. 
Heavily influenced by both the Rankin/Bass aesthetic it also pulls from the Japanese manga and animation world. 

I saw the movie in a rerun on television and really found the whole thing a bit schmaltzy, but I do like horse stuff, and I saw the movie on TV and really haven't thought of it much since. 

The book, I am sure is much better (as is usually the case) but the visuals are strong and memorable.

Lollipop Lacquer Never Ends

Three coats. This is a sheer baby, that would fall into topper or flake, but honestly if you have some patience it's worth layering. The finish is super glossy, I've got no top coat here.
It's very shifty with the flakies and the shimmer, so it never relents and becomes blah.

A deep gray-blue base loaded with a ton of stuff: red to green shifting flakies, holo particles, and some red to green shifting shimmer. It's really alive with color in a deep base that is translucent enough to catch all the action.

I missed out on it as the time limit for shopping could be a budget buster, but I was able to find it on a sales page. Yay!

Check out Lollipop Lacquer and check out the Polish Pickup Pack on Facebook. People vote on themes and indie makers interpret them. Then there is a window of just a few days to shop for well over 30 polishes, and other doodads like oils, wax melts, and other swag. It is a group you  can search for and join. 

So far I've really enjoyed seeing the way makers interpret stuff, even though I really don't buy much.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Reblog: Sally Hansen Star Opal 02

Here's a quickie: Sally Hansen Star Opal.
These are quite old compared to the array of multichrome choices coming out of the indie world.

I popped this over Nicole by OPI Bah Plumbug. Wait, I think I have this for sale on the blog sale, but  it's not selling, might as well use it! (I am doing more sorting/purging/etc...shipping is free, go take a look!)

Sally Hansen Star Opal 02

Late night photo sessions with the phone and flash and a secondary daylight corrected 100 watt LED bulb. 
Two coats and not able to grab the silver/green shift, but it's there. It's like a frosty Zoya Ki.

In less direct lighting, the purple diffuses into a soft silver purple, not dissimilar to Dior Silver Purple. Then if you move at certain angles it starts out sage green and will, with some work, give you a nice green.

One coat is probably recommended, as it can get milky and you can see it somewhat on my ring finger.

These are, as expected, slow as heck to dry. You can see a smudge on my index finger.

Poking around the usual spots, it's not hard to find these Opals, and they do sell, so prices aren't rock bottom, but they aren't super popular, either. Though some prices surprise. Good to see the vintage market isn't deader than a laboratory frog.

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Monday, January 22, 2018

Cinnamon Spice, It's Just So Nice

I haven't done a comp for a few weeks and I have some old polishes and a new one that need an outing.

While these colors seem very traditionally autumnal, I wanted to just toss them out, mainly to inspire me to wear them more often through the winter.

Spice colors are some of my favorites. They are neutral and easy to wear in the winter months when my skin is less tanned. I like golds in the summer and yellows, so for my skin tone, that's how I balance it.

I've got four, so the best thing to do is go down the list!

Diamond Cosmetics Hue Are You

Two very simple coats. A now-discontinued foil, the gold and rich russet red, well, let's say they play well together and we have a gorgeous result.

Very hard to fault this polish: coverage, nice wear, and a classic shade that doesn't feel dated.

With the contrasting shimmer, it could be on the pages of an indie seller's catalogue.

You might find it at a blog sale, but the long story short: Diamond Cosmetics is firmly in the private label camp. So be it. Godspeed.

Zoya Anastasia

Zoya does shimmers quite well. I don't know if that is their intention, for in fact I like their cremes quite a bit, too. It does seem to be their wheelhouse, though. They present them each year - some collections are almost all shimmer - and don't bat an eyelash or mitigate it with 3-4 similar reds or pinks to offset. There was a time when I discarded Zoya, but now, I'm looking again at this feisty salon brand that OPI could borrow from (less puns, people, more content - says a punster).

Anastasia is now gone from the Zoya site (so my surprise as I check into this as I write) and that's a bummer large. The burgundy undertone is strong, but it's so warmed up by the gold shimmer - glass fleck - that it takes on a deep spicy shade that feels like a Victorian brocaded room. Feel the hush of a life with no blue glow, no television/radio, and perhaps just a bit of Brahams playing in a room below.

Still available online with a bit of a hunt. I am sure people blog sale this one periodically.

Zoya Ivy

Ivy is a sheer 3-4 coater (nearly a topper, as you will see) that does pay off.

Apologies for this photo, my skin pulled pink and I had to play in photoshop to get the shade and the skin tone reasonable decent.

I unapologetically love this. My photo makes it look slightly too cognac, but it has more sherry color in it, too. In the bottle at some angles it pulls into a dry sherry shade, so much so that the reddish swatches I saw online seemed unimaginable. And yet, it does have this gorgeous color, undaunted by the warm gold glass fleck that is more subtly meted out.

This feels like nail polish grown up, still with that signature Zoya shimmer.

What is sad, though, like Anastasia, it, too, is gone. Too sad. Reminiscent of the bustle of some fin de siecle 19th century gown. Pull out our Maupassant when you are wearing this. Or browse some Sargent. It will feel just right.

El Corazon Magical Evening Fantasy

From the big buy last year. I've worn it but not blogged it. It is also a three coater, but has this lovely mauve "raw meat" kind of base I can't describe, then it's packed with pink glass fleck shimmer.

I think the name is hilarious and gives me such a giggle, but hey, it's not a ghastly pun.

Not much more to say, except it could be one of my favorites, so lovely.

Still on El Corazon, this "Magical" line is extensive and quite beautiful. I recommend poking around, if you dare, it's hard not to build a cart on that site!

A quick comparison, though they are hardly dupes, but it's fun to see them in relation to each other:

Left to right:
Diamond Cosmetics Hue Are You
Zoya Anastasia
Zoya Ivy
El Corazone Magical Evening Fantasy (snicker)

Here's a darker shot:

Left to right:
Diamond Cosmetics Hue Are You
Zoya Anastasia
Zoya Ivy
El Corazon Magical Evening Fantasy (hee, hee)

Here is a shot of the first coat, so you can see how sheer are Ivy and MEF.

Same order. You can see Hue Are You really is gorgeous, would be nice over a medium or dark red. 
Anastasia is fairly normal.
Ivy and MEF are sheer, but they do build.

I didn't realize when I started that the Zoyas would be gone. I guess they clean out their stable. I am not on a list announcing discontinued polishes, but maybe I should find out more about that. It's a bummer because Ivy is a stunner. 

Thanks so much for reading my little nail polish journal!