Friday, April 21, 2017

Different Dimension My Forever Fairytale

This collection came out a few months ago, a bright mid-winter holographic and glitter collection full of dreams and possibilities.

I like this collection, and think it is quite beautiful. The shades are subtle and can be used to layer, yet do build.

Three are micro glitters with holographic scattered glitters with the new red to green shifting glitters that are like the flakies of old, but I will warn that these tend to sit in the orange/amber range under normal lighting conditions. This can muddy up a shade, but on the other hand, can be quite beautiful in contrast.
The other three are those micro flakie holos that are light lovers and give up stunning holo.
Finally there is a bonus shade included if you buy the set. A pretty normal holo.

Let's roll them out!

Slay Your Own Dragons

Teal leaning turquoise glitters with some holographic glitters. Also the new "red to green" shifting glitter in a small enough amount to add dimension without overpowering the shade.

The micro glitter is metallic, so it kicks up a lot of light.

Two coats, and probably could have used three.

This is a pretty polish, I think amazing over something like a navy or a perfectly matched turquoise.

Dream Impossible Dreams

This is very pale and very sweet. The red green is super subtle, but there. Two coats, in need of a third, and over a lavender it would sing.

Always Wish Upon a Star

Described as a baby pink, it tends to drift into a warmer coral/nude pink thanks to the red/green shifting glitter. A above, a micro glitter with metallic and holo to drive the base and the scattering red/green for interest.

Two coats, better coverage. I love this shade a lot. Very neutral, delightful over a pale rose pink or a pale earthy rose.

This winds up the micro glitter/red-green shift polishes in this collection.

I am liking this glitter, but it has it's limitations and a lot of makers - this one is no exception - are reformulating their polishes with an addition of this red-green shifting glitter. It's subtle in this collection, which is nice.

Once Upon a Time

Called a rose gold, I'd call it a copper pink, and it's a stunner. Though my flash is killing off the holo, this is a linear and a holo flake.Wow. Beautiful!

Two coats and quite the win.

Never Too Old For Fairy Tales

Called a lavender gold, I think the gold is hard to spot. It's the same: linear holo and a holo flake that kills. Gorgeous and a beautiful lavender that holds its own against the gold in the formula.

Two coats.

The Best Is Yet To Come

Billed as another gold based holo, this time bright blue is the color store plus holo and, as above, those tasty holo flakies.

Two coats.

These last three are truly holo monsters, but under light that won't pick up the holo, they are really beautiful, particularly Once Upon a Time.

Bonus polish: Tale Old as Time

A tawny nude, or an earthy gold, however you look at it, this one is the whole kitchen sink!
Holo, holo flakes, and red-green shifting shimmer. Shimmer, not glitter. It's a beauty. In the summer it will kill with a tan.
I am glad it's not a pink nude, this works for me and I'm finding it quite a nice bonus.

Currently available on Different Dimensions website.

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Emily de Molly Fancy Sauce, Redux

I used Emily de Molly Fancy Sauce a few posts ago, but it wasn't the star, more of a key supporting player.

Here it is in all its glory!

I. can't. even. It is so perfectly lovely. The green/blue shifting opalescent flakies are changelings. There is a splash of holo, but it's more of an accent rather than a heavy dose, so it plays with the flakies rather than overpowers them.

I have two coats over a black.

Here you can see the holo catching the light, though washed out under my lamp, I don't think it's at its best here.

I then put it over white

Wow! With flash now you can see that the iridescence shifts into the pink violet range.

Simply gorgeous. I love translucent flakies and their shift over other shades.

Taken using just a lamp, no flash. Though washed out,  you can see the index finger on the left shows it shifting into the tangerine and almost yellow. Nice!

Still on Emily de Molly's site as of this writing.

If you like flakies, you will enjoy this one!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Sass I say, Sass

China Glaze Sass in a Glass

This is two coats over Color Club Take Me To Your Chateau.

I thought it would be much more transparent, but in two coats it was done, thank you ma'am!
The CC was supposed to give a pretty base to bounce all that pink through. Well, I was left in awe.

Here it is with flash:

I've had this one for a few years, I think I picked it up at Head2Toe, with their endless stream of old China Glazes in their inventory it's not hard to try out an oldie.

Big 3 ingredients are here and not shy. Phew! They stink!

But if you like oldies, this one does take it to a new level: It's a glass fleck that holds its own, which is pretty nice. 

The base is a strong magenta pink and the glass fleck is pink, too. 

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Friday, April 7, 2017

Sparkling Boho

China Glaze Boho Blue

Shot with a flash, this is a bit more demure than this photo shows.

Three necessary coats.

Lovely self-leveling, glossy finish - this is sans top coat.

This is from 2015 Road Trip collection. I love how clear and bright it is in this photo, but it's a little more periwinkle in real life.

I tossed on a polish I was certain I blogged, OPI Spark de Triomphe:

Together they are perfect, the warm leaning silver in SdT matches perfectly with the purple leaning baby blue.

I love Boho Blues, but if you aren't into three coaters, this one may not be for you. The first two coats gave me some concern, but by three, things evened out and there was no complaints. Gorgeous.

Wore well and dried so fast, I had to take a double take. So nice!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Silky Roses

I thought I'd blogged China Glaze Swanky Silk, but apparently let's go!

Two coats over black. No top coats.
It shifts from a bronzed gold into a pretty soft rose pink.

I love the shift, but it's not pronounced. This collection came out in 2012 and was notworthy for it's lack of real color shift and the fact that it was a duochrome collection at all.

Some bloggers were able to make the color shift squeal and really jammed out some amazing photos. Well, as someone with a number of duochromes, I don't want to contort myself into lighting to get a scant shift that doesn't seem very generous.

I thought I'd try it over black to bring out some of the zip, I think it helped, but my nails are fairly flat, so I don't get a lot of that action that's in the bottle.

I then tried it as a stamping polish over China Glaze Giver's Theme (very unlike China Glaze: a literal relabel of a polish I have in my drawer!)

This is with an Emily de Molly plate 05. These plates are amazing. I love them: precise and easy to get a great image.

The polish, however, sucked at the intended job. So it's not a crossover polish by any stretch of the imagination.

China Glaze seems to not make a two coater. Giver's Theme needed three, though the intensity and beauty of this shade once completely finished is hard to argue with: I love this one.

Swanky Silk, what do do with you?  I hate to burrow you away in a drawer. I might try water marbling with it.
Maybe stamp it over a black or navy. That would be interesting!
I always think of these things after I am blogging!!

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Monday, March 27, 2017

Special Sauce, Please!

Emily de Molly has this amazing mylar flake and holo combo called Special Sauce.
Wow. It is indeed!

Here it is over a new favorite of the old variety, Milani Showy Sea-Green:

This is taken with my iPhone and with a flash/lamp combo. I love this quite a lot and will be bringing it out some more in the future over other base coats.

A flashy green/pink/purple mylar flakie that is in a holo base. It's a stunner.

Here is Milani Showy Sea-Green alone:

I love this so hard. It's such a great vintage green. Like a 1930's kitchen tile.

Stunningly hard to not love this one. It's what the RBL Fire Queen should have been.

Meanwhile, without gushing too much. The formula killed.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

SinfulColors Olympia

Here's a sour apple green that came out a few years ago with a collection that was loaded with pretty polishes in a Greek gods theme. I think I've blogged a couple, but see that I never got around to this one.

SinfulColors Olympia

A thick near one coater. No top coat here.

I like the color a lot and it's has a sunny day feeling about it.

I wanted to try it out as a stamping polish, too:

I have it over Sally Hansen Commander in Chic, which shows it's pros and cons.
Pros: dense enough to show actual green over a deep color.
Cons: some patchiness that may or may not go away with further evaporation or better application of stamping technique.

The plate: Emily de Molly 27. I love her designs a lot. The stamping I feel was helped by such a well made plate. No wrestling around to get the pattern out, etc.

Oh, I apologize for the purple latex left around my fingers, I was kind of in a bit of a rush.

I am still in a love-hate relationship with my camera because the kit lens is a bit slow and it's not a macro workhorse.

This weekend I played with it some more, so I am ever optimistic.

Thanks so much for reading my little nail polish journal!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Ever So Evergreen

If you've read my blog or buzzed through a few of them, you know I am a holding a torch for Diamond Cosmetics.

They were a great company who sole a very great line of polish at a price point that was seriously amazing. ($2-3, amIright?)

Now there was some "outing" of companies who do private label agreements with them. Sadly they went full private label.

Meanwhile I am still trotting out a few here and there.

Here's Never So Evergreen

A deep green shimmer packed with a microglitter or glass fleck gold as well as a fine gold shimmer.

This is three coats, but two would have been adequate.

Love this a lot. Formula super easy to work with and it just is a no brainer easy to use polish.

Dried fast - no top coat here.

I didn't try it as a stamping polish (I've made a new page if you all want to peek), but for a shimmer, it's a temptation!

I think Zoya's Yuna is similar, but darker.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Maya Envy

Maya has been closed for a while and I found them only via the chatter of their impending end, so unless someone blog sales their Mayas or they pop up on eBay, I apologize in advance for putting up a super rare polish.

Two coats over navy (Borghese Mezzanotte Blue).

I did not need to sponge this one on at all: it was loaded with glitter.

The green pine shade mixed with some holo glitter really works. It's a favorite.

I have nothing like it at all, nothing with this fine of a glitter, so I love it a lot.

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Monday, March 6, 2017

Emily de Molly Plate 06

Here's a quick bit of stamping that worked out much better than I expected!

Emily de Molly plate 06 (round plate) using Milani Orange Graph (evaporated) over SinfulColors Peppered Amazon

I didn't really didn't think the orange would hold up against a really challenging base with so much oomph.

Evaporation helped a lot, so the orange didn't dilute badly into just a muddy mess.

I've blogged Peppered Amazon here before, but wanted to share that the plates are so well made and a joy to use.

I am not sure what the status of availability is on Peppered Amazon, I know SC brings out colors then tucks them away, then brings them out again, so it's hard to say.

I love this one, so bright with that silvery shimmer in the creme base.

Edited to add: Sinful Colors Peppered Amazon was a massive stainer!!! I used two coats of a treatment and a base coat and it still stained the heck out of my nails. Yoiks!!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!