Saturday, December 26, 2015

All is Bright

To continue that comfy lounge-y feeling after the holiday, I wanted to continue with Zoya Caitlin and Sparitual World of Compassion.

I decided to wear Zoya Caitlin and then stamp it:

This is stamped with OPI My Silk Tie. This is not a bad stamping polish, it has a slight translucency that I liked, in some angles it vanishes, in others there, full on. I wanted to experiment with this as a stamping polish and I think it's a good win. I see gaps where things didn't pick up. Don't want to blame the stamper, Creative. So the jury is out on that.

The plate is Pueen 89 from their Leisure Buffet collection. It is more bold than Pueen Sumptuous Gallery, so the patterns really stand out.

I wanted to used Caitlin's crazy cousin Nyx, too. Demure sparkle?

Two beautiful coats. No top coat.
I love the silver glitter with this shade of gray.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Merry Christmas!


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