Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Gilded Tan

China Glaze Fast Track has a neutral tan base with a smart little golden glass fleck. Like the perfect franken.

Simple, office safe, yet, a bit luxe, too.

This is only two coats, I probably should have done three. I don't know if it will do double duty as a topper, but over another nude, tan, beige, taupe, it might work itself out as something beyond itself

I was surprised just how yellow it was, I think it will be a great base for stamping something over it.


I put a nude base, a Milani I was going to unload, but seems to do the job, and then did three coats, perhaps two, I am having a memory lapse on this one.

I then grabbed my Sally Hansen Navy Baby, an intense navy shimmer that is a dupe of a backup so I took my two (2!! I know! How did that happen? Well, back in the Gold Days of Dollar Tree Loot, two packs were the norm! Norm!!! It came as a spare) to make them into stamping polishes.

Here it is photographed using my normal lighting. You can see even fairly smallish designs look pretty big on my nails. I am only glad that SH Navy Baby turned it out as a stamping polish!

Here it is again outside in the sunshine:

The sunshine really picks up the gold and even the tan base picks up a more pinkish hue than under my lamp.

This Pueen plate is from their Buffet Leisure set, which has a diverse collection of designs that fit fully on the plate, I have to admit I like the all over look.

Stamper is the Creative silicone stamper, at first it gave me some grief, but now it's like butter. I will try out some of my others in the coming year. I believe that I did get some gaps in things that should be solid, so I am hoping that a squishier stamper will enable more solid application of the polish. More to come on that front!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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