Saturday, July 16, 2016

Stamping Subtle and Bright

Hi Sweet People!

I've been super lazy these days: job change and spending more time on MUA than here, my bad!

Here is a variation on stamping for those who like stamping, but aren't sure if they have polishes that will work.

I am currently working on a page with polishes that do stamp well, also experimenting with ways to get old polishes I don't wear to turn into stamping polishes. I will update you on both results sooner than later, but the latter is still more experimental, where the former is just a matter of getting my booty to write things down more consistently.

I'v got a pair of polishes that I do like, Sparitual World of Compassion - a necessary time in this world we live in - and SinfulColors Dream On.

First the subtle:

Sparitual World of Compassion is a definite three coater, but not a laborious one. A quick dry top coat finished things off well. I have Zoya Caitlin and CC Boho Chic which are virtual dupes so I am full of this soft, blue leaning gray. It's a classic. Hard to top this color if you like a cool gray.

I stamped with the Cice Sisi plates set 1 using SinfulColors Dream On.

Be assured I won't call Dream On a stamping polish. It is too sheer.

Even after I leave the cap off for a half an hour, I don't see much change with density.

Yet it isn't a failure, either: Color comes through even over gray.

My biggest concern is that I can't seem to get a solid image off these plates, even after multiple attempts at stamping and with both a Creative Stamper, clear jelly stamper, and squishy jelly stamper.   Whether the pattern is fine or wide - like this one - I get some patchiness.

I am rolling my stamper onto the image and I am gently scraping with a credit card sized scraper.

Still in the experimental stage.

One other thing about Cici Sisi plates: if you have bigger nail beds rejoice, the patterns are scaled up, so I only get partials of this big teardrop pattern.

Now for the brighter version of this stamping:

As my camera is croaking, this pulled a bit more cool, but also with the silver it did as well.

I mixed this no name L.A. Color polish with Dream On on the plate and together it offered a bit more pop than just Dream On alone.

It makes a huge difference. Some people like subtle stamping, I do, it's very pretty to see the same tonal ranges vary just a bit by hue, but others like impact.  The silver pulls the Dream On out of the shadows.

You will notice, too, that the stamping isn't as patchy as with Dream On alone. Go figure. I am blaming the plate and my technique when it could just be the polish! :D

Hope you enjoyed! I wanted to share this fun experiment. While Dream On isn't my favorite stamping polish, it is a pretty color, so it may just go back into the stash as a regular polish.

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!

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