Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas Wrapping Paper

A stamping combo that reminds me of wrapping paper.

Revlon Snow Bunny stamped with Pure Ice First Time and Maybelline Jewels n Berries

Photography-wise, this is where a bag of lentils or beans comes in handy: I set it on the table as a tripod. This is flash, it just was easier and captured the colors best. It was overcast and just not getting much love on color.

Ok, what have we got? Three coats of Revlon Snow Bunny. Found at Ross in a four-pack, I thought of it as a topper, but as I tested it out, boom, this champagne glass fleck turned the corner into stand alone polish. Three coats covers very well.

Pure Ice First Time - a chrome green I love and blogged here - was a little less of an impact, but I liked the warmer leafy green it imparted, versus an emerald. I think - but am not 100% sure - that Pure Ice discontinued this polish. Why? It's so great!
Since it is a chrome, I thought it would go on a little more densely. I wonder if it's my stamping stuff. I want to try this polish again with a more squishy stamper. I have the Creative stamper, which is good, but more firm. We will see. It's a gorgeous color, I want it to work!

Maybelline Jewels n Berries, recently blogged and I must add has a delightful career as a stamping polish. Most of the time shimmers are just a total let down on stamping, but this worked it all out. Older discontinued/Dollar Tree find.

I goofed around with accent fingers, and kind of feel the red with the green accent a little bit more. 

I like this a whole bunch. After I was done, I added an iridescent glitter to bring it all up a notch. Honestly any glitter at this point makes this mani a party. ;D

This is Pueen Sumptuous Elements plate 25. Not a direct Christmas design, but had the Victorian feel about itself. It was just right!

Hope you enjoyed!!

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