Friday, February 26, 2016

Baroque Stamping Part 1

As I go through and see which polishes that stamp and don't stamp, I've seen on Youtube from the pre-eminent stampers that they sometimes leave the cap off a non-stamping polish to enhance it's stamping chops. In other words, letting a polish dry out a bit, makes it more of a dense polish, better for stamping!

Nice! I will have to try this on a couple of polishes I thought were just not going to work out. This is one that I want to make more dense, it's a unique color, but not something I really like to wear, but for stamping, it is beautiful.

China Glaze Harvest Moon over no name blue franken

Harvest Moon, a rich molten metal shade, is from the Hunger Games collection that came out a number of years ago. It looses its impact stamped, but does lend a soft copper metallic shimmer when stamped, so I decided to post this after some consideration. I wanted a bright copper metallic, and I should have mined the chrome waters for this, but I wanted to try out Harvest Moon.

I stamped using Pueen Encore collection plate SE03B.

This collection has four square buffet style plates (buffet style means there are a ton of images all collaged together instead of discrete rectangular nail sized patterns) that are actually double sided yielding 8 separate image plates. I'm just starting to play with these on the blog. 
There were reports of etching issues, and I've seen that Pueen has had some issues, but I've never encountered any problems, particularly with these plates.

I used the encircled section, and you can see the designs are not huge, so instead of a partial curl, I got several! Nice! 

The plates are 10 by 10 centimeters, or roughly 4", though a smallish size, the designs are dense.
Perfect for you folks, like me, with smaller nails. Often with buffet plates it's a trial and error operation to find what works. I know that with Moyou London, they scale stuff down specifically, which is why I am a loyal customer.

I love this set, a lot of variety. I will feature these more in the future, I'm also using the Pueen Buffet Leisure more as well. 

As an aside, stamping is exploding. My take, from the rocky start of my beginning, is that stampers are getting easier to use, those old hard Konad stampers are good for some, but weren't a win for me. 

Moving on, here's a little photo of Harvest Moon:

Here are three coats, no top coat. Luminous metallic, those shimmers just adore the light.

I won't say I haven't had a bit of trouble with this polish, it's a little touchy until it's good and dry. I love the warmth of it, a strong autumn color.

While I wanted this shade to contrast with the blue, but it didn't have enough density.

The base is a franken of blues, one of which is Pacific Blue, but I'm not sure what else ended up in the bottle. The other main ingredient is some glass fleck with a green tint. It's hard to see, but it's there.

Gosh, I love a glass fleck! 

Hope you enjoyed!!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!!


  1. The warmer colors are not my fave, but that China Glaze is not bad, great shimmery finish to it. Your Franken is great, kind of reminding me of that new OPI Show Us Your Tips (ugh the name)...

    1. I have to admit, I like the franken. I think I have an indie that does the same green shimmer in blue. I hate when I buy what I already have. Eep.



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