Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Snow Flake Stamping Pueen Sumptuous Gallery 02

I am a huge fan of my Pueen plates. For many reasons: 1) stamp-ability. 2) you can still buy stuff now that was released awhile ago. I hate the pressure of limited editions.

I've been trying to really show a lot of these plates. They are great for those of us with smaller nails.

The Sumptuous Gallery set is a 25 plate collection that includes a lot of "all over the nail" designs, perfect for beginners like me.

The designs have a half moon element, but I've not chosen to use it, though for longer nails I think this would be an inconvenience, unless you were committed to that aesthetic. The shape is 17mm tall by 13mm wide, with a 2mm moon height. My nails rarely hit 15mm, so I am safe. I think the width on the thumb is the only thing that lets me down.

I wanted to use Pueen SG (I think I've been calling it "sumptuous elements" and I don't know why...hmm) plate 02 with a pretty snowflake, since we had our first snow (that lasted all of 2 hours and everyone freaked out and went to Les Schwab to get their tires changed to winter tires).

I am also going to ask you to bear with me while I share my practice tries, but first I'll show you the win...

Zoya Trixie topped with Milani Blue Print - Pueen Sumptuous Gallery Plate 02

Two coats of Zoya Trixie, stamped with Milani Blue Print, which is a striping polish, as you can see in the photo.

These were at my ol' Dollar Tree. Some stamp very well, some less so. I think over dark colors they are not a total win, but over light colors, they hold their own, which is good.

I wanted to experiment with Zoya Trixie as a stamping polish and another one I had on hand Sally Hansen Deco Frost.

Results were mixed.

Using SH Deco frost as a base and Zoya Trixie as a stamping polish.

The stamping image, bottom left in the photo, is very fine, so it gives a better result with a creme than this polish because the larger sized particles of the Zoya.

It's looks like a silver dusting and you can't really see the pattern -  challenge because it's a snowflake in a netting pattern - just the the dazzle. Pretty, but not the result I was seeking.

Here Zoya Trixie is the base and SH Deco frost as a stamping polish. Unfortunately I dinged it, but if you looks closely the pattern is extremely faint, but present. Too faint, unfortunately.

From the photo above you can see how dark it is, yet it just doesn't have enough oomph.

I am glad I redid it with the blue creme, it really worked out well.

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Kudos for showing attempts that aren't as successful...this is my biggest challenge with stamping, not investing in stamping polishes. I really like the effect of the blue and gold, and of course the other colors are good in my book :)

    1. It is a process I want to try because I want to at least see if these polishes have "legs".

  2. Sorry I know I said gold, but I know Trixie is silver, whoops.


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