Sunday, February 28, 2016

Baroque Stamping Part 2

Of course when word - and images - trickled my way about the Born Pretty Mirror polishes, I had to try it out.

It's a taskmaster: must have a ridge filler, must NOT use a top coat, and a lot of shaking involved.

I did not achieve true mirror, for me it ended up like a normal chrome, but I do believe that with adequate base layer smoothing and no top coat you can get a mirror.


Here is what I did with mine

This is two coats and with a top coat.

I used SinfulColors Endless Blue - a very nice stamping polish.

Plate is Pueen 76 from the Leisure Buffet collection.

I would say that it needs a reblog. 

The Born Pretty set comes with a base coat. I think it's akin to an aqua base.

It's quite affordable, which is good if you missed out on that little run of old Maybelling Mirror Mirror polishes that seemed to percolate around eBay and blog sales, etc.

Thanks for reading my little nail journal!


  1. Did you top coat it? (On a couple other blog posts I saw about it) That seemed to take it from mirror to chrome, but then without TC it apparently just fades off the nail inside a day. Such a bizarre product!

    1. Yes, I did and that brought out the brushstrokes. Next time I'll try to focus on the mirror effect more.


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