Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Layering: New and Old

I wanted to throw some stuff together in the layering realm. Here are three that turned my head a bit.
One is totally new, one has old with new, and one has old with old.

Glam Gloriumptious over Color Club Power Play

Inspired by Roald Dahl, this limited edition set is loaded with glass fleck, flakies and some holo. It is hard not to love this baby.

I don't store it with my holos, it just doesn't give up that as much as the sweet glass fleck-edness.

Limited edition, but at this writing, on sale at Glam polish. In my opinion, a great polish o its own or layered. I think the Color Club brings brightness to this, which I enjoy.

Here's a redo of Color Club power play.

I sure love it a lot. It's got zing! Three coats here and a true classic neon.

El Corazon Kaleidoscope Night Dreams: Leo over Misa Love Bite

This is part of that El Corazone order I put in last year. Holy Cow! I need to order again!

May I just say WOW!!!!! This photo does no justice to this darling polish. It's over a vamp, Misa Love Bite and it just says Step Aside, I am HERE!
Great coverage and a blue shimmer that is so perfect: so vibrant!

This whole Night Dreams collection is still available and I need to wear more of these. The payoff is amazing: two coats over a vamp.

Here is Misa Love Bite

I mean, seriously, right? So dark. Ha. Kaleidoscope Leo just laughed in its face.

This is a three coat deep warm wine vamp. From the Misa Poisoned Passion collection, I know that I love how it's very dark, yet not cheating into the black too hard. Nice!

When I wanted to use this as a base for Leo, I thought it would swallow the pink base and leave more blue, but Kaleidoscope just worked it out.

Princessa Violet Dream over Maybelline Ultra Violet

Yes, I know. Old and blogged, but I wanted to share this because I feel like the bright base finally made a fit for this polish.

I blogged it here in September, but I just wanted to toss it out again. I know: ramshackle!

Here's Maybelline Ultra Violet alone (again...hehehe)

Slightly over saturated and less pale than it was in its earlier swatch.

There it is, a mix of old and new. I recommend the Glam (on sale!) and if you missed my big El Corazon post, check it out, it discusses how easy it was to order and I really think the payoff on these polishes is in a class alone.

I have mixed feelings about Glam, they have stunning photos, but seeing what I see in the photos has been a challenge. I have a lot of Glam polishes, but mostly holos, though their take on the ultra mix of finish/color really is quite a unique perspective and I totally respect the bleeding edge. I love Gloriumptious without reserve and it's just as stunning on the nail as in the bottle, a feat that can be hard to beat when it comes to a lot of complex finishes. I guess mixed is more like a big glass ove LOVE and a drop of "darn it!"

Of course Maybelline Ultra Violet and Color Club Power Play are findable online, just hit your search engine of choice.

Thanks so much for reading my little nail polish journal!

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