Sunday, December 17, 2017

Seche Buttoned Up and Some PolyGel Chat

Very unseasonal manicure, but a color I really couldn't help but reach for!

Seche Buttoned Up 

Here is a polish that does three things very well:
1) it has contrasting shimmer that doesn't get buried
2) it has a gorgeous formula (no clean up despite my best efforts to slip slop it around!
3) it shines without a top coat

It has a real changeling feel about it. It looks periwinkle in the bottle, but then it looks very lavender. The blue shimmer just works its little buns off.

I adore this polish!

I wore it for several days and didn't give me any real issues save a bit of tip wear, which is normal for me, since I seem to type with the tips of my nails. I also wore a normal top coat, an old Milani double duty. I will just say, as I've said before, top coats aren't a big thing for me because I change my nails a lot, but I've been well served by drugstore brands.

A gander at the Seche site and I see that they have dumped their round bottles and gone with a modified hourglass shape and co-opted the new "system" thing that a number of brands are espousing.

Not tried the system, and it appears they are at Sally Beauty, too. 

Ok, but here's the thing: if you want to try this brand and are planning a bigger order, check out Head2Toe Beauty: they have the old bottles (this one is from the Perfectly Poised collection) and a ton of beautiful colors. 
Old price: $3
New price: $4.95


Well, they are a salon brand and that's a normal evolution in what must be a super competitive market.

Meanwhile, there's always eBay (and there are a lot, including this one, listed)

I did try some stamping:

This is from a forgotten plate and I also need to realize that my nails are bigger and longer, so fitting patterns on is different. I have assiduously collected small patterns. The news flash is that I just need to flex some of my bigger patterns that I still have.

The color, against this Color Club Nail Art blue really goes soft pink/lavender. I had to triple check my notes to make sure that I was getting the right photo. It really changes in comparison to a strong blue.

I highly suggest picking up some Seche polish. I am always pleased with it.

I wanted to show some behind the scenes with my nails.

Here is a shot of the back and sort of a look at the "sandwich".

So you can see that I layer it over my natural nails and while shaping is still an issue, I like that my nails is there, too.

The way it looks from the front, or the longitudinal side shows how my nails have a bit of a wonky shape, but I try to balance the shape I get out of the PolyGel though it sometimes can be thick.

I was watching some videos of application and they have it very thin, compared to mine, so I might experiment with thinning it down. Though I have no issues with the thickness, I can see when I begin to layer it can get rather "chiclet" ish.

I usually spend the first night doing the fill, then a quick manicure. Then the second manicure I do add a lot of shaping and filing because the filing isn't just around the edges its over the top, along the side wall, and creating that arch shape.

I will post some application photos down the pike. 

Right now I use clear - it came in the pack I got - and I will say that I think it is fine for me, especially as my yellow nails grow out and I can really use sheer stuff and enjoy.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!!!

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