Sunday, May 15, 2016

Simple Lavender Pinks

I've been pleasantly surprised by Maybelline Color Show polishes. I often pick them up at the Dollar Tree or Big Lots, but occasionally I grab one at the drug store.

Maybelline Ultra Violet

This one is from the Dollar tree, but it's a pretty bright lavender pink that covers well in two coats.

They call it a "bleached neon" and I don't know when this collection came out, but I figure a spring or summer outing.

I really love this one. Very impressive.

I compared it to IBD's Cashmere Cutie

Left to right:
Maybelline Ultra Violet
IBD Cashmere Cutie
Maybelline Ultra Violet
IBD Cashmere Cutie

All are three coats, but two will do.

I think the IBD is a very nice polish, but dries a little bit more satin-like than the very glossy Maybelline..

I found IBD online at Nail Supplies and tried out a couple of bottles. This is a good formula. Worth looking into as it runs about the same as Maybelline when you factor in shipping. Since there aren't a ton of swatches and IBD is more known for its gel polishes, it doesn't have the swatches out there.

Though it seems like I am, I don't have to work too hard to tell you that it is a good brand and I've been pleasantly surprised by the ones I've tried.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. I searched on my Pinterest and these Bleached Neons were summer 2014...I never picked any up...but I sure will if I got lucky and found them at dollar store, big lots etc. I used to pick up these Color Shows a lot, not even sure if they are still in stores or just dollar/big lots these days?

    1. Thanks for the info! I think I am so far behind on even when things show up at the Dollar Tree and Big lots, that it's so hard to be accurate!


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