Saturday, December 9, 2017

Indigo Banana Duo

Now that I am wearing the Polygel and able to get some consistent length on my nails, I will be trotting out some more of the polishes that I love so much, and hoping to finally do some justice to them!

If you've read my blog, you know that over the years it's been often a case of nubs, building to longer nails, only to nub again. And again. And again. 

While perfection is distant horizon that one may enjoy during a beautiful sunset, life is for the living now and as I tighten my filing game, I am thoroughly enjoying the work Polygel does to help my nails stay long.

Back to Indigo Bananas! 

Here is a great one, Wise Up, Janet!

Can we talk?


This is two coats over Color Club Secret Rendezvous (blogged here).

It is a holo flakie that has an orchid pink base and tons of holo and lots of little flakies.

No top coat here and it's gleaming!

I love the ringed flame around my nails and the little darker purple/pink flakies.

This is a two coater, perhaps three if you don't have a base, but there is so much going on you won't get visible nail line.

I love how Secret Rendezvous brightens it up a bit. I think over a dark purple it would be a different animal. Delightful!

Next up is Indigo Montoya

A scattered linear holo in my shot, but there is a flame and it's not shy.

Two coats over a Sally Beauty polish called Nina Ultra Pro Sailor

I like the blurple quality of this navy and it's why I snapped it right up.

To me Indigo Montoya (love the nod to Princess Bride) is a delightful indigo blue that pulls both navy and purple depending on the light.

Although the two IB polishes I have up are sold out, I highly recommend checking the shop out. Just google Indigo Bananas and you will find it!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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