Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Cutting Sally Hansen A Break Part 1

I must admit, as I push well into 6 years of blogging, I am more in realization that my early attempts were, er, rugged.

One such blogging shot was over some old Sally Hansen New Lengths toppers that I really just not only mocked, but hated. I admit they still aren't a win, but I wanted to trot them out and see how I could improve my last outing.

Here are the links to the Part 1 and Part 2.

This time around a few things have changed:
  • No flying solo
  • Two coats only over another polish
  • Better understanding of what these polishes are about
  • A couple never blogged, and one gone. I didn't know I'd given/sold it until just now when I pulled the old page
  • Silver glitter through each of them is disconcerting but not the deal breaker it once was
  • Quick Dry Top Coat - your friend
  • Yes, you can buy these (and more!) on eBay. Still.

Sally Hansen Hi Society Frost over OPI Pinking of You

I think this is my favorite. The pink shimmer feels like it should shift green, but it does shift slightly amber. Subtle. Sweet.

This is over OPI Pinking of You

A ridge filling base coat should have been part of the equation for this three-coater. There is a beautiful pink shimmer. Nice, but almost impossible to photograph. Sort of a "super" secret shimmer here, but more apparent in the sunshine.

Sally Hansen Fil-A-Greed Frost over Sally Hansen Snappy Creme

This is more of an actual frost, where Hi Society is more of a sheer shimmer. The perennial silver glitter is here, too. A soft gold, frosty shimmer.

Here is Sally Hansen Snappy Creme. I might have blogged it before (here), but I didn't shake it up enough or something, because it has a shimmer in it that came out this time, which is very weird compared to the last post.

Still not sure where that came from, but there it is. Kind of the win on this polish that was otherwise fairly bland.

Sally Hansen Fare Game Frost over Sally Hansen Lively Lilac

Fare Game Frost (these names!) is truly a frost. Not a lot of twinkle, but more of a brushstroke-y type of thing. Not my favorite, I'll be honest. It almost obscures the base, SH Lively Lilac.

Here is Lively Lilac, again, though it's had an outing in the past, it deserves another shake:

This is a soft frost, but more of a modern take, similar to the Formula X A Little Sexy I swatched a little bit ago. I love the shade, the soft white shimmer, and the formula on this baby. Sally Hansen's line that is the exception to her flagging formula in the rest of her polishes.

All right, you know more is coming! Thanks for your patience in my reblog of polishes that are so far at the long tail of the bell curve of popularity.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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