Saturday, May 23, 2015

Color Club Wild Cactus: An Improver

I blogged about Color Club Wild Cactus back in 2013 (here). Wasn't sure if it was Wild Cactus or Abyss. After I inadvertently bought a dupe - doh! I knew I had to reblog it after goofing around with it some more.

It's a bold emerald green creme.

Here is a revamped swatch:

Three coats, easy to work with. Lovely color.

Meanwhile, I've had Princessa Emerald Shimmer in limbo land. The worst place to be. Too sheer, won't build, and needed 4 coats to do much of anything in this post from back in 2012. 
On the other hand, you could only layer it over green, medium green at that. I don't need that many color specific layering polishes, they always feel like an albatross and limit a relaxed approach to layering. 

So I bunged some CC Wild Cactus into Princessa Emerald Shimmer:

I mean REALLY!!!

What was I waiting for? 

This is three coats and it's perfect. No brainer perfect. Still have the glass fleck depth, but not the totally frustrating sheerness. Franken-win.

I then pulled out a bottle of a gorgeous Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear called Emerald City. It was in a set of 4 at Ross. The only issue? Sheer. Not enough pigment to make it a go.

Sad. So sad.

I think it could be a stand alone with the right base and I didn't want to franked it out of existence. 

But, it does look great over CC Wild Cactus:

Super improvement. Now it looks like emerald city and not swampy acres.

I know I left greens back in March, but I was in a sorting mode and wanted to share some tweaks.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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