Sunday, January 25, 2015

Lingerie Shopping for OPI's Give Me The Moon!

Sometimes a polish just works my last nerve.

OPI's Give Me The Moon! from their Night Brights collection is just one animal. (blogged here, by the way)

Won't play over black, won't really succeed from strength to strength alone over my nails, and over a pale pastel: it's blaaaah.

Enter China Glaze Recycle (this is a black label formula, not sure if the new version is different, so this is what I'm blogging about)

Perhaps the most perfect neutral gray as far as color, that I own. This has issues. It does need three coats, and it could be a bit better at self leveling. I had some unevenness.

The upside was that it was not too drippy into the cuticles, too being the operative term. It's so neutral, though, and that is it's strongest suite. And it's a true medium gray.

My guess is that there are a myriad of dupes. Also, this is listed on the China Glaze website, so it's not rare or hard to find. Very nice!

Since I'd not blogged this polish before, I didn't want to just ignore it. Sorry for the ho-hum review.

Here it is with OPI's Give Me The Moon!

Happy Dance!

This is a tad bit underexposed so that you can see the blue shimmer - my favorite thing about this polish.

GMTM! was in my blog sale box for a long time. I've tried it out on a lot of polishes, only to find myself distracted by the discomfiting feeling that it looked like I'd painted my nails in the dark, after downing 6 espresso shots.

It was a matter of finding the correct lingerie for this polish.

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sally Hansen Mosaic Creme - Layered

I have had Sally Hansen Mosaic Creme for many years.  Like 4-5. One of those "OMG Sally Hansen At The Dollar Tree!!!" kind of things.
There are three bottles in my drawer! What? I think when the two pack action was going on it just ended up that way.

Ah, memory lane at the Dollar Tree.

Well, Mosaic Creme is one of those cremes that isn't super densely pigmented. I really was surprised - insert irony - that it was so sheer.

I knew it was a good one for a sandwich!

First I'll introduce the glitter to be covered up!

Make U Smile, but Nicole by OPI

Silver hex glitter with a complementary gun metal gray small glitter. Two coats.

Although it looks gold, it is actually silver.

I found this at T.J. Maxx a few months ago. A quick gander at gewgle showed a now-defunct Target page listing it as a Justin Bieber polish, or was a polish from one of his collections.

The silver glitter isn't unique at all, but gun metal is, I only have one other polish with a gun metal glitter.

Here it is over Mosaic creme. The green tone of the lighting basically turns Mosaic Creme into a gray.

It is a really gray, like the saturation has been removed from a blurple.

Next up: sandwiching.

One thing that always happens with silver glitter is that it turns white. Nice!

I alternated coats, three on the base, then alternated Make U Smile with Mosaic Creme.

This photo captures the shade better.

Here's another:

Of course the old Sally Hansen matching cap was great, if a bit optimistic about the shade in the bottle!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Favorite Mani's 2014

2014 was my Annus Horribilus. Lost my Maddie. Still miss her. Time, they say is a balm. Maybe I need stitches. 

Well, thought I'd look back and see what I really liked.

Since a "top 20" isn't really a thing I do, and I don't often have the latest polishes, it doesn't feel super useful.
But. ("Everyone I know has a big "but" - Pee Wee Herman) I did want to pull together a few that are worth a 2nd look.

Fabulous Is My Middle Name by Nicole by OPI

Lovely and and a rare egg: a gorgeous bar glitter that I really love. Ooh ah!
Three or four coats, as I recall and just marvelously full of zazzle!

Etude House PK11

A righteous formula, a gorgeous pink. Perfection!

Coral Denominator by Nicole by OPI

Seriously the all time best coral with gold fleck I've ever seen. I just got Nars Orgasm in a blog sale, but this one - in the bottle - still does a TKO.
Three coats. Much win.

Maybelline Colorama Purple Party Frankened with Sally Hansen Pacific Blue

Purple Party in those little Colorama bottles dipped lower and lower in volume every time I tried to use it and it only served as a reminder that it was one of those "sheer, but not sheer enough to be a topper" polishes.
Since it was full of glass fleck, or at least enough to be interesting, plus it had a shimmer that looked so nice. Not captured in photo, but the blue base with a touch of purple is delightful.

Milani Dude Blue

The glossy finish on a "no topcoat" polish deserved a mention. Love this polish a lot.

Misa Sweet Pleasure

A gorgeous topper that stands out among many Misa toppers. So nice!

Fingerpaints Masked Beauty

A delightful, complex gold in the FP autumn collection. To me it's a cooler version of things like OPI's Dazzled By Gold. Easier to wear, but still that multi-shade gilded goodness.

Rescue Beauty Pause

Finally one of the richest, most luminous purples in my collection. Bar none it's not just a melange of particles of blue and red to create purple. This is purple. Love it so! Think I bought a backup, too. 
Excuse the perennial lint!

There you have it, my top o' 2014.

No greens, I skipped green for March in 2014, so will rustle up a batch for 2015. But that's to come!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Feeling Passionate About Maybelline

Yet another Dollar Tree find, and I really wasn't sure about it, but thought I'd add it to the gigantic purple/blurple/blue collection I've amassed. Ah what the hay!

Passionate Plum - a Limited Edition Color Show polish by Maybelline:

Here are three coats, no top coat.

This dried very well, was extremely glossy and handled easily, no cleanup. Three coats means I've glunked something somewhere. Nothing. Niiiiice!

Other bonus is that it's similar to things like Color Club Electronica, but not quite so dark. 

I did try to stamp with it, but it's too sheer in the first coat, and consequently the stamp really just looked dark gray/blue with some blue/red shimmers in it. The minutiae of trying to make that work over black seems like something I should try out in the future. 

Here's another photo:

This really went on like a top salon polish. Quite a nice find. 

Only 7 mL, though.

I have mixed feelings about such a small bottle. I get that in the current popularity of polish more people are buying more colors and don't want to be saddled with polishes they don't use, but gosh, such a nice polish, I hate to run out! (I guess I'm saddling up for a backup...hehe)

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Milani Sail Away

Hey folks!

Thought I'd start the year with one of my favorite colors: Blue!

It's Milani's Sail Away:

It's a gorgeous deep royal blue with silvery shimmer flecks swimming densely through the mix.

I really think my photo makes them look green, but that is the possibly my lighting, which is fluorescent.

This was acquired at the "Good Ol' Dollar Tree", which always bears fruit.

From my quick google this was a new shade in 2012, but the official Milani website appears to have purged this shade. It's hard to fault Milani polish, in my estimation their formula outpaces every single drugstore polish I've tried. Better still, they have come out with dupes of high end polishes, great glitters, and some killer creme shades.
A worthy brand I seldom see getting the "boost" it definitely deserves.

If you have a Dollar Tree, check it out, I was just there the other day and saw some Milani polish.

This is three coats, but two would have done the job very nicely.

Thank you so much for reading my little nail polish journal!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year! Cleanup, Updates, Onward!

So, I've been doing this baby since 2009, autumn, if I recall.

I still enjoy it and I really appreciate my readers. Thank you, truly!

2015...A GO!

This year, I plan to break out more finishes, more stamping, and keep the pace up. I still need to strenuously work on cuticles and photography, but my long slow trod seems to be paying off.

Other Social Media?

I've added a Tumblr link in the right hand side. The goal here is to post some current mani's that are the same that I've blogged before with a little bit of either better detail, or some different application.

After ignoring a lot of other social media, I found that I liked Tumblr's format, simple, quick, etc. Not a big fan of the other ones, inasmuch as I don't know if I have enough content to prevent burnout.

On that Note...

A few days ago I went through the blogs that I follow and found at least 15 of the over 250 blogs I do follow are either gone (*poof!*) or made private. This usually comes about when I read my feed and I see a blog has turned into some other thing like a gamer page or weird diet advert. I was sad to lose a bunch of blogs that had some fine photos to enjoy. I guess burnout, life, change happens. I miss several of them, a lot!

Are blogs dead?

I googled "are blogs dead" and got 288,000,000 results.
I googled "are blogs still relevant" and got 108,000,000 results.

Randomly that is almost a 3:1 ratio against, but I love blogs because of their epistolary quality. I may not be able to do it on my phone (blast you iPhone and Google! Get along!), but as a kid who started a journal back in 6th grade, this is a natural extension of myself.

It ain't dead to me, mate.

Adverts here?

Not sure yet. Google ads bugged me, for the oddest reason, so I thought I'd try them out. I'm probably going to delete them in a few weeks. I feel like it's not adding to my personal aesthetic for this burg so I may just delete them sooner. Sorry for experimenting on you!

That doesn't mean I might not add my own banners and links to things that are nice and I feel are important ( Plus I think I will add a list of online places I've had good luck working with.


Finally. Yes, finally. I am trying to upgrade my photos, lighting, cuticles, cleanup, moisturizing, etc. The usual.

Once again, thanks for reading and have a great 2015!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Nars Full Metal Jacket

I love my Nars polishes.

Received Full Metal Jacket as a Christmas gift a few years ago and have finally gotten around to wearing it! Ack!

Personally, I love dark gray.  It's very wearable and looks upscale compared to black. 

This is a fine shimmer with a frosty highlight to it. Hard to fault the color, but I will admit that I like my Orlane 92 better.

 The formula: It was thin, runny and slow to dry. Quite a let down. 

I love the shade. I regret unloading a deep gray Markwins that worked like a charm. Argh! Nail polish is one of those areas where price does not necessarily reflect performance.
So, while this one goes in the blogsale pile, I still have Misa It's You! to keep me happy. 

Now that winter finally arrived, dragging it's  heels after a long Seattle-like autumn, I am glad for the snow, crisp days, and chilly nights. 

Saturday, December 27, 2014

On a Midnight Clear

Though I think I grabbed this one out of the sale bin while I was randomly near a Sally Beauty, I can't be sure.
Its Finger Paints holiday 2013, which was a texture collection.

Since it's still the afterglow of the Christmas holiday around here, best of all finally the snow has arrived, I'm posting this holiday polish.

In a deep maroon brown base, it is looooaded with micro glitters in purple, pink, red, blue, green. In my bottle the bottom corner revealed some amber color shift, but on the nail it's just not even a discussion point.

From left to right I've got:
One or two coats over black with a top coat
Two coats alone with a top coat
One or two coats over black no top coat
Three coats alone with no top coat.

As you can see you really need that third coat. A black base just helps things all around.

I like it the best over black with a healthy dose of top coat to smooth it out. Then it becomes a little bit of a twinkling in the midnight clear of a long winter's night.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Wrapping Paper Layering

The big day's coming any minute! (It's here in some parts of the world!!)

Santa will be here leaving gifts full of pretty paper and bows and ribbons!

My favorite part of Christmas, to be honest, is the anticipation. 

Here are a pair of holiday layerings

I love green and navy packages, it's an "alternative" to the classic, so I had to put China Glaze Mistletoe Kisses and Essie Stroke of Brilliance together. Love it!

First I laid down a couple coats of the China Glaze, then alternated them finishing with the Essie.

Here is China Glaze Mistletoe Kisses alone, I haven't blogged it yet.

Kelly green jelly packed with silver tinsel-y silver glitters. This was a down and dirty swatch for color's sake.

This is a franken, Jemma Blue, I did a while back. A bit sheer, I still wanted to use it again before I tweaked it. I put this one over silver then put Sally Hansen Razzle glitter over the top.

Reminds me of that paper that has the frosted snow scenes in silvery glitter texture.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Merry Christmas one an all!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Odd Duck of a Nude

Of late TJ Maxx has been putting out OPI sets of two that are renamed OPI/$OPI/NOPI polishes.

The blogger I'm A Beauty Geek did a post on it, which has helped immensely.

I have about 8 or so of these and am so grateful for the comparison. So far I only have one dupe set, and it's not the one I'm posting today.

Among my score I found an OPI called Baring it All, a nude that is pretty neutral - I love neutral nudes.

It is supposed to be a dupe of a Kim K collection NOPI polish, but mine isn't.

By the sherlockian investigation of those who have done comparisons, this should be another OPI, NOPI or Sephora's OPI line. But what? I do not have any other OPI/NOPI/$OPI nudes that are recent enough to be called a "relabeling". It could be just an odd duck, until something else shows up.

My version, which is something-but-what kind of thing ended up only being fairly close to OPI Bare It In Trafalgar Square:

Left to right:
OPI Baring It All
OPI Bare It In Trafalgar Square
OPI Baring It All
OPI Bare It In Trafalgar Square

As you can see they aren't the same.
Bare It In Trafalgar Square is a lovely pre-3-Free two coater.
Baring It All needed three coats, it is also a bit deeper and slightly more pink, but that's debatable, it's just darker.
Both worked very well and I didn't have to fuss with clean-up or dry time. Win!

Love them both, but love BIITS a tad bit better. I think only because it is a two coater, both are lovely nudes that I am very glad to have.

I do recommend buzzing on into TJ Maxx if you are looking for some OPI's at a much better deal than Drug Store prices of Sally Hansen CSM - my area it runs $7.99, ghastly price considering the formula.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!