Saturday, November 15, 2014

Rubies Rushing In

Insta Dri comes out with some cute stuff. I don't do the drug store polish thing as much any more. I do love the way they do some nice limited edition colors in this line. I grab them when I can because Insta Dri is the ONE Sally Hansen line that rings my bell.

The formula is really nice, a wee bit thick, but the stuff dries. No fuss, no muss.

We just won't talk about that brush. ;D

Here is Insta Dri Ruby Rush

Gorgeous. Rich and fabulous.

These red leaning purples capture my heart.

Truly, Madly, Deeply.

Three coats. Found on a display in Rite Aid. Snip snap. It was mine!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Green Sandwich

Change of pace.

Here's a sandwich for you.

Going Green by Sally Hansen in her Xtreme Wear line is quite disarmingly lovely. It's a bold kelly green with a faint blue shimmer. It is, however, somewhat sheer, and I don't often go for it when I think of green. Additionally I find it slow-ish to dry on me. 

What to do with a sheer that is not really a topper? Make a glitter sandwich! I put it together with Revlon Blue Mosaic.

Two coats of Going Green, then a coat of Blue Mosaic, then more Going Green, glitter again, then finally the Sally Hansen. 

In the future I'd put a base of a green creme beneath it to loose the darkness that creeps in, but I like how the glitter changes from generic metallic glitter into pale green and blue glitter.

Since Revlon's Blue Mosaic is somewhat sheer, it can make a lot of coats without getting bulky.

It was a bit tweaky to get dry, but it worked out fine in the end. 

Here's the bottle shot.

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Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Non-Magnetized Magnetic

I've got a Sally Hansen Magnetic polish from a limited edition run that was really something that fell off my radar as soon as it came out.
Magnetic polishes just aren't my win, except this one is.

Really a beautiful beet purple metallic shimmer. somewhat brushstrokey,  but overall it's about a two coater.

It's called Red-y Response, but it's not really red. I will admit that it is pulling a bit blue in my photos, but not dramatically so. 

I plan on using it for stamping, too. It's one of those great finds. That has multiple uses.

I have to say that it's quite a lovely polish. 

This is now pretty much gone. It was last seen in my burg in a discount bin at my local Shopko. This one was given to me by a client who thanked me for some work I did for him. Nice!

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Friday, November 7, 2014

Meat Marble

I wanted a rich "cozy Victorian library in a Georgian manse" feeling and instead I got meat.

Well, you'll see....

Instead of leather bound books, a crackling fireplace, and a glass of dry sherry, I get a really creepy look.

It's like decaying flesh.

Like the cadaver lab at a medical school. 

I think mattifying it, which I ended up doing here, made it less like "body found by the wetland behind the hunting lodge" and more presentable.

I didn't keep it on long after I photographed it. I'd only done 4 fingers and trying to water marble more of this monstrosity was too daunting. Remember, I hold the banner for craft challenged and the payoff wasn't twinkling my bell.

Here are the polishes I used:

I think a yellow or a yellow green would have smartened it all up.

This ended up more like a Murder Mystery Weekend on the Golden Girls (tell me you've seen that episode, right?)

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Vamp Of It All

Word of advice to those just beginning their polish collecting: beware of vamps getting out of control!

Fundamentally I have too many and that is because in the bottle they look like an actual color, but on the nail, they vanish into blackness. So, in essence, I have a ton of blackish polishes.

Handy? Not so much.

I have mixed feelings because I'm not seeing them as a super au currant look, but they are still classic enough to not be too dated. 

I was rearranging a drawer of dark reds and wanted to wear L'oreal's Breaking Curfew, which I do like mainly because of the formula, and found Essie Berry Hard sitting kind of close. So I thought I'd test out how close they actually are.

Three coats and pretty much the same. 

I did a fourth coat on my index with Breaking Curfew and on my pinkie with Berry Hard.

I'd say Breaking Curfew is a bit darker, Berry Hard holds the red shade. This is, though, under a pretty bright Verilux color corrected lamp. 

Thie only thing I'd add on this is that both were a bit sloppy and so I had some flooding in the cuticles which immediately stained. GAH!!!!

I've relegated a back up of Breaking Curfew and Berry Hard into the purge pile - or the "use for stamping and water marbling pile.

Here are the bottles:

I purchase L'Oreal Breaking Curfew long before they bought Essie, though only a year or two, now that I think back, but I don't think they are some kind of kin, just vamps that look alike.

Here, I finalized the manicure of L'Oreal Breaking Curfew with a coat of Sally Hansen Mist You.

Three coats of L'Oreal Breaking Curfew and a coat of SH Mist You. 

For some reason I have three bottles. I think because they were in a two-pack with something else. One day I'll franken these into something, because the shimmer on this is out of this world.

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Rethinking a Striper

So my second Halloween mani never materialized.

Ah well. Moving on.

Found a ton of Milani Stripers a few months ago at Dollar Tree, they appear to be dense enough to drop color in a light, single stroke or stripe of application. This seems to translate into stamping. I've tried a couple and have been pretty impressed. I haven't tried them all, but so far it's a win.

I found the Purple Striper, called Purple Outline, that was a dense creme packed with glitter. Had to dry it out and it was such an easy polish to use, I moved it out of the stamping pile and put it permanently into the mani pile.

Easy to use the little brush and applied three coats with much ease.

I thought of rebottling it, but no need.

The purple base and the pink and blue glitter are quite beautiful.

A touch gritty, but with enough topcoats it appears smooth. I'd used an old Express Finish topcoat I've been trying to use up, and it isn't really thick enough to do much in less than 4-5 coats, which I did not do, only doing 2.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

All Hallows' Eve

Have some Halloween stamping up for you.

Let's jump in, I'll keep the preamble to a minimum!

Found the XY11 plate on eBay after seeing an autumn stamping image of the leaves and went hunting for it.
Wasn't sure it would arrive, but it made it!

Here's the plate:

It's from China and I think it's a myriad of holiday designs that are good for covering your nails.

Words! Words! Words!
(who doesn't like to quote from an Audrey Hepburn movie?)

My nails are pretty little, so I didn't fit all of the word Halloween on there, but you get the gist.

I uses my usual WnW Nail Craze Inferno, but put it over Picture Polish Sunset, which is blogged here. Mine is less orange than the photo in the link, it's more pink tinged, so I don't know if it has changed, but it's a nice base for WnW Inferno.

(Ever been to Carlsbad Caverns?)

I love bats, they are awesome little mammals.
This reminded me of my visit to the caverns and all the bats emerging at dusk. It sure beats repeatedly stamping one or two bats. Nice. Dense. No pull-up marks. I love this plate.

My top coat did let me down. Pewp.

This is over the same combo and you can see I pulled out my same old bottle of Nail Art Diva from a now-defunct automatic nails stamper.

Day of the Living Dead
(homage to the seminal zombie flick, which always led me to wonder, why if the zombies are so slow, do people still get "got"? OK it was late, and I am the demographic outlier that doesn't like zombie flicks)

God what a fail.

This is from a delicious Moyou plate that I couldn't wait to buy. And like many of these artistic plates, my nails are dinky by comparison.

I wanted to get multi-colors for a sugar skull effect. Not much love. Not. much. love. at. all.

Here's the plate:

Isn't it just a tasty thing?

I think I need to re-purpose this for something else. *sob*

I have a soft spot for DotD because I used to live in El Paso and it was celebrated prominently.

You can't win them all, eh?

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal! More H'ween action coming up, soon!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Subtle Examined

It's not  that I don't adore the rich, lush, deep autumnal shades, but there is a side of me that appreciates the understate colors I'm seeing this autumn.

I had found Milani's top coat remaindered to the Dollar Tree, so I hit both of mine to grab every bottle I could find. As an aside, these are really a nice quick dry top coat that is thick enough to cover the new texture polishes, a real boon making these polishes more versatile.

Back to the Dollar Tree.

Of course I was fairly surprised to find a few Revlons and Maybelline Color Shows up for grabs. In an ever present desire to not go too apish!t at the Dollar Tree, I only picked up a few, along with the top coats.

To the swatches!

Maybelline Alluring Rose

This one shifts from a neutral bronze with a rosy tint playing the role of understudy. Very beautiful.

It also shifts into a greenish gold, as well. Nice. So subtle.

But a sheer polish. This took a solid three coats over an opaque nude beneath, and a fourth would not have been unwelcome.

Revlon Snow Bunny

This is a straight up glass fleck. It is a soft platine shade that reflects a subtle pink and green shimmer in the glass fleck. I could not capture this, unfortunately.
Three coats, too thin, in my opinion to be a real star, and very similar to some polishes I blogged before, I'm not going to do too many permutations.

Here it is over the Maybelline:

The duo chrome is pretty much quashed and you see a pretty, metallic nude.
Not bad.
Office A-OK.

Finally I pulled out a black to use as a base for Maybelline Alluring Rose:

Quite lovely.

You can see the rosy blush a bit more and gilt shimmer. Sheer, but workable.

I don't follow Maybelline closely, so I don't know if Alluring Rose was merely an also ran or a limit edition.

Ultimately the Dollar Tree is hard to resist. If you do peek in, grab those Milani Quick Dry Top Coats, it's absolutely a must have in at a dollar a bottle.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Finger Paints Puts on a Gala - Holiday 2014

A petite four polish collection by Finger Paints that merits closer examination.

Ostensibly I went in to Sally Beauty get Queen for a Night, but when I saw them, I realized they all really were perfect for the autumn.

Jewel tones are so flattering. What's not to love?

Some preliminaries...or preamble?
Three coats,  no top coat. Two coats would have done as well.

These have a bit of a contrasting flake/micro glitter concept which I really like a lot. Mainly why I picked them up.

All photos are taken beneath my color corrected lamps.

Let's just roll them out, shall we?

Ball Gown Glamour

Suddenly the buzz is "emerald" - but in truth those of us who love polish knew that this was a great color already.
Gently mixed in is a gold flake that really doesn't show up very well unless you enlarge the photos. Even then, it's subtle. Not a heavy handed gold at all, in truth too  much would muddy up the green and extract the blue leaving "green" and not "emerald"

This one you can see the gold flake a bit better.

I, for one, don't wear green near my face, however, I love it on my hands. Love it.

Of course after I'd finished swatching I noticed the lint. GAH!

Dance Til Dawn

The flakes in this one are amazing. There are two kinds: pink and gold. Yowza!

Love this one also. The gold, again, isn't too heavy, nor does it muddy up the base, as I've seen in a number of recent "gold and cool" shades together this year. Gold loves warm shades like reds, but purples, blue greens and blues can be betrayed too much.

I really like this one, too.

Queen For A Night

This one is creating a lot of buzz. It's a gorgeous polish. The gold, pink, blue and green micro glitter and flakes works marvelously. It reminds me of a microglitter/flake version of Kendall on the Katwalk by NOPI. Similar concept of complementary colors in the blue base.


A stand out, for sure, but not my favorite!

Masked Beauty

This is my favorite.
Absolutely in a class by itself.

If you missed Dazzled by Gold, but love the cool/warm metallic feel of that kind of polish, you'll probably want this one.
It's much cooler, no real comparison in regard to color as this one is much cooler, but it's a strong contender for being so lovable because it's got that play of light/dark and warm/cool.


This is the one true metallic whereas the rest are shimmers.

A tidy little holiday treat.

Thank you so much for reading my little nail polish journal!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Autumn Foils

Foils that are vamps are kind of an unusual combination.

Jewel purples in a foil finish are just right.

Here are a pair that while not interchangeable, certainly have a lot in common.

Orly Rococo A Go Go

Perfect storm of foil and purple. This one has a color shift through pink into amber, but my lighting would not reveal it. Pewp!

Three coats, no top coat.

It's a beautiful polish.

I got mine online at an etailer I frequent and it's just a glowing, luminous foil. 

Next up is Color Club Winter Affair.

Much more warm, in comparison to the Orly above, but equally foil-some.

Three coats, much glow.

The 2012 Color Club holiday collection, a petite six polish "affair" was loaded with niceties. They did max out their price point and stopped the excellent practice of putting sets into Ross.

Found at an etailer who still has them for $3-something a bottle, I am more picky about the one's I get. Meanwhile, I need to get more of these.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!