Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Maybelline Mirror Image Redux

I'd blogged Maybelline Mirror Image here and feel like it needed a proper outing with some ridge filler to smooth it the base out.
Many people utilize this type of chrome polish over the top of a previous mani, but I find that sometimes my older manis are just too imperfect, even by day's end to really be assured of a super smooth base for a mirror-like finish.

I've slowed down the ISO on my camera and worked on better detail. Skin tone is still a mystery. I'm also using bracketing to help with exposure.

To the pix!

This pulls a bit warm, this is, unequivocally a silver polish, but it looks like it's beige. It is not.

Super loved this mani.

It did not last much longer than the end of the day.

On one hand I did top coat only. On the other hand I used top coat, then went over it with Mirror Image to help keep that crisp chrome finish. Neither really helped much.

All photos are pre top coat.

I'd say the top coat as the last layer did a bit better, but it felt like it lost that sandblasted look to it.

It's not a pure mirror finish, but it really had a lot of impact, I really enjoyed it a lot.

As you can see compared to the previous outing, it really has a knack for looking sharp with the ridge filler.

The aqua base helped, a ton, too. ;D

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Understated Toppers

Here are a pair of toppers that I feel like I didn't really realize fully in my photographs. Still, they are nice. I wanted to post them anyhow.

OPI I Juggle...Men

Came out with their Femme de Cirque collection in 2011.

It's a delicate blue/purple shifting glass fleck that looks blue most of the time.

I have to say that it was a bit of a hassle because it was so darn diluted.

My photog skills don't maximize it, but if you enlarge, you can see the shift, especially on the bottom part of the photo collage.

I think it is so pretty and delicate, it would be very nice over lighter colors, over black it is completely overwhelmed.

I Juggle...Men is still available around the web, apparently is was a limited edition and isn't in the stable of regular OPI shades, it is unique as a blue glass fleck, but in an upcoming post, you will see that there are many other options. Though, IJM is quite delicate and understated.

Missha Pink Pearl Top Coat

More dense, full of bronze and pink color shifting glass fleck.

Two coats, much oomph. I only wish the particles were larger.

It's much more beautiful than my photo really captures. I just love it.

Full recommendation on this one. It's a mix of color which is a nice thing in a topper.

Still found by searching the Missha USA website. Though it didn't appear readily in the nail polish offering. Grab this one before you regret missing it.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

OPI Plant One On

Found at TJ Maxx, I grabbed this one on a fluke.

It's very different from most of my greens or my yellows.

Not sure where to categorize this one, but it's rather beautiful.

Most of the time it looks green, but on occasion it looks really more like a yellow.

As we've coined the word blurple, let me be the one to call this one a Grellow.

After poking around it's pretty close to chartreuse, but more yellow.

Very springtime, but strong enough for summer days.

Hard to fault the wear, application, or formula. Pure OPI joy.

If anyone knows the story behind this polish, I'd love to know. Was it a limited edition? A relabel? Part of a magazine promo? Very interesting!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer Water Part 2

More poolside shades.

A few years ago I blogged China Glaze Blue Island Ice Tea here.

Pretty color, quite beautiful, but somewhat sheer.

I thought I'd try it over American Apparel The Valley.

The Valley certainly adds substance to a gorgeous foil and lets loose the sparkle!

Two coats over American Apparel The Valley.

I have to say I loved this a lot while I wore it.

Happy collaboration!

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer Water Part 1

I love swimming pool blues. Here are a few that I hope you enjoy.

I rarely do an accent nail, but when I pulled out NOPI's Rich in Spirit and American Apparel's The Valley to swatch, they seemed to just want to get together.

Three coats each, no top coat. Easy pairing that just makes my day. Sunshine lighting.

A little more about the polishes...

Nicole by OPI Rich in Spirit

Three coats. This is a great polish. Daylight shot from a window.

This is a gorgeous foil I found at Shopko on sale. I have looked at this polish frequently over the years, but never broke down and purchased it. Dang, why not? 

A beautiful foil that is thick enough to not need a ridge filler base coat. Win!

Here it is under the lamps, unfortunately it came out a little warmish, drat!

I tend to gush about foil finishs, but this is a really awesome polish. I didn't have to worry about cleanup, the formula went on very easily. Not the fastest for dry time, but not impossible, either.

It is still on the Nicole by OPI website, awesome! I know I am biased by foils, but this one is gawgeous!

American Apparel The Valley

Delightful polish.

Such a fresh color and great formula. It's one of my favorite formulas.

This is also still available on the AA website.

I got this on a blog sale, so glad!

Had a visitor while I was working on photos the neighborhood quail cock decided to mosey on by:

Yo! Do my nails!

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

WetnWild Color Icon Be Jeweled Part 2

Back at you with part two of the WetnWild Color Icon Be Jeweled collection.

Let's finish these up with the last two in this small 5 piece collection.

Part 1 is right here.

The Crown is Mine

Three coats. This is a very similar color to Jewels for Your Highness, but it's more actual purple and looks more gray shifting than pink.

I love this one quite a bit, though I could not wrangle much shift. It goes into the pink zone, but more like an orchid pink.

Subtle glitters, too.

I couldn't get this color shift very well. It looks like there is some blue, I just didn't capture it!

Speak When Spoken To

Soft blue that shifts over to lavender/pink.
Three coats.

You can see the pink around the edges.

Glitter is also pretty much blue and purple.

I really like this one as well.

In summary these are quite sheer on the first coat, but these build quite well, to the point where they need nothing beneath them to support the coverage.

These are still readily available online if not in the official WnW pantheon of colors.

 I recall WnW did a similar prism glitter in a lollipop shaped bottle that was in an upside down display. Not sure if it's the same. They are not shy about relabeling the same polish, for sure.

I love that these do double duty: Over black, navy, etc they'd also pop since they are initially so sheer.

I think layering these over a duo chrome of the similar color shift would be something rather amazing. Hmmmm...rubs chin!

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

WetnWild Color Icon Be Jeweled Part 1

WetnWild always seems to surprise me.

Their black creme is a 99 cent dream of a polish: it covers in one coat!

The first Color Icon set that I got was back in 2009 or 2010 and it's still got many favorites that I enjoy wearing. 

So when the 2012 set of sparkly glitters came out - Color Icon Be Jeweled - it was very exciting!

Similar to the China Glaze Prismatic collection - which I didn't buy because I got the WnW's, these are a mix of small glitter with a micro glitter that color shifts. Pretty amazing!

The first time I tried to blog these was just under the lamps. Well, that would have been fine, but there wasn't enough oomph to show any color shift and worse some of the colors began to look alike.

So I redid them outside on an unseasonably warm day with some sun coming and going. This is from May, I'm still catching up with photos, but since I recently had a bad nail break, I'm fine.


Born Into Privilege

A tarnished silvery green gold shade that really also has a smoky feel to it.

Three coats.

I like they way the multi-colored glitter throughout makes it look like confetti.

It feels like a New Years Eve party!

In some light it almost looks like a pale spring green as well. Very beautiful!

I really liked all of these, the only thing is that they are a little "crunchy" and feel like a cousin to a texture, but a top coat solves all issues.

Bow In My Presence

Three coats again, a bit dark because of my camera, however this is a very pretty pale peacock blue. Same array of small confetti glitters.

The sun popped behind a fat cloud that decided to hang out for too long. 
The only sun shot is the bottle shot.

I'd run in to see if I could catch the color change better  under my lamp and when I went out, she was a goner!

Softer light here equals a softer blue. Also the last photo you can see how it shifted over to orchid purple. It also goes warmer into teal as well. Quite the set of chops, this one.

Jewels For Your Highness

One of my favorites!
Three coats and this time more of a purple glitter throughout the purple shifting to pink micro glitter base.

The glitters are more of a purple, blue, silver, and pinkish purple. Not a confetti with multiple colors.

Brilliant metallic wall of sheen. Like a glitter that holds its own without holes or in need of a base? This does it!

It is more a pink to purple shift, but in some photos it almost looks coral. 


Part two soon!

These can be found on eBay and Amazon, which is a good thing. Apart from China Glaze and WetnWild, I can't recall anyone else using these color shifting micro glitters, can you?

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Hot Summer Pinks Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of Hot Summer Pinks!


Here is L'Oreal Think Pink 282. Three coats, no top coat.

Quite a charmer. Magenta leaning hot pink that really has a delicious violet shimmer. 

Three coats, some VNL, but not the end of the world. The formula makes up for some of the limitations. It's self leveling, dries quite nicely, and wears well. 

When it comes to photographing this puppy, it's a case of "many are called, few are chosen." Even among the chosen it's still an editing game. 

Since the formula is just a delight, I forgive it's sheerness. 

Maybelline's Colorama 130, Fuchsia Fiesta. Three coats, no top coat.

More dense, less easy to manipulate largely because these old Maybellines are prone to disintegrating brushes, this was no exception.

This has that same violet shimmer. Lovely!

Bit better coverage, a bit cooler, less red, and a bit more slow to dry.

Felt like I should compare them.

Left to right:
L'Oreal Think Pink
Colorama 130
L'Oreal Think Pink
Colorama 130

L'Oreal's warmth comes out much more clearly in the comparison photo.

I wonder if there is an OPI or something with really great coverage that has a blue shimmer like this? If there were, I'd probably replace these, although the L'Oreal has a great formula, it's full of some old school chemistry, too. 

Bottle shot. Last rays of afternoon sun, trying like a maniac to get violet flash. Little actual success.
Not enthusiastic about dragging around a tripod chasing light to slow down the exposure. 

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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hot Summer Pinks Part 1

Whipping out more stuff that has sat untried or unblogged for far too long. Summer is the right time for hot colors, neons, whites and glorious brights. Let's toss a few out there!

First two up I've wanted to share for a while.


LDL/Elle Elle 435.
This is from a 9 pack found at Ross. I have to admit, I snapped up a number of these as I tried out the formula. It dries well, wears like iron, is easy to work with, and, bonus, it's got a cute cubist bottle that taps into my inner PoMo aesthetic.
This is a bright pink shimmer.
Three coats, no top coat.
Shows the ridges a bit, also not self-leveling. I had bubbling, but it may have needed thinning. It's been on the shelf a while. Eep.
So, while it has its flaws, it covers well, which seems like a win to me.

China Glaze Hang Ten Toes.

A gorgeous hot pink thiscloseto neon with pale blue shimmer.
Lovely, frothy shimmer, not a real heavy shimmer, just delicate.

Three coats, not top coat, no white base. You can see a little bit of VNL in the top photo, but it's not bad enough to cause mayhem.

It's from the 2012 Summer Neon's collection.

I've spent so much time with the Color Club neons, I feel I've missed out on this whole collection!

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

OPI Bronzed to Perfection Stamped

Tried to continue with my stamping practice, wanted to share with you!

Had found OPI Bronzed to Perfection on either a blog sale or in an eBay lot that had one or two polishes I really wanted, think this was the latter case as I recall and chagrined that it wasn't my "thing".

But I cracked it open and tried it on. Surprise! I liked it a lot!

Beautiful rust color that has red shimmer sparkles immersed in it and when the sun hits it, it looks quite nice. I'd feared it be yet another brown polish.

Three coats, easy to use. Nothing like a no-brainer formula. Makes a mani a lot more fun, to be honest.

Finally there is the stamping. Didn't get a photo of the plate, but it's plate number: H24 from the plates I got through Nailart Und Mehr (not affiliate, but she was kind enough to help me order via email, when I had trouble navigating her site) It's a funky, tribal motif that is more abstract.

The stamping polish was Sally Hansen Sunflowers, shimmery bright yellow that looked more gold here since it's a bit more sheer than many stamping polishes.

Kind of unsure if this is still made by OPI or not. Their website hasn't got it listed as an option, yet this polish is all over the etail side of the web, so it's not rare or hard to find.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!