Saturday, April 19, 2014

I'm Head Over Heels for Emily de Molly

I love holos, in fact, I will now admit I have at least two helmer drawers full, plus half of another. Not counting the glitter end of the spectrum.

In an attempt to blog some of these, I'm hitting them as hard as I can. Limited access to sunshine, and missed opportunities with the camera, are something I try to avoid.

Holos and sunshine are like peanut butter and jelly, they go well together!

This is Emily de Molly Head over Heels.

This is a subtle linear holo that looks very beautiful in flash, but under my lamps it also is rather nice.

Left to right:
- One coat over black
- Three coats alone
- One coat over black
- Three coats alone

Nothing but a really soft, beautiful holo lavender purple.

Formula and application were quite easy, and two coats would have worked very well, too.

It's more than just a holo, it's a shimmer with a soft orchid undertone. A complex color.

If you are a holo purist, this might be too understated. The upside is that in the shadows it doesn't look all metallic, so it plays its hand as a shimmer.

Well played.

Here it is under lower, oblique light:

Gorgeous light gathering that really plays up more over black, though not a top coat sort of polish, as in it's got enough density to fly on its own dime, it still does fine over black.

Yet another purple holo that I really love.

Thanks so much for reading my little nail polish journal!

Note: sorry for the confusion, I just published this, then updated a comma on the Essie/Orly comp and this just slipped backward! Grrr Blogger!!!

Beyond Cozy vs. My Favorite Ornament

Let's be honest: silver or champagne or gold glitter is pure glam.

I ordered both Essie's Beyond Cozy and OPI My Favorite Ornament in hopes that they were a bit different. Pretty much regretted buying both when I saw the bottles next to each other. Under my Ott light they look like twins.

On the nail, though, the story is quite different.

Left to right:
 - Essie Beyond Cozy
 - OPI My Favorite Ornament
 - Essie Beyond Cozy
 - OPI My Favorite Ornament

Each one is three coats.

Formula on both was very good, however the formula on the Essie was a bit quicker to dry, which actually surprised me.

Clearly OPI's My Favorite Ornament is a subtle champagne next to Essie's Beyond Cozy, but if I compare the OPI to a real gold glitter, it pales. Next to a silver, it looks a bit tarnished.

Next to the OPI, Essie's Beyond Cozy looks absolutely silver, but it isn't. It's the more subtle version of the OPI. More neutral.

Of course I like both, which is natural.

Neither are really a spring polish, but I've been on a swatching kick and trying really to catch up on so many untrieds.

Keeps me busy.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal.

Note: I just edited a comma and this updated for today! Talk about frustrating!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Sally Hansen Leaps Into Toppers, Again

If you know me a little, you know I love a layering top coat.

Sally Hansen's Spring 2014 Color Vibrations looked very soft and delicate in the display. I felt as though I really only wanted Take The Leap, a pale pastel purple that has that milky fine fleck along with larger pink and blue flecks. Unyieldingly beautiful, it's a delicate polish that reminds me of my old Tracy Reese polishes from 2009.
If they weren't $7.99 a pop, I may have indulged more, but the formulas aren't my boon friend and I left am not excited about many of them. Yet, I still kind of want a couple more. 

On to the photos.

This is a natural relation to the CND toppers of the sparkle and shimmer family.

Alone, as you can see, it's thin and not terribly impressive. I think that over pink, white, or other pastels, or even mediums it would be very nice.

Over black it's blue and pink flecks are much less demure. There's a lot of glassy fine base giving it a milky base, so the pop isn't as clarified as the CND sparkles, but not so fine as the shimmers. 

Very pretty, if not super original. I always remind myself that Sally Hansen often brings unusual finishes to the drugstore shopper, who may, not to condescend at all, even have heard of CND much less their now defunct "Effects" polishes - which are, I must add, hard to top.

Still, it is a delicate fairy dust of a polish and if you don't have a CND or other translucent topper, I recommend this one. 

The formula is full on Sally: a bit slow to dry. The big brush still is going strong, too. 

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Second Attempt at Water Marbling

I have to admit I really enjoy water marbling.

I'm still really not anything like and expert, but I think I represent that group of people who are trying and find it a challenge, yet still try to do it. I am holding a banner for the "crafty challenged who love to craft."

My learning curve, you could say is both long and steep.

Here's the latest attempt:

This is a combination of a decanted Nic's Stick - whose name I've forgotten - and Sally Hansen's Salon Manicure Plum It, in the old square bottle.

Rugged would be a fair description.

I've put it over white, so that explains the white coming through hear and there.

Still no real control over the shapes I create, nor much over position.

I have, however, made great advancement in pre-taping my nails! Man, talk about a huge difference!
Things went fairly fast after taping it up, which really made the result a lot more enjoyable.

I wore it to work and people seemed to enjoy looking at them, even though they are pretty rough around the edges.

Take heart beginner water marblers, if I can do it, you can, too!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Orly Androgynie - The Ups and Downs of a Flawed Polish

When Orly's Holiday 2011 was first announce the chatter was all about Androgynie: black jelly with a beautiful amber, green, and blue color shifting hex glitter as well as small gold flakes.

What? Madness? Faaaaabulous!

Unfortunately there weren't enough glitters to really maintain the thrall, and it soon fell to the wayside as a "meh" polish, oft faulted for needing to be sat on its head for a few hours or more to shift scant glitter from its sunken grave at the bottom of the bottle.


I found this bottle at Ross over the holidays and, of course, bought it.  It has a unique glitter. The green/blue/amber shift kills with gorgeosity.

But, sadly it doesn't age well.

Here's a swatch:

Three coats, they are over black and quite a beautiful glitter, I don't recall the black base, but something generic.

I placed the bottle upside-down for only a few hours to mix the glitter. Too bad there isn't more!

Here's where it doesn't age well.

If you look closely at the above photo, you will see on my middle finger (second from the left) a silver hex that seems puckered.
Also note a few silver pieces:
- left of the "O" in the word "Orly
- directly above that about the same distance as the width of the base of my pinkie.
- in the middle of the large "O" in the bottom half there are four.
Enlarge, see how there are these puckered nickel colored silver bits.

What is happening? Well, for some reason the solvent is affecting the glitter in such a way that the glitter is falling apart.
What you can't see is small folded pieces of plastic that once coated the glitter pieces still mixed in. Not many, but enough to notice them.


So, this means I need to wear this polish fast.

Go ahead and google Orly Androgynie. When it first came out you see blog post after blog post with perfectly beautiful glitters.
These glitters have apparently suffered from the aging process.

Ah well. Won't say I'm not disappointed, I am glad that I only purchased this on sale. Still. There is the ever present concern about glitter degrading in a polish over time. I've got a lot of glitter polish and this is the second one I've blogged about that appears to be showing it's age. The previous one was a much older Sally Hansen silver glitter. Androgynie's early demise is even more disconcerting because it's a pretty new polish by comparison. (apologies for not finishing this thought before I posted it, must have been half awake. yolks)

There you have it. A polish with so much promise that has not only not fulfilled it, but to later begin to disintegrate!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Orly and Essie's Pure White Toppers

Hello Dear Readers.

Still mining the small trove of backlog that occurred during the beginning of the year.

Trying to jazz things up a bit with a comp of toppers.

Pure white glass fleck toppers - meaning translucency exists - are hard to find. Many have color shifts, gold/warm tones, or are just some other color.

Fortunately Essie and Orly each have a tasty offering. If you like to layer, like me, then you probably need one in your arsenal.

First up is a little bit of info: white, for my camera, causes my camera to iris down and underexpose the photo. Pooh. OTOH, I used this as an opportunity to let you see the size of the fleck and the coverage in a bit more detail. 
All are two coats of topper. 
I also included them over black so you can see the crystal effect.

Here's Orly's 2010 Christmas offering, Winter Wonderland:

At normal exposure it looks like a gentle gleam on the nails, though the larger particle size affords a pretty glimmer that dances around in the light.

Here it is underexposed so you can see the shape better:

The greenish cast is purely my lighting. 

You can see it's almost a white flake, only lacking larger flake sizes. I have to admit, I love it.

Here is is over black:

Over black it really takes on more of a glassy look, nothing really seems separate like over white, just  a pretty top coat.

Formula was very nice. I found mine on sale at Ross, before Christmas they were having sets on sale and I found that this was a must have. (among many must haves, right?)

On to the Essie 2012/3 Pure Pearlfection.

In many ways extremely "dupe-like" but altogether different in sized particle. Smaller and more like a glitter than a flake, Essie feels much more subtle, more "dry" though I didn't use a topcoat on any of these, still much more of a hidden feeling to the topper.

Here is the underexposed photo:

Still less of an oomph in the size and affect, you can see it's a much more fine glass fleck, giving a much more gentle icy dew as opposed to an ice storm.

Here's the polish over black:

Similar effect, just more restrained by comparison. 

Formula for the Essie was just fine. 

Orly's Winter Wonderland or Essie Pure Pearlfection both are absolutely without tint, that's a rarity in my Melmer drawer full of toppers, that's for sure. 

I really love the Orly, but as you can imagine, it's hard not to love the Essie, either.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Random Franken of Markwin Polishes

I'm going through some older files that haven't been edited and found a few that I'd like to publish. I think I'll be doing that for a few weeks, too. Hopefully I'll build some momentum again!

Back in 2010 Markwin - WetnWild's parent company, among other things - came out with sets - as I am sure they do every year - that showed up at Ross.
This one had a fuchsia, gold, charcoal, silver, and a little nude (that I really still like) among its offerings.

I've not worn these much, I passed many along to an acquaintance - even this one I've got the photo of - as I'm really trying to tone up the old collection. We'll see how that goes.

Meanwhile I poured some of the gold shimmer into the fuchsia shimmer and tried to create a gold shimmer effect.

Three coats, somewhat slow to dry, but nothing bad. Not seeing the golden shimmer as much as I'd hoped, but not a bad showing.

Here's the bottle shot:

As you can see, in the bottle there is a lot of tasty potential I wasn't able to get on the nail, hence its exodus to a new home.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Old Wallpaper

Here is a layering/stamping mani that I wanted to share.

Many layers, some bumps, but I wore it for a week and it was a pleasure to look at all the time!

The base is white, then about 3 coats of Princessa Tangi My Nite - a sheer glass fleck that I blogged about here

More difficult to see is the WetnWild pale blue Rain Shower, blogged here, that I wanted to add as a shadow. The first time I did this I just used the WnW polish and it was more of a faint, but the antique effect really was nice!

Then I used one of the Milani nail art polishes I found at the Dollar Tree (I bought a bunch, these are really pigmented, handle great for stamping, and you need very little). I admit it was so fresh.

Then I added another layer of Princessa.

I lost count of coats, ah well.

Here's the plate and the Princessa:

I found this one at Nailart Und Mehr, the lady was very nice letting me email my order. I got this one because of the horseshoe, but this one has some other elements that are nice, particularly the one on the right.

Here's the Princess, again.

Hope you enjoy!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Ice. Blue.

Long days seem to drag by when you miss someone special in your life.

The day after Maddie left us, a heavy cold fog settled here and for over a week every single thing was covered with a thick hoar frost that lasted all day, with scant few hours of it melting, only to re-form as the sun slipped away without ever making a proper entrance.

Sky covering its face in respect for our sorrow.

My favorite days of winter are the ones where a lost cloud floats in and the deep cold deposits everything onto trees, fences, and all the things that seem normal look like poetry.


Undeniably I need to find busy work to take my mind off this, so I'm delving back into the blog.

Picked a color that seemed to echo the winter sky.

Now-discontinued L.A. Robin Blue.

This is over two coats of an old Maybelline Express Finish white.

The color varies from a sweet purple leaning periwinkle in true white, color corrected light. In warmer tungsten, or lower lighting it pulls more gray and slightly blue.
Quite a pretty polish.

Old big 3 formula it is a sheer polish. The first coat was patchy, in fact, it made a delightful watercolor effect, this might have been because it does grab the coat below (which means it does drag a bit when applying). It's thin, tends to slop into the wells of the cuticles and cleanup was a must.
Although, I will add, my cleanup wasn't super thorough enough to get all the white out.

Three coats and it dried surprisingly well.

It is a "foamy" kind of creme: sheer, with a soft shimmer hidden deep in it and virtually invisible once on the nail, but apparent in the bottle.


This polish can still be found at Discount Cosmetic Outlet.


Last week we had a heavy snowfall that left more gossamer shapes made by massive snowflakes piling up in thick piles that flickered in the sunlight.

New days.

Here's a close up of the snow:


Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal. Truly.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Good Bye, Maddie

I will be taking a short hiatus as I lost my dearheart darling Maddie on Friday.

She was my heart girl and she was my second soul.

I've tried to maintain by posting a bit on MUA, but my heart isn't in it.

Godspeed, little Mo, you are missed by us all.