Monday, August 31, 2015

China Glaze Tronica - Rebooted with Spectraflair Pt 1

Because you must remember this: when China Glaze Tronica came out in 2011 there had been only a handful of holographic collections put out by salon brands. Indies were still birthing. A handful of other brands put out scant holos. OMG and Kaleidoscope collections were a distant, much missed, and much coveted. Around this time the prices for things like Sexagon and 2Nite jumped from the "normal" etailer price of $3 to around $15 and up. Unless you could score a lucky deal on eBay or find an obscure online seller who might have a few haunting their cyber shelves.

So when China Glaze came out with the Tronica collection, I think I tripped over myself to buy it off a seller on eBay.

Well, buyer's regret immediately set in as soon as I got them: holo was fine, scant, and required sunlight to really even do much of anything.

Now you can buy Color Club holos, Dance Legend, indies, and a host of brands have holos. It's no longer rare and people can pick and choose not only they type of holo effect they want but beyond the billions of colors that come in holos now, you can also get a ton of great top coats. No longer limited to two.

So I put my set aside and thought I'll buy some spectraflair 35 and see what I can do with these.

I purchased mine through Spectraflair4U. I purchased a 2 gram vial of 35, which is larger and imparts more flame than the really fine 14 (I'd already used 14 on a frankened, so I needed 35 for those and didn't use all 2 grams on the Tronicas).

A few things:

  • All are two coats.
  • All are over a matte.
  • There is some dragging here and there, but not too bad.
  • No top coat.
  • Adding spectraflair was limited to volume available in the bottle. (very little)
  • Success was mixed and as I used these, I will add more holo, but in truth, they need sunshine. Reblog? I'm not sure.

Important: I am comparing before my monkeying around with the original formula.

Left to right:

  • Original
  • W/Spectraflair
  • Original
  • W/Spectraflair

Let's get going on these!

China Glaze Mega Bite

A green gold that is not giving up any holo in this photo. From my vantage point I could see a difference, but after I downloaded the image, no love was found.

In person the holo is more scattered than linear, but this photo looks like I did nothing. Ugh.

China Glaze Hologram

Hologram is a thin polish, I wondered if it was a top coat. When I added the Spectraflair, it thickened up. The holo effect is more of a soft linear, but again, the photo fails to impress.

China Glaze Virtual Violet

A gorgeous medium purple. This is at the other end of the spectrum. The innate holo in the polish was giving up some good scattered effect, but the Spectraflair seemed to bring it up a notch, and it's looking like a small notch in this photo!
In person there was more holo love. For sure!

China Glaze Cyber Space

A lovely soft taupe holo.
It's like these photos cement a fail, but in person, the flame was very nice. You can just see it on my middle finger and in the bottle. This effect is beautiful. Nude holos are always so nice.

China Glaze Techno Teal

Beautiful polish and, trust me, it is very much improved with the holo. Yet, my camera and lighting did not bring it out. Code word: I did not bring it out. (It's a poor photographer who blames their equipment.)

Again you can see the bit of scant linear holo on the ring finger and pinkie as well as in the bottle. Seriously a case of "dammit, Jim, you need the sun!"

China Glaze Electric Magenta

More of a violet than a magenta, but who am I to quibble. Yet again, my photo really doesn't show the upgrade very well. Slight more density in comparing the index with the middle finger, plus some flame on the bottle.
Very pretty result.

Part two coming soon!

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Friday, August 28, 2015

All Around The Mulberry Bush

Here is a comparison I've wanted to do for a bit of a while.

In my red based purples, or violets, I have some mulberries mixed in.

As usual, no top coats. All are two coats, except where I need to do three and I'll discuss more on that one.

New York Color Peony

Here is a shade that I've blogged before, here, and still really adore it.

Two beautiful coats in a formula that is pretty much doing all the work for me, thank goodness!

I did mention before that this was a limited edition that I found on a fluke, and can't seem to really find it anywhere online at this time.

It has some gorgeous gold, but not so much to make it muddy.

OPI Catherine The Grape

Another truly spectacular polish. Like NYC Peony, this one has a soft shimmer, but not really gold, just a pretty mauve pink.

Two coats and still a lover.

This was from the OPI Russian collection from 2007, which predates my renewed interest in polish. This collection is full of some nice basics. This purple is really one of those grown-up shades.

Thought I'd compare:

Left to right:

  • NYC Peony
  • OPI Catherine the Grape
  • NYC Peony
  • OPI Catherine the Grape

I won't call them dupes, but if you happen to have NYC Peony, I recommend it over OPI CTG. It's more saturated and the shimmer is a bit nicer. By comparison, CTG seems a wee bit more frosty.

I do love both polishes, though, and there isn't much doubt that I will wear both, though CTG a little more, since NYC Peony is a rare gem.

OPI Diva of Geneva

From OPI's Switzerland Collection - many beauties in that baby - and this is no exception. I didn't capture the gold shimmer very well under my lamps, but it really ups this polish from a generic mulberry wine into one with some oomph.

Two coats, no top coat and you can see some brushstrokes.

OPI Switzerland came out in 2010 and I've been collecting these here and there, they never seem to let me down.

You can still find these on eBay and at etailers. Definitely a nice one!

Mod Lacquer Majestic

Mod Lacquer's a three coater. It does build nicely by coat three, so no alarms that it needs a fourth.

This I found on Etsy and I adore it. It's a solid burgundy shimmer that is in this smokey base. Yet it's not blackened, it's just great. Unfortunately I don't see it listed any longer, but that doesn't mean it may not show up again.

Meanwhile it's a favorite.

Here is a comparison between the two:

Left to right:

  • OPI Diva of Geneva
  • Mod Lacquer Majestic
  • OPI Diva of Geneva
  • Mod Lacquer Majestic

You can see that they are more similar in the bottle than on the nail, I did try a bottle shot, but it didn't pan out. I think Mod Lacquer Majestic has a more lit from within quality, that's not to say that DoG doesn't look great in the sun.

Here is a side by side of all four:

Left to right:

  • NYC Peony
  • OPI Catherine The Grape
  • OPI Diva of Geneva
  • Mod Lacquer Majestic

First image is of the bottles, second is one coat, and third image is final coats: three for Mod Lacquer and two coats for the rest.

These shades feel like autumn and there is no getting around it: it's coming.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mid Mod Stamping

I came of age just as the last gasps of this aesthetic were easing on down the road.

At it's best it's clean Danish design, at its worst it was shag rugs and "Big Eyes."

Three coats of Color Club High Society, a beautiful mousy taupe, topped with Milani Hot Orchid.

Stamped with Pueen Sumptuous Elements plate 05.

I blogged High Society back here, and found it at Ross back in the Color Club hey day.
This was part of the Rebel Debutante collection by Color Club.

Milani Hot Orchid is part of their discontinued line, I found mine at the dollar tree and it is currently on eBay as well as some other locations around the interwebz. As a stamping polish, this has to be a top ten: great color, great coverage and a pretty metallic finish. Much win.

This shade combination reminds me of those 1950's dresses with piping accents.

Three coats of Color Club Yachty Yachty Yadda topped with Pueen plate 04.

The stamping polish is a Milani striping polish, which isn't bad, but I think could be deeper black.

This is Pueen Sumptuous Elements Plate 04.

YYY by Color Club is quite a nice pink: cool to medium leaning and in three coats smooths out very well. I blogged it here.

Love the sharp, mod colors of this one.

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Arcane Lacquer Comfortable Liar

I know. Purple.

Oh, but holo and blue shimmer, too.

This polish is a bit of a frustration. It is four coats. And even then in some of the photos my middle finger you could see to my nail bed. I believe three coats would be fine over a purple or lavender base, but my nail beds do darken it a bit.

I thought this was a periwinkle, as it looks more that shade on Arcane Lacquer's website, but it's definitely a lilac purple with a light array of holo and a blue shimmer as well. I picked the photo that showed the shimmer best because it is quite a pretty combination.

Might reblog this over a lighter color to bring up the base.

Still on the Arcane Lacquer site.

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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Oh The Flame! Part 2

Welcome back to part two of Perfect Holographic holo set.

It's an 8 piece collection and here is a link to part 1.

Very simply: two coats, no top coat and one lamp to photograph them.

More notes:
  • These are still around on eBay, but more scarce.
  • The holo will sink and you will be left with a jelly, so shaking these well before application is a must.
  • All of these dragged on the first coat, I found using a matte base coat much more successful, but even then, gentle application won the day.

Let's continue, shall we?


Beautiful soft pink. So much win. Pink holo is a weakness of mine. Love the shades in the flame.


This is a brick orange, or terra cotta. Lovely. Unique. I don't usually get these shades.


Indigo. Madness. Love this one!


This is more of a magenta pink, but I think I lightened the photo up a tad too much. It's almost like H5 and when I first got these I thought I'd gotten the wrong thing, but there are little H numbers on the side.

So, that's a bit of hot flamin' holo for you.

I can't say that I don't wish there was a green or a teal instead of a couple of those, but all in all a tight little collection.

I wore H2 for a few days and never had one chip. Amazing.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!