Friday, July 3, 2015

Christmas in July - Maybelline Brocades Part 2

Thanks for coming back for part 2 of the Maybelline brocades. These are from Holiday 2013 and are all textures.

All are three coats, no top coat, varying degrees of textures.


Maybelline Color Show Gilded Rose (760)

This is a favorite. Gold glass fleck shot through with lavender glitter.  It also iridesces purple and pink and has such a lovely quality that it is hard to describe.

This is quite lovely, love it a lot.

Reminds me of 18th century silk brocade. Magnificent.

Maybelline Color Show Embellished Blues (755)

Beautiful navy with a blurple glitter dowsed in a gilded glass fleck. More of the bubbly texture than the glitter texture.
I think it would be a battle to smooth out with a top coat. Ironically one of the few that is of this kind of texture that is shiny. Such a mixed bag.

Maybelline Color Show Ruby Refined (795)

Another win. Bright ruby red with a lot of gold. This feels like a beaded fabric: lush, luxe.

Do you feel Tudor magnificence of a Hans Holbein painting in this polish? I certainly do. 

Maybelline Color Show Emerald Elegance (790)

Gorgeous green on green. Love it a ton! It is, honestly, what I wanted in a lot of holiday glitter polishes: coverage, Christmas-y, and in your face. :D

Maybelline Color Show Lavish Lilac (750)

Possibly the most favorite of mine. Just stunningly understated. Goes from a soft cool gold to a more yellow gold, then the lavender glitter shows some that is more reddish purple and some that is more blue purple.
The dreamy feel of a Fragonard garden. Oooh. Aaaah.

This is a collection with a lot of wins and some less than thrilling polishes, but as a whole, it is quite beautiful. Many things for my different tastes.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Christmas in July - Maybelline Brocades Part 1

Holiday 2013 collection from Maybelline. I don't know if this was holiday specific, but the collection is evocative of a fancy dress ball, the rustling of beaded silk over satin.

I'm going to say it took a long time to swatch these, but in fact I've had them swatched for ages and just needed to post.

A few things:
  • I've seen these around the web and most posts seem to show 8 polishes. I have ten. I don't see any information on the Maybelline site, but there may be blog info that shows 10 polishes.
  • All are three coats
  • All seem to be textures, to varying degrees.
  • No top coats, and as you will see, a top coat is your friend with these polishes. 

Maybelline has impressed me with their Color Show line, it's got a good sense of right now colors, if it doesn't always punch through the edge like Sally Hansen does on rare occasions with her odd good color, or L'Oreal, which seems to have both eyes on their audience and a third eye backstage at any number of fashion weeks.

Let's get busy!

Maybelline Color Show Amethyst Couture (765)

This one is a dark base of black loaded with deep purple glitter and tiny gold fleck mixed in.

I feel this one is not shown as well as I could have, apologies.  It doesn't have much texture and seems to dry rather waxy, so I think a top coat, here, would have been helpful.

Meanwhile, still a very pretty polish.

Maybelline Color Show Crushed Crimson (775)

A beautiful scarlet red with a gold glitter/glass fleck thrown in. Almost a wine tinged red. Another waxy finish, I believe a top coat would have brought out a bit more sparkle, but it is more demure on the nail than in the bottle, that's for sure.

Maybelline Color Show Beaming Blue (785)

Very pretty periwinkle laced with bright cobalt blue. The glass fleck base shifts to lavender. I think a top coat would have, yet again, infused more of the shimmer with, well, shimmer!

Maybelline Color Show Black N Mirrors (780)

A black glass fleck base loaded with gold and silver glitter. It reminds me of some sort of kitchen counter top or road paving. Not a real favorite of mine, however, it is unique and I can't think of anything very similar.

Maybelline Color Show Silver Swank (770)

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening, in the lane, snow is glistening. I get chills just looking at this beauty.

Gorgeous. A favorite. Silvery gold. Heavenly. Angelic.

Top coat be darned!

As you can see there is quite an array of textures, some more fine, some less so.

Part 2 soon!

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Four Foamy Toppers

Hey folks: blog sale is full of stuff!! Thanks!!

Four toppers that fall under "sheer, but not sheer enough" or "too sheer and won't really build" that are over a pretty medium blue.

The base is Borghese Capriccio Blue, which I blogged here. It was in their Rapid Dry line, however the Borghese website shows zero nail polish at all, so I think it's gone the way of the Dodo. I believe that you can find the brand on eBay and various places that sell job lotted kind of stuff. I'd suggest, however, that if you want a similar blue, you could easily find something akin to it in the SinfulColors or Sally Hansen or maybe WetnWild or NYC collections. I picked it as a fairly medium shade that would be light enough to not battle with the elements in these polishes that don't do well over deep shades.

Three coats of the Borghese and two coats of the toppers. Oh, no top coat.

Let's go!

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Tulle Kit 

You can see that it brings out the blue glass fleck dancing around in the light. This seems to not require as much light and it's a real win. Found this at Rite Aid last year and am so glad I did.
This one does work well over darker shades, but seems to thrive on medium bases.

Tulle Kit is still on eBay if no longer at Rite Aid. I've never seen a CSM show up at the Dollar Tree, but you never know! 

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Dive Deeper

I thought I had blogged this in the past, but I don't seem to be able to find it. Hmmm.

In the meantime, here is a soft sky blue that does cover the Borghese and yet derives a lot of it's backbone from it at the same time. I've tried to this polish over many things and this turns the corner for me. 

From the 2010 Sally Hansen collaboration with Tracy Reese. This is also shortly after they converted their bottles from the sleek, stylish square Salon bottles into these rather bulbous ones. It was interesting.

This is often shown over nothing and it just seems to fade without something beneath it. This is the something it needed.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Sea and Be Seen

Another from the Tracy Reese collection of the same year, 2010. In retrospect, I should have also grabbed Ring My Shell and Lagoon. Argh!!

This has been blogged before here, and it's very nice as a topper over deeper colors, but to show off its own beauty, I thought a lighter shade would help.

Princessa Tan Gerine

I took this one with a flash, and it corrected it enough to see that the Borghese brought out the lavender undertone. Blogged before here but in need of another outing.
Good luck finding this one, but it's finally showing not just blue, but that purple tinge that is so pretty.

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Friday, June 26, 2015

China Glaze Rain Storm Revamped

I've blogged China Glaze Rain Storm here and here.

 About two months ago I went to use it again and found it was dried out, I mean completely. I had not tightened the cap and it was toast.

So I thinned it with some thinner, and wore it over a weird Dollar Tree find called Pro10 that has no name:

This is only 2 coats. Nice!! I have been doing a process of evaporating polishes down and re-adding thinner. It's been a mixed success: many have done well, a couple are pretty much toast.

This, though, was a win. I love this color and I love wearing it without duking it out with the sheerness.
Not that it isn't a great sandwich making supply!!

I put it over a dense polish called Pro10:

Found this back in 2009 or 2010. It's a two coater, loaded with pink shimmer in a dusty lavender creme base. Almost a secret shimmer, but not too shy about it.
The first ingredient is toluene and dibutyl phthalate is not far down the list, so I bunged it outside and took the cap off. It evaporated out and I re-thinned.
This polish has never been a true self-leveler, but the color is pretty great.

Both polishes still have a big 3 smell about them, but I've diminished my exposure by evaporating as much as I could away. I think it helps me enjoy the polishes a bit better.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Blue Water Chrome


Here's a deep water blue that reminds me of an evening in the Maldives.

Old Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup for the win! Two coats and no top coat.

Found either at the Dollar Tree or on eBay, not sure which, but a perfect peacock blue. No ridge filler and might as well be a one coater. Love it.

Here it is topped with a L.A. Colors version of OPI's Last Friday Night

This was one of those polishes that was super thick and rather smelly. This Color Craze is 3-free and didn't seem a happy camper.
So, I bunged it out in the sun to evaporate. Fast forward that evening I had both evaporation and the top 1/3rd of the polish had lost all pigmentation. ACK! So I took a Pure Ice blue glass fleck and poured some in as I thinned it out. The result is that it's back in business with the blue, but a thinner more useful formula to layer on glitter.

This is two coats and no top coat. Love the result.

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

SinfulColors Street Fusion 2015 - Summer is Here!

Hi folks!

SinfulColors kindly sent me some of their new collection to swatch.

It is called Street Fusion and per my press information has 29 shades in total, though some are re-promotes, the six I have are new. At least to me, the blue might be similar to another in the Flight Patterns collection, but I didn't have that one and I can't be sure. 


Five out of six of mine are from the Tokyo Nights collection. The colors are bold, unique and remind me of the fast forward forms, colors and patterns that street fashion provides as a rich matrix that eventually becomes haute couture. I liken it to the organic molecules bathed in heat at our planet's beginnings that soon composed nucleic acids and other long chain building blocks and became life. 
Exciting stuff.

No top coats on any of these guys

SinfulColors Otaku Anime

I was otaku shoujo manga as a kid. Back in the 70's in Japan going into a stationary store was better than Disney, a chocolate sunday, and sleeping late all combined: from the paper to the erasers to the comics to the cute stuff it was endlessly fabulous. Endlessly. Then in 1974, Hello Kitty came along. (mind blown!)

Back to the polish!

This is a sheer bright yellow that feels almost cool and can pull greenish in some light. Not for the faint of heart.

Left to right:
  • Three coats alone
  • Two coats over white
  • Three coats alone
  • Two coats over white
I love it over white. Fresh, unique. I am not sure if it is geared as a layering polish, but it's perfect in that category.

SinfulColors Keira Blu

A bright blue that is also sheer, yet emboldened by the white it really pops, even better than my photo. This one might be similar to the concept of the Flight Patterns collection, however I can't do more than guess, since I didn't get the blue polish in my blog post here

Meanwhile, this is also able to be a topper, and seems to work more to its strength over white.

Left to right:
  • Three coats alone
  • Two coats over white
  • Three coats alone
  • Two coats over white

SinfulColors Sky Tree

Rich teal loaded with blue glass fleck. A real winner.

This has been dimmed a bit in my photo, but I wanted to get the blue glass fleck, a challenge to my camera and my skills I must say.

Three coats, lovely polish, for sure. I did get some staining around the edges of two coats. Putting it over white mitigated the staining. Semi yay because I alternated to see if it made a difference.

I did the same as the others:

Left to right:
  • Three coats alone
  • Two coats over white
  • Three coats alone
  • Two coats over white
I didn't find that the white made much difference at all, so insignificant, that I almost didn't add the fact that I'd layered it.

SinfulColors Pink Ansen over Otaku Anime

Pink Ansen is unusual, it fits right in with the street fashion theme.

There is tiny bar glitter and square glitter. Bar glitter seems to iridesce yellow and the square goes between a pearly pink and yellow. It reminds me of the Japanese cosmetic's company Addiction's latest offerings of pearly, glimmering eye shadows. 

Two coats of Pink Ansen over Otaku Anime (over white). Because the glitters are both translucent and yet still iridesce, they look like texture, but are not. Only normal glitter texture and minor at that.

I am liking the iridescent glitter, but over this light color, I couldn't bring out much shift. Over black it would be a party. I believe this would be better served over a deep jewel tone or black. Even a medium shade, but right here it's got that jagged street fashion feel to it. Disrupting the expected and in your face unusual. 

Fuji Fuji

Pretty silver holographic glitter in a clear base loaded with silver small glitter. This is two coats, I don't know if three coats would have enabled full coverage, the base is thick and it would be a wrestling match to get it to sponge on.

I think if you don't already have a holo glitter, this is a good fundamental. 

I did a jelly sandwich over black with a black jelly I frankened:

Same combination, two coats of Fuji Fuji. 

I will add that Fuji Fuji would be a good addition to a full coverage glitter that is all made up of small glitters. 

Here the jelly makes it more smokey and deeper. 

Maroon Fine

This is the only one that doesn't fall into a Street Fusion collection. It is, however a real favorite. It's a cinnabar that leans terra cotta packed with golden shimmer. A perfect storm of color and finish.

I have to admit it is much more of a spice shade that reminds me of something that would be in the India Street Fusion collection. 

Meanwhile, it's a beauty. No muss, no fuss, three coats and you are on your way!

This was sent to me by SinfulColors and so I didn't buy these myself.

You can see more about these collections at SinfulColors.com

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Pink Glitter Comparison: NOPI Candy is Dandy and OPI DS Tourmaline

If you recall, back in April I swatched the lovely Nicole by OPI Gumdrops that I had in my possession, missing a couple, but happy with the ones I had. I mentioned that Candy is Dandy is very close in the bottle to OPI Designer Series Tourmaline.

Here's a link to that post.

In fact they not dupes, but seriously similar.

Left to right:

  • NOPI Candy is Dandy
  • OPI DS Tourmaline
  • NOPI Candy is Dandy
  • OPI DS Tourmaline
As you can easily see they are not the same shade, with the NOPI offering a touch more pink and OPI's a touch more raspberry. Additionally, there is more texture in the NOPI and more glitter in DS DS Tourmaline.

Same order, top to bottom. I'd say that both have texture, just that Candy is Dandy has more of those little texture balls added, where DS Tourmaline is made up of glitter.

Both are three coats, no top coat and are both lovely.

If, however, you only budget for one, either would really do in a pinch.

Thanks for looking at my little nail polish journal!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Navy and Light Blue Stamping

Just a quick change of pace from all the glitters.

Back in 2013 Pueen came out with their Sumptuous Gallery plate collection and I was very excited to get it.

As I get a bit better at stamping, it's nice to have Pueen on hand and currently available at their site.

Here is Plate 01

Since it has a lot of full sized nail designs, it's pretty nice, even though there is the half moon design at the bottom, that is a non-issue with short nails like mine.

The image size, as I measure it:
Width: 13mm
Center height: 15mm
Outside height: 17mm

On a good day this is enough length for me. When I'm at maximum length I'm pushing 11-12mm tops. Most of the time I'm about 7-8mm.

Here's the left hand image

I've used Color Club Naughtical Navy as a base and Sally Girl Periwinkle over the top. Still getting my head around stamping, but I love it so much.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Monday, June 15, 2015

White Clouds in a Blue Sky

Here are two glitters that needed an outing.

Glitzology Partly Cloudy

A mix of blue and white glitter in a variety of sizes and shapes: white hex (2 sizes), square, and bar, then blue in small square and some lighter blue round as well as a pearly light blue square. Added all into a shimmering luster suspension base.

I got this directly through Glitzology on Etsy as a good will gesture when a polish I did buy didn't look anything like the one in the photo. Meanwhile, this is a freaking win. WIN I tell you!!!

It is dense, full of great shapes and that lovely shimmer base just sings with this glitter combo. It is two coats here over Color Club Take Me To Your Chateau. I wanted to utilize a base color that would show up the white glitters a lot, they are absolutely gorgeous.

Rave, rave, rave for this polish. Sadly Glitzology has closed her Easy shop. Sad because even though that one polish was a miss, this one is such a spicy little number. 

Reminds me of dancing water on the surface of a swimming pool. Dive in.

Different Dimensions Never Grow Up

If my enthusiasm for this one is less than out there, it is because this one is a bear of a polish. This is four coats. Four. Not only did I have to fish for glitter, nothing seemed to settle and level out.

Here you can see the lumpiness, and I have to say this photo mitigated it. My index (most distant) finger, looks like I've buried a small aardvark under my nail polish.

The white base was a bit too dense to enable the glitters to shine though and it seems like it doesn't capitalize on these great glitters.

My thought was to sponge apply the glitter. I'd heard that this was a good method and have tried it a number of times with mixed results.

You could say that my results were mixed:

Now this was a hot mess. While I did get more glitter onto the nail, it seems like I had little control and the mess was really bad around my nails.

I used acetone for clean up and it wreaked havoc on my cuticles. I still wasn't feeling the win on this one. Really frustrating.

Honestly what a mess. I even got glitter on my knuckle! Good grief!

So looking at photos online, it appears to normally have more of a translucent base. And, even worse for me, people make it looks like a great polish. I make it look like a bad franken!

I have mixed feelings. I love these kind of glitters, but I am not feeling the win. Might just thin and retry. We'll see.

Smitten Polish Winter Is Coming

I just had to reblog this beauty. No muss, no fuss. I love this baby. Three coats and all that blue glitter.

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Bar Glitter, It's a Love-Hate Thing

I have to admit that of all the glitters, bar glitter seems to evoke a reaction that even dime-sized circular glitter, bleeding glitter, or too-scant glitter seem to miss out on.

SinfulColors Faceted

Two coats, no top coat.

Personally, I love it. This one is particularly a nice one. Purple small glitter in a clear base with iridescent bar glitter.

At this angle the glitter appears pink and lavender. In the bottle you can see that it iridesces green and yellow.

Here you can see a bit more of that on the nail, but for me what is so neat is it's shift into magenta as well, that I didn't really see in the bottle. Plus, the yellow green isn't quite as pronounced a this angle.

I love this polish a lot. I did not need to thin it, nor did I have to fish for glitter. Best of all the bar glitter reminds me of Fat Tuesday or something fun like that. It's just a super color combination with the purple.

So, if you think you want to try bar glitter, or like bar glitter, or just love iridescent glitter, this might be a good $2 investment.  

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!