Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Princessa No Name Purple, Misa Sugar Daddy

Remaining in the realm of toppers, I've got Misa Sugar Daddy. Another double duty polish!

Here it is alone:

I love this color, it's just a beautiful white glass fleck shimmer.

Most whites I'm not a big fan of: I've got to say they are great for bases, stamping, marbling, sponge bases, etc, but alone, I feel like it's not me. this is more my speed.

Four coats, but still with a white base it's perfect. I think, also, over a pastel, it would be super great.

Ok, I put it over a pretty nice purple that has an alarming formula, which is sad, because it really is quite a lovely color.

It imparts a glistening white glass fleck shimmer. You can see a slight green/pink shift, too. It's a little milky, but still very nice.

One coat.

Here's the purple:

Very rich, but would not dry. Ach! Pain! No! Ugh!
To be honest, I haven't delved into my purples with a purpose, so I've got something similar and don't mind getting it moved on. Still, it's pretty regal. Someone else might be able to use it.

Found the Princessa at Ross in a pack that, in general, turned out to be a fail. Misa Sugar Daddy found at an etailer. Love it!

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Lolli Jolly by Misa - All Aboard the Topper Train!!

Hello again! I've got Misa Lolli Jolly here today.

Another great polish that has a double life. Love a double life!

First as a solo act:

This is four coats, no top coat, but really just love this one.
It's translucent, yet it built to a dense glass fleck dolly. Love it.

Here it is over Revlon No Shrinking Violet

Delicate glass fleck topper with a faint pink sheen.

One coat.

It has a vaguely milky quality, but it also seems to not overwhelm the color beneath it.

Hard to fault. Misa is such an underrated brand!

Here's No Shrinking Violet, so you can see how it is affected by the topper.

I have blogged this one before, and almost dumped it, but kept it and really decided that it was worth it. It's a nice formula, dries well and really ranges from a soft gray purple to a rich eggplant.
Blogged here, and you can see how gray it can look as well.

Found the Revlon at Ross and found the Misa on an etailer's site.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Topper Time, Again

KPT Polish is a lovely indie out of California, as their Facespace page indicates.

I need to delve more into this brand, because I love their aesthetic.

I have KPT's Green Awakening, a layering polish lover's dream.

I've put it over Milani Rad Purple:

Beautiful amber to green shifting shimmer with delicate multi shade iridescent glitter throughout in such a subtle way that it really makes it quite a cool little polish.

The shift, well, oh my!

Most tasty. Most beautiful.

This came to me by way of a blog sale. Sometimes that is the best way to try indies. After a mega-fail from one, never began to look like the photo, I lost interest, but as I blog sale around and pick up faves and unknowns, these don't disappoint.

This one sure did NOT!

Here is the bottle shot:

Understated, but fully on par with all the shifting toppers in my arsenal.

More toppers coming, I feel like I need to jump into the deep end with those.

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Get Your Last Blast of Summer Neon with Milani

So we are in transition weather that includes some hot days.

Coincidentally, I found some Milani Neons at the Dollar Tree (it's a miracle when I find good stuff there any more) and wanted to swatch them before I committed fully to autumn shades.

All right, here we go.

Fresh Teal 

Two coats, no top coat. Nearly a one coater. More like the bottle, but my camera just couldn't get its head around it. Ah well.

Great formula, if you are looking for a stamping polish, I'd suggest grabbing this one, it's dense. 
Love it!

Totally 80's

Bright fresh spring green, less actual acidic neon, but still has oomph.

Three coats, a bit of a yellow shimmer in there, too. No top coat.

More of a frothy finish than a true shimmer. 

I think it's a perfect polish for spring and summer.

Rad Purple

This is a tetchy formula. Needed four coats and until it's rock hard dry, it will digit and look like you've made a wax engraving. 

Four coats, not top coat.

The color is great. I had to really shake it up to get the color to shift and even took a paperclip into the bottle to stir up what was on the bottom. Very settled. 
The more coats, the deeper the shade. Lovely for layering, I will have to try it.

Dude Blue

Another two coater, and such a nice formula. No top coat and soooooo glossy. Unlike many neons, I might add!

Really a great win. Glad I found it.

I love these fresh, bright blue sky blues. I get a lot of them in my little 'burg so it's nice to really enjoy them on my nails, too.

Again, if you find this, grab it! It's on par with any of the salon brands, for sure!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!
I really appreciate it!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Purple Party Franken

Maybelline Colorama Purple Party was blogged back here back in 2012.

Here's a photo:

It is pretty, but I've not been enthusiastic to wear it because of the sheerness factor: this photo is four coats. Oy!

It has glass fleck and some blue tone shimmer. I'd worn it a few times, but thought it's time to work on something else with it.

Recently I found a rather large job lot of Sally Hansen Pacific Blue on eBay. Well, now that I have it, doggonit, I am going to use it as a great franken ingredient.

There was about 1/2 inch off the top of the bottle used up, and I just added SHPB.

Man, do I love it!!

Three coats. 

The glass fleck and soft blue iridescence is gorgeous!

Hard to fault it, I really love the bright violet blue.


Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Foils Rush In - Part 3

Thanks for coming back!

I'm finishing up the Color Club Foiled collection with some comps and a treat!

First a couple back links:

Part 1

Part 2

First some comps:
- All are three coats
- All are without top coat.

Color Club Antiquated and Diamond Cosmetics Party Hearty

If you missed Diamond Cosmetics Party Hearty, CC's Antiquated will make you happy.

Three coats each. Party Hearty is a tad bit darker and somewhat more nude, but
Left to right:

  • Antiquated
  • Party Hearty
  • Antiquated
  • Party Hearty

I love both, metallic nudes are pretty much a hallmark of the late 00's and are a classic today. Very nice.

Color Club Lumin-Ice-ent and China Glaze Blue Island Ice Tea

I remember wanting the entire China Glaze Bahama Blues collection, but never picked it up. Finally found Blue Island Ice Tea, one day I'll pick up the rest, but for now I like this one a lot.

Left to right:

  • Blue Island Ice Tea
  • Lumin-Ice-ent
  • Blue Island Ice Tea
  • Lumin-Ice-ent

BIIT is a bit more blue and more of a glass fleck foil than the metallic of Lumin-Ice-ent.
I do find Blue Island Ice Tea a bit more sheer.
I believe that it's better with a base coat beneath it. I recently blogged it with a base coat here.

I love both, but I am partial to the Color Club in this case.

Diamond Cosmetics Sparkling Sherry and Color Club Hot Like Lava

These are very similar, but not dupes. I am glad it's similar, because I love Sparkling Sherry and it's good to have a backup!

Left to right:

  • Hot Like Lava
  • Sparkling Sherry
  • Hot Like Lava
  • Sparkling Sherry

I like them both, however, Sparkling Sherry is a deeper hue. Again, if you missed this baby by DC, Hot Like Lava isn't a bad substitute.

Color Club Foiled Me Once and OPI Star-ring the Rockets

Not really at all similar, but both are foils and both are pink, but that is where the similarity ends.

Left to right:

  • Star-ring the Rockets
  • Foil Me Once
  • Star-ring the Rockets
  • Foil Me Once

Star-ring the Rockets is more of a neutral pink, leaning almost coral in this comparison, where Foiled Me Once is more like a lavender.

Love both, no muss, no fuss.

Here is the treat!

Marbles with the Foiled collection!

This is over a bright blue, which is peeping out here and there.
It's Cold Metal, Perfect Mol-Ten, and Lumin-Ice-ent.

Feels like a mermaid mani!

This one is made from Hot Like Lava, Foiled Me Once, and Antiquated.
I can't recall the base, unfortunately!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Foils Rush In - Part 2 of 3

Hello again!

Part two of the Color Club Foiled Collection.

Here is a link back to part 1.

Same as last time: 3 coats/no top coat.

Let's jump in!

Perfect Mol-Ten

Beautiful soft alfalfa hay green.

Delightful to work with.

Quite a lovely polish. Green foils. So great. Love it.

Cold Metal

Cobalt blue foil with a much more metallic feel than a foil. It's hard to see the foil finish, so this looks better in bright light.

More sun here.

Definitely a beautiful polish. Nice that this polish is quite on task for the current year's obsession with rich, intense blue. A very welcome complement to my collection. It's pretty hard to find intense jewel-tone foils.


Icy blue with a slight aqua kick.

This is a gorgeous color. I just love the foil-y-ness of it!

A bit thick, but not impossible.

I love this shade of blue. It's just so 18th century Rococo, like a Fragonard blue.

This ends part 2, part 3 soon!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Foils Rush In - Part 1 of 3

It's been a summer of metals for me.

Lots of foils in my collection had repeated wear because they just fit perfectly with the summer days.

I've had the Color Club Foiled collection on my shelf for a while, had it swatched for a spell and finally began editing it.

I also will add some comps and a special treat that I hope you enjoy.

Some basics:
- all are three coats
- no top coats
- they were more thick than I expected, but I feel that they will thin out ok.

Hot Like Lava

Although I feel the top photo is too pink leaning and the bottom one is more correct, it is a definitely not a red at all. Perhaps berry would be most accurate?

A magenta with a slight grape feel to it, is what I first thought when I put it on.
It's a stunner.

Foil Me Once

This a reddish leaning lavender pink foil that seems to be rather thick, I got some chunkiness that I should have redone. Chasing the afternoon light seemed to be important enough to pass on correcting it at the time. Hmm.

Beautiful color.


A gorgeous nude foil. Or a soft champagne. Or a pastel bronze. I guess it depends on how you look at it.
A lovely neutral. 

End of part one.

Part two in a day or two and more goodies for part three!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Maya Nefarious Aquarious - Hello, Goodbye

I fully admit I don't keep completely abreast of all the new indies out there. I love them for taking risks, pushing the envelope, their creativity and their independent spirit.

It is hard when you can't keep up and worse when you discover one, only to find that they are closing their doors.
This is how it was when I heard about Maya Cosmetics. I think they were on my periphery, but I did neglect closer examination.

When the store was closing I grabbed a handful to see if I'd like them.
I do!

Here's Nefarious Aquarious:

Dense scattered holo that my lamps don't do justice to, in truth.

I wore three coats and the following day at work it was a typical holo: chipping a tad bit by days end.

Of course I kind of expected it, holos seem to be prone to a lack of flexibility.

It is gorgeous. Pine green with lots of holo flash in the sunshine!

Here's another shot:

Both photos are under my daylight corrected lamps.

I am sure there is something similar out there, but for my collection, it's pretty unique.

Definitely glad I grabbed this one!!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Dior Silver Purple and Maybelline Purple Rage - Comparison

Finally got Christian Dior's Silver Purple swatched.

While I was poking around organizing by color, I found an old Dollar Tree purchase, Maybelline Purple Rage.

Organizing by color has its advantages when you don't have a spread sheet. 

Here's Purple Rage:

Deep grape charcoal gray. Some silvery frost, but more of a refined shimmer.

Three coats, needed thinning and definitely showing some brushstrokes.
It also bubbled. Much frustration.

Fixable with a dose of thinner, as you shall see later.

Dior's Silver Purple

As you can see it is similar, however it's a bit of a better formula, quite easy to use, and it's a favorite.

Three coats, but two were only necessary.

It's such a great polish.

I compared them in the bottle, then on the nail:

In the bottle the difference is apparent. 

Left to right:

Dior - pinkie
Maybelline - ring
Dior - middle
Maybelline - index

I thinned the Maybelline with 20 drops of thinner, which made a considerable difference, and it looks like a very near dupe.

This is under a daylight corrected lamp.

You can see the more read leaning base on Maybelline's Purple Rage, where Dior's Silver Purple remains much more restrained by comparison.

I like them both, am very glad I found a back up for my beloved Dior.  

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!