Friday, October 2, 2015

Blue Toes

China Glaze Utoe-Pia

One of those super hard to find polishes that just popped up on eBay one day when I was browsing and found it for a song and jumped on it like a starving man on a turkey dinner.

Three coats - necessary - and old big three formula that is thin and a bit loose, but not as challenging as other polishes I've got, which was a relief.

The best thing about this pretty bluebird blue polish is that it shifts toward a soft lavender:

So nice!!!

It's got that delicious duochrome that made the wait worth it.

This came out sometime ago, but I am not sure of the dates. It had some other "toe" related names in the collection, as I recall from seeing a few leftovers on either 8ty8 or Head2Toe or Trans Design. This was the elusive one.

There is some brushstrokes, but it goes with the territory of frosty shimmers.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Blue Eden

When Dare to Wear's Our Secret Eden came out it was hell trying to find it.

I only seemed to be able to find it in conjunction with a gel version of the shade or only in a gel formula.

After a spell, I pretty much gave up on it. My weakness is this type of blue with pink shimmer. 

Finally it showed up at an etailer and I grabbed it like it was HOT!

Dare to Wear Our Secret Eden

Three coats, not top coat.

Pure heaven. 

Formula: Wow. Easy. Good, smooth coverage, easy to maneuver and wore very well. 

I remember when D2W was a it more discussed in the blogosphere and board, but now it's just quietly producing this kind of excellent polish.


So glad I finally found it! Hope you enjoy!

Thank you for reading my little nail journal!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Blue Mystery

When a label falls off and the interwebz doesn't reveal many leads, I feel Sherlocked.

At some point, Orly put out a "Colorz" line that is a pre-3-free line that seems to have been discontinued before I got into nail polish back in 2009.
That's all I can seem to recall.

I've got a bottle of this, a beautiful deep midnight shade of periwinkle loaded with that same amber/red shifting pigment that I posted about here.

Unique, rare, hard to find, and I can't even recall where I purchased it!!! It must have been on eBay or  a blog sale. It must have been on sale. But. The mind is blanking so hard on this one!!!

Orly Colorz: lost label

Three coats, and it did need three coats, that built up very nicely.

No top coat, but notice the glossy finish.

These might have had other color shifting polishes in the line, but I can NOT find anything on google, eBay,, Amazon, etc.

It was hard to NOT get a good photo of this polish.

Formula was beautiful, but this is a toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde polish, so that whiff of sweet toxicity was amply present.

I mean, really. Isn't that shimmer just a super star?

If you can recall this polish in your own collection or in your travels around the webz, let me know.

I am completely unable to find the label and I can't, strangely, even find a footprint about this, which to me is extremely weird.

Remember folks, brainy's the new sexy, so give it up if you have clues!

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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Blue Frost

Where I bought this polish, I am not sure. It's Orly Opposites Attract from their Magnetic FX collection. FX being their de rigueur naming system for special effects polishes for a time. They seem to, of late, dumped that and branched out into other things.

Mine didn't come with a magnet, which is fine with me, nor, did I even know that it was magnetic until I started to blog about it.

Meanwhile, frosts seem to be garnering the same reception as crackles: welcome change, but not heartily embraced by all. I guess you could say that of textures, too.

Orly Opposites Attract

What attracted me to this polish is the pink glass fleck that runs under the silvery white - ostensibly magnetic - frost. I had pulled this to compare it to OPI Ink, but when I put it on, the frosty film usurped all thought of even trying to compare. When the sun or the flash hits it just right, the pretty pink shimmer, pops at that point. Unfortunately I didn't get a strong payoff, you can just see some in the top photo at the base of my index and middle fingers. Hmmm.

Suffice to say that this might just be a jim-dandy stamping polish, unless you love some frost or magnetized shapes on your nails.

Formula: covers in two coats, I did three. Dried quickly enough and easy to work with.

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Blue Franken

So, I've blogged L.A. Girl Sheer Ecstasy in the past.

First as a sheer that is sheer and beautiful over a light shade, but not so good over dark, here.

Then I made another franken in honor of my girl, Maddie, here. (Still miss you every day, girl)

So I had a portion of a bottle left and wanted to try it out with a medium blue to make a nice pink shimmer creme.

I call it Mozu Blue, for my girl.

Three coats, no top coat.

The camera was not feeling the pink shimmer as much as I was, so I tried some lower lighting:

A bit better, but you can see that I've slacked off on diffusion of late and so I get some sharp contrasty white that makes more glare than I'd prefer. 

You can, though, see the shimmer much better.

Since I have a lot of SH Pacific Blue, I thought I'd stretch it out into some other finishes. I know, crazy, but it just ticks a lot of blue boxes for me.

Meanwhile, thanks so much for reading my little nail polish journal.