Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Mendeleev Had Something To Do With This

I love the periodic table, it's loaded with history. First a mere list, then as it grew to 60 elements, Dmitri Mendeleev saw patterns and periodicity, and the best part is how the predictability of empty spots over time filled with actual elements.
People thought water and fire were elements, and things like phlogiston were considered elements instead of evidence of a reaction.

Understanding the elements, how they are formed, how they react and how they behave takes alchemy out of the mix and replaces it with something even more interesting: things like quantum mechanics and fusion reactions. Besides, who wants to waste time making lead into gold (I believe last time I read about doing that, the cost made it prohibitive) when you can learn about atomic decay, which is kind of like alchemy, when you think about it.

Back to the chemistry I love best: nail polish.

Here's Vivid Lacquer's science plate. It is a magnificent thing. Mostly because it has a big old periodic chart on it!

Here's my stamping:

Base: LDL/Elle Elle burgundy red shimmer
Stamping polish: Cover Girl white, which has lost a bit of it's solvents so it's a bit thicker and stamps surprisingly well.
Nothing fancy.

I tried horizontally and vertically, while I love both, I think I like vertically best. There are some corners of the table that are harder to get, so I really couldn't get the Noble Gases or Lithium in there, though the Metals are fully represented and a couple of transition elements, too.

Here's a photo of the plate:

There are some really cool images on this plate besides the Periodic chart: DNA strands, some equations, planetoidy stuff (Red Dwarf reference), and some Erlenmeyer flasks to boot!

It kind of made my day when I found the plate, Vivid Lacquer is on Etsy, and made my week when I got to stamp with it. Much fun had all around!

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Monday, February 1, 2016

L.A. Splash Glitters Part 2

Welcome back to part two! Here's a link back to part one.

A few things
  • 2-3 coats each
  • no top coat
  • no special base like white, just a nude-ish thing. I did put one over navy. 
  • formula is pretty decent, no melting of base coat
  • not really full coverage glitters

Sparkling Gold

Very pretty little gold! Look closely at the photo: this cool customer has a pretty copper glitter mixed into the gold glitter, win.
Good coverage, and it's a very elegant result.

Sparkling Jellyfish

Similar consistency as Golden Seahorse in that it has a great base that layers to full coverage. Instead of a heavy glitter, this is packed with a pretty little holo. Very hard to photograph, hence the flash. Like this one quite a bit.

Sparkling Lavender

Another pretty multi-size glitter. More of a deep/cool glitter compared to Heiress. Hard to argue with this.

Sparkling Rose

This is a deep mauve small glitter mixed with holo hex glitter. It's a nice change of pace. I like this one a lot.

Sparkling Sand

To me this is more of a rose, and I love it. In fact there's nothing more beautiful than that soft Victorian rose. It reminds me of old prints and those older colors they used.

Sparkling Oceanspray

Gorgeous pine green glitter! Yay! I think this is one for layering, for sure! I love it.

Sparkling Stratosphere

Final entry, a beautiful sky blue. Hard to fault.

I know this has been a pretty breezy swatchfest, so these will show up again in some other manis, for sure.

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Saturday, January 30, 2016

L.A. Splash Glitters Part 1

Yet another glitter pile on!!!

L.A. Splash had come out with Golden Seahorse a few years ago and it was a pretty popular polish. I wanted it, but really wasn't sure about it, but saw multi-packs of L.A. Splash glitters in Ross and thought, well why not.

Finally getting around to blogging these. These were pretty inexpensive, but I took them out of the box a long time ago, so I don't have a price.

A few things
  • 2-3 coats each
  • no top coat
  • no special base like white, just a nude-ish thing. I did put one over navy. 
  • formula is pretty decent, no melting of base coat
  • not really full coverage glitters
Finally, I did have these all in my purge box and was going to get rid of them out of hand, but I felt like I should just gut it out and swatch them. I was pleasantly surprised.

Baby Octopus

I think this is two coats, but probably three. It's pretty sparse. It's a holo glitter with large and small sizes mixed together. As a holo topper it's not bad, but not a full coverage polish.

Golden Seahorse

Pretty turquoise green packed with gold glitter. This is three coats and I love the coverage and formula. I can see why this was a really popular, it's a perfect combination of color and glitter in one bottle.


Three coats, deep purple glitter of small and micro size. Almost complete coverage, but not entirely. I love this shade and the color makes it a win for me. 

Ocean Sparkles

Blue shimmer with a light mix of iridescent glitter.
This one was a total surprise when I put it on, I mean this is three coats and I couldn't see it doing much building, so I popped it over navy blue. 

Much better! A pretty topper, indeed. The blue shimmer really comes out. Pretty much can bung this baby over anything and get a pretty little shimmer/glitter combo.

Pretty Jellyfish

Very similar to Ocean Sparkles inasmuch as the base is a shimmer, but it's a in between that and Golden Seahorse: some better coverage, but really more of a topper. At three coats, it seems like it's job is over something else. Pretty purple and silver glitter.

Sparkling Fuchsia

Perhaps the most beautiful of the bunch. Three coats and no complaints. I love a glitter like this, I have posted about full coverage version of this, but I don't mind a back up and a more "topper" oriented polish.

More soon!

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Houndstooth Variations

Prints and retro influences are quite on point these days, and houndstooth has been quite a favorite of mine.

Fortunately BundleMonster plate BM19 has a good size for my small fingers!

OPI Bare It In Trafalgar Square stamped with Orly Opposites Attract:

I blogged Orly Opposites Attract a bit of a while ago, here, and thought it might work for a stamping polish, and OH BOY! Love at first site!
It pulls much more blue here, too.

Borghese Stellare Notte stamped with OPI Bare It In Trafalgar Square

This was was a pretty ad hoc attempt to see if the OPI would stamp, and low and behold, it did! You can see where I repaired the stamp, meaning it didn't quite reach in my application.

This reminds me of a dress I saw online:


Cover Girl white stamped with LDL/ElleElle 209

I did this one earlier and it inspired me to do the other two. I have to admit I was thoroughly surprised how beautifully this deep vamp stamped. I thought it would be dark, but it came out bright berry. Hard to not love this one.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Milani Glitters and a Bonus

A mixed bag of glitters. Hope you enjoy!

Milani Twinkle

Three coats, no top coat.
Pretty deep blue and deep purple glitters in a clear base. All over white, here, it's a vibrant jewel tone metallic glitter.

Easy to use, lovely color combination.

This is old Milani, I found this at Dollar Tree. 

Milani Blue Flash

Three coats, no top coat. Bright turquoise blue in a blue jelly.

I've put it over white, but will be lovely over a number of bright blue polishes.

Pretty metallic glitter. Found at Dollar Tree.

I've used this polish over Smitten Hydrangea here and it was a pretty amazing, so I wanted to show it alone.

I put Blue Flash as a base under NYC 235 and it turned more cobalt blue. The blue jelly really doesn't assert itself the way that you'd think.

This is one of those NYC Nail Glossies that I found at the Dollar Tree years ago.

I was going through a phase where I got rid of too many of these, but now I really cherish them. I regret getting rid of a number of them. This is one coat over one coat of Milani Blue Flash. A super simple mani with a lot of impact. 

NYC's are on eBay, but not in the Dollar Tree any longer. Might be on eCrater, Amazon, etc. They can be hard to figure out because they are numbered instead of named.

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!