Saturday, June 25, 2016

Reds That Seem Pink

Who doesn't love them?

Here is Revlon Jelly

Three coats and no top coat.

I found this at Big Lots! and really do adore it.

It's head and shoulders above my "no name" Essie (one labeled as a top coat)

Left to right:
Essie no name
Revlon Jelly
Essie no name
Revlon Jelly

Both are three coats, but there isn't enough coverage to the Essie.

Here's the Essie alone:

Pretty, but a little bit sheer.

Here is another one that I love and just wanted to reblog: Color Club Regatta Red

My photo is a wee bit dark, but this is a lovely polish: sheer, but pigmented enough to cover well. I think it's a similar shade to OPI Dutch Tulips, but I don't have that one to compare.

Of the three: Revlon is more unique, but I love color club's formula.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Green Comparison: Foils

Rustling up a few ignored greens. Reminding me of summer leaves shimmering in the sunlight.

Zoya Logan:

Logan is a glass fleck that pushes over into the foil category, so I call it a foil. It does not have the total "wall of metal" feeling of a foil, but it's pretty darn close.

Three coats and a beautiful depth that makes it a perennial favorite. I would say that if you are starting out your collection and want a great green, this is a good one. Though my photo pulls a little cooler than it is in person, there is gold glass fleck in this and it's not super shy, either.

Found on the Zoya site, you can often find they offer sales and this is a worthy polish among many on their site.

Color Club Ho-Ho-Holly

With a a slight gold undertone, this one is a true foil. Less "dark space" between the flashes of light making it a light reflecting monster. My photo doesn't do this beetle carapace green much justice, but it's a gorgeous thing, be assured.

This was from their 2012 Winter Affair collection, a full on winner, in my opinion. 

Here is a quick comparison:

Left to right:
Zoya Logan
Color Club Ho-Ho-Holly
Zoya Logan
Color Club Ho-Ho-Holly

You can see that the glass fleck pops better for Logan in this photo and how much cooler Ho-Ho-Holly is as well.

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Sunday, June 19, 2016

China Glaze's Sheer Glitter

These are turning into my favorite glitter. It's a translucent glitter that, unlike an iridescent, possesses a strong enough pigmentation that it doesn't rely on light to iridesce the color.

I've blogged one before, my beloved Heart and Soul by Whimsical Ideas By Pam (blogged here)

Then I discovered that China Glaze has one in their Spring 2016 House of Color collection.

Since that collection came out, I've had my eye on Moonlight The Night:

I've put it over a pure white and the blue, pink, and periwinkle glitters sing. I love how these transparent glitters layer and create lavenders and medium blues as well. So nice.

I didn't do this one over black for a photo, but it does look similar to the bottle: Carnival glass iridescence pops out and it is also a beauty. Over white, though, wow. This is a Tasmanian Wolf in the world of glitter. I have four different bottles of transparent glitter: two by WIbP, one by China Glaze and one by Starrily.

I wish there were more. This is an easy to use glitter, it's born to change color over other colors and it's own fellow glitter-mates, and it dries flat and is easy to remove.

Waiting for more of these, it's turning into the one glitter that turns my head!

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Friday, June 17, 2016

Zoya's Cindy and Renee

Zoya Cindy is from Zoya's Redbook collection that came out Holiday 2015.

It's a pretty gilded glass fleck packed with beautiful large iridescent glitter.

Here it is over a navy, Color Club Yacht Club, a very deep navy:

This is two coats, and the gold is almost bronze when it's over a dark shade.

I then popped it over Renee, another one from the Redbook trio.

Pretty, but not totally to my layering taste.

Recommend? With reservation: I could not get the topper to dry adequately. It just melted with every base and top coat, and didn't play well with Renee or Yacht Club. Number one job of a topper? Play well with others!

Here is Renee alone:

I love this fire engine red, it's gorgeous. Rather thick and unwieldy this two coater was tricky for me, but I think the color is so great.

It is an odd trio as you've got Marjorie - a rich glass fleck reddened plum, then Renee with its warm red, finally Cindy, which is not really great over either.

The limited edition is still on the Zoya site for sale.

I have mixed feelings about the trio. Marjorie was a winner, Renee placed, and Cindy showed. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Red, White, and Silver

Zoya Luna

Here's a very unique polish. A silver glitter in a white shimmer base.

Three coats. The white is a shimmer and it works very nicely with the silver.

Here it is over white:

Over white it is merely a silver over white and the play between the glitter and the white shimmer are gone.

My only complaint is that I couldn't get it to dry well. I find that with me, Zoya can be very hit or miss. I have no way of predicting it, either.

Here is Zoya Astra

dog hair! Ack!
This beauty is a red and silver combination in a rich ruby base.

This is a two coater, but it can do double duty as a topper, too.

Both of these are, apparently discontinued on the Zoya site. They are online, but I am not seeing a density of them. It is similar to a China Glaze Mrs. Claus from their 2010 collection, but a bit better, in my opinion.

I had no issues with this one, and definitely like the pari of colors in the jelly base.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Green Green Comparison: Glass Fleck

I know I tend to back burner green for most of the year, but I really wanted to check out some stuff I've ignored far too long.

First up is SinfulColors Kissy

Three coats and a pretty glass fleck gold in a rich emerald green jelly base. 

I found this randomly at Walgreens and have ignored it for a long time. Very pleasantly surprised.

You can see via lack of clean up, it wasn't awful, that was just me adding too much and getting a bit of pooling. I'd call it user error rather than a difficulty with the polish.

Elianto Racing Green

Three coats, again, and here the base is more of a true green, but pulls more yellow in the presence of the generous gold glass fleck. It also tips into emerald around the edges, so it isn't just a flat color, bonus!

I worked like a yeoman to get this polish, it is a Korean brand and I never did find a US seller, so I did eventually find a blog sale.

I love both colors, but I have to admit that the Elianto really has a gorgeous depth to it.

Here is a comparison:

Left to right:
SinfulColors Kissy
Elianto Racing Green
SinfulColors Kissy
Elianto Racing Green

Three coats all. 

I was going to do an either/or on keeping these, but truly it's a "both" because they are quite beautiful.

As far as finding Elianto, good luck. I see no sign of it even on eBay. Plus they are onto a new bottle design and this color is nowhere to be seen on their website (but many great colors are there and I need to try them!!!)

SC Kissy was in the core color rack at my Walgreens. I am sure it's been out there in the special displays as a color for St. Patrick's day or some other collection. It's actually a nice shade that holds up next to my beloved Elianto.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Deep Blue Sea

It's that time of year: ocean time, lake time, and in my case, river time.

I've got to admit my favorite blues are those that evoke water.

Here's a quick combo China Glaze All Wrapped Up topped with Milani Blue Flash

Deep water with glinting sunlight.


Three coats here, though! And it finishes like a texture, but it's really just a glitter on glitter.

Here is China Glaze All Wrapped Up alone:

It is like a perfect blueberry blue. Yummy!

China glaze can be found online very easily and the Milani Blue Flash on eBay, etc. Nice!

I have to say this is one of the best glitters around: Covers in 3 coats and no messing around.

While I'd call this a micro glitter, I'd say it's just normal small glitter and micro glitter. I don't think it's really a texture, though. It just does that glitter thing.

Thanks for jumping into the deep end with me! :D

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Birthday Party Balloons

Hey Sweet People!

Thanks for reading my blog. Just wanted to put that out there first.

Here is a party-on-your-nails kind of polish I really am loving right now:

Color Club For You

Color Club did a "Celebration" collection a few years ago and I picked up a few and promptly stashed them away. I admit to having trouble with a crelly/glitter combo and I pushed this finish aside in hopes that I would come back to my collection with some enthusiasm. This brought me back. It's got a heavy mix of larger/medium hex matte colors mixed with some micro glitters. I love the red/yellow/purple/blue combination. Very much a primary colors kind of thing that stands out.

I have on three coats and I didn't do any clean up. You can see that I didn't have to wrestle too hard with it, which is a big bonus on smaller nail beds.

These are still available at Head2ToeBeauty at a good price point. I know for a long while Color Club was in the $8 range, but now they run about $3.50, which is a better deal, since often I rarely want less than one!

Thanks again for reading my little nail polish journal!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Tale of Two Psychos...Green Ones

When I first started blogging dark green was a throbbing urge in most of the nail blogs. Nars Zulu had been discontinued and things like OPI Jasper Jade and other dark greens were held out as the ultimate greens.

To be had at all costs was Chelsea Psycho Green (number 666, as you can see on the bottle)

Since my camera is beginning to flake out, my skin tone is a bit washed out and this is a deeper green. It pulls yellow and definitely is a kitchen sink of oddball ingredients. There is a soft frost, some blue shimmer and if I shake the bottle I see a glitter floating around. Who knows its story. I found it on a blog sale.

I will say that I have better greens, but this is one that has a cult around it that I am not sure I don't find myself pulled into. Get me an intervention, I feel the need to worship at the feet of this green.

Formula-wise it's a handshake with the big 3, cavorting nicely with all the bad smells you can imagine. Slow to dry, but nothing a big old QDTC can't handle.

I like it, although I am not sure I adore it. 

Ironically, I found, on another blogsale, another Psycho Green by LaRosa. LaRosa is a brand that is completely unknown to me. Either a regional brand or a short lived something from the day. Maybe it was the name of the company that Chelsea turned into? I don't know. 

Meanwhile, here is Psycho Green a LaRosa:

I love this one quite a bit.

From that Nagel-esque little logo, to the dense frosty green, it's so darn 1980's, I feel myself twitching from too much electro-pulsed dance music. 

It does have a bit more of a blue shimmer throughout, but my photo isn't really great as the camera just picks its own depth of field.

Here's a comparison:

Left to right:

I don't know how two psycho greens came about, but there they are. One is more yellow leaning, the other more blue.

Online, I get a mixed bag of swatches for Chelsea's Psycho Green. Most show it as a very dark shimmer, which it is, but also as a creme. The images I see online remind me more of CND NFS, which is truly a vamp.
What I have, well, I wonder about. Fortunately it was cheap and while I don't know that some of the blue pigment hasn't broken down, now that I think about it, it seems to be a shadow of its former self.

LaRosa, now that's the mystery!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Cuccio Glitters

Cuccio is a brand I see a lot in the Nails Mag that somehow I was subscribed to last year. It's a brand whose web presence isn't out there inasmuch as it seems to target its marketing toward the salon crowd rather than the general public.

It's at a great price point, but not a cheap polish. I get mine at Nail Supplies.

I have to poke around for swatches, but they have a ton of colors and I can see how they are meeting the needs of salons whose clientele aren't into a specific color by a certain brand. 

Cuccio touts itself as selling to professionals only and is toluene and dibutyl phthalate free, although it looks like they are formaldehyde free as well. Here's a link to a random polish MSDS.

I did two coats of Cuccio over white and black.
No top coats.

Here is Cuccio Illumination over white (Cover Girl white)

This is a similar concept to the Maybelline Brocades I blogged awhile ago. Except the execution is interesting. Meaning  not quite a wall to wall dense coverage, but a sheer glass fleck that fills in the gap around the polish.

First off, my camera (Panasonic Lumix SMC-ZS15) is starting to croak. It's having a tough time focussing.  Le drag.

Back to the polish. This is a lovely royal blue packed with a blue/pink shifting glass fleck shimmer. 
To be honest my photos were terrible. The base looks yellow and over white the photo does no justice to this poor polish. It's like a disease on my nails. 

Having said that, over black, this polish becomes a real winner:

Suddenly all that sheer glass fleck blue/pink background turns into a rich shifting-to-pink cobalt and it's just luxe as all heck. 

This really floored me. Missed out on OPI Swimsuit Nailed It! and all the other similar polishes? This does double duty as a glitter topper and a rich glass fleck monster. Kind of amazed me.

I also tried out  Cuccio Chemical Attraction, a similar animal.
Here it is over white:

Here is a really amazing color. It's a gold and pink glitter packed with gold glass fleck. Wow. Better still over white it really just looks like a soft rose gold. Gorgeous.

Here it is over black:

Ironically over black I like it a lot less. Suddenly it's a random pink glitter buried in a gold shimmer glass fleck that just dominates the field and you don't get a pretty composition.

Ironic that these polishes did a flip flop over a white and black base. 

I like them both. 

Cuckoo runs, at this writing, $2.95 a bottle and since they have a lot of colors, it's like going back to the early 00's to buy polish since it's so affordable. 

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!