Sunday, December 21, 2014

Odd Duck of a Nude

Of late TJ Maxx has been putting out OPI sets of two that are renamed OPI/$OPI/NOPI polishes.

The blogger I'm A Beauty Geek did a post on it, which has helped immensely.

I have about 8 or so of these and am so grateful for the comparison. So far I only have one dupe set, and it's not the one I'm posting today.

Among my score I found an OPI called Baring it All, a nude that is pretty neutral - I love neutral nudes.

It is supposed to be a dupe of a Kim K collection NOPI polish, but mine isn't.

By the sherlockian investigation of those who have done comparisons, this should be another OPI, NOPI or Sephora's OPI line. But what? I do not have any other OPI/NOPI/$OPI nudes that are recent enough to be called a "relabeling". It could be just an odd duck, until something else shows up.

My version, which is something-but-what kind of thing ended up only being fairly close to OPI Bare It In Trafalgar Square:

Left to right:
OPI Baring It All
OPI Bare It In Trafalgar Square
OPI Baring It All
OPI Bare It In Trafalgar Square

As you can see they aren't the same.
Bare It In Trafalgar Square is a lovely pre-3-Free two coater.
Baring It All needed three coats, it is also a bit deeper and slightly more pink, but that's debatable, it's just darker.
Both worked very well and I didn't have to fuss with clean-up or dry time. Win!

Love them both, but love BIITS a tad bit better. I think only because it is a two coater, both are lovely nudes that I am very glad to have.

I do recommend buzzing on into TJ Maxx if you are looking for some OPI's at a much better deal than Drug Store prices of Sally Hansen CSM - my area it runs $7.99, ghastly price considering the formula.

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Pair of Silver Belles

Normally I use foiled silvers on a regular basis, things like the ones I blogged here.

I do have a pair of silver chromes that I wanted to try out and get blogged.

I did use a ridge filling base coat - 2 coats - beneath these. Quite unforgiving on that front.

First up is Creative Nail Design's Time Square:

This is a very old CND polish. Meaning it's a regular polish, not a long wearing one with an old school formula. Stinky, but not bad to use. Some brushstrokes. A bit touchy on try time. Not bad, but not a perfect formula. 

I wanted to try it out for stamping - in the hope that my guess that this would be a great stamping polish. (Despite my skills!)

It was pretty awesome. Laid down perfectly with a very good coverage. I missed a section, it wasn't the polish, it was me.  

This guy has been permanently added to my stamping polishes. 

Next up is China Glaze Millenium: (my autocorrect if duking it out with the China Glaze spelling of this polish)

Three coats. China Glaze did a Krome collection back in 2009 that kicked much butt. It was apparently discontinued, but I still pick up one or two now and again if I find them. This really pops. Love it!

I love this polish. I have Maybelline Mirror Image, which is also great, but this one is really nice, too.

No complaints at all. 

I then used it as a stamping polish.

I found that it adhered to the stamper a bit when I laid down the design onto my nails. I am not sure if this is my stamper (a soft one) or my prep of my nails. It seemed as though it dried very fast and became a little plastic-y, so it was less forgiving. 

I will keep this one as a regular polish for now, mainly because it's quite gorgeous on its own.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Sparitual Mood

I love gray polishes. I've got over 30 separate shades of gray. (snicker)

Here is one that is very warm and has been classified as a brown, but when I swatched it, it feel firmly into the gray category.

Here is Sparitual Mood

Excuse the fingerprint, I just noticed it as I edited the photo. Argh!

I feel like this dried a little slow, but the finish is a stone shaded metallic shimmer, and I like shimmers, so I kind of forgave it. We'll see how long the love lasts.

As I recall, it wore very well for the two solid days of wear, and I have no complaints. 

The smudge just drives me crazy! 

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Rescue Beauty Lounge Swatches Part 2 of 2

I'm back with the rest of the Rescue Beauty Swatches!

First up is Locavore:

Gorgeous green glitter with multiple shades of green, purple and blue.

Three coats cover and truly a unique glitter in my collection. 


On the other end of the green spectrum, there's Turn it Around:

Deep pea soup green loaded with pink coral glass fleck glitter particles. 

It's a three coater, but quite a lovely polish because the warm pink pairs beautifully with the green base. 

This might be an acquired taste because of the green, but if you like the green it's a nice addition.

Finally, Piu' Mosso:

This is a tough one. I love it a lot. Mainly because it's navy with a wonderful copper shimmer that peeks through in some light.

It's also a bit hard to see it on the nail in comparison to how exuberant it is in the bottle (glitter/shimmers seem to stick to the edge of the bottle and drive me crazy because it's often hard to recreate that look).

Still, it's a favorite of mine. Love it!

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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Rescue Beauty Lounge Swatches Part 1 of 2

Last year I bought a bunch of Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes on their big $9 sale.

For some reason this year they didn't have the big one. I really love the colors I have, was hoping to get more.

This year, on December 8 through the 12th, there is a 30% off gift card available to purchase. This means that a $20 bottle of polish is a $14 bottle when you buy it with your gift card. I kind of wish they'd have that $9 sale again! That was epic. 
The gift card does help, though.

No affiliation, no one is sending me polish to review,  these are my own purchases. 

I am debating about the gift card. If you are thinking about it, I thought a few swatches would be helpful.

I'll post the rest pretty soon.

First up a pretty unique polish, Black Russian:

Densely packed red glitter and shimmer in a black base. It never devolves to total blackness, but the red is a really nice, deep one, so it doesn't look like a holiday type of polish. 

Three coats.  No top coat.

I have an LED light that causes the speckle effect, it's not texture on the surface of the nail.

The hardest to photograph, but quite a gorgeous polish, Lotus Elise:

Three solid coats of luxe glass fleck glitters in a rich strawberry red jelly base. What I could not capture was the pink, purple, red, and amber shades of glitter. 

I might be able to muscle through a layering to recreate this polish, but it is a gorgeous polish. Striking.

Finally, my favorite, Pause:

Two coats. No top coat.

Super saturated purple with a luscious pink shimmer. 

Really my favorite purple. Hard to fault. I adore this one a lot. 

More quite soon.

Ever since the beginning of November, my cuticles have been a riotous hot mess, despite extensive moisturizing. Argh!

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Part 2 of the China Glaze Magnetix II Swatch-athon and Stamping!

Here we are, Part 2!!

I've had an urge to stamp. I still wouldn't toot my horn as a stamping blogger, but I wanted to stop doing one thing: casually mentioning that polish would be perfect for stamping without stamping with it! Never again!

That's just lazy "if so, then" thinking. 

Empirical is it for stamping.

So I have the set of densely packed Magnetix II by China Glaze and I thought I better have my way with them before I actually started to pack on assumptions about them.

First I tried them over white polish.

I honestly had the worst time with the large-area stamps. Like the ring finger above, I had to wrestle to get them off the stamper.

Gold Fusion and Positively in Love were the easiest and had the best coverage, followed by Get Charged and Con-Fused in equal measure. Finally Sparks Will Fly and Bond-Tastic brought up the rear. 

My stamper is a squishy silicone one that I got in an old "stamping machine" set at Ross years ago. It fits in place of the rubber one on my Konad stamper. I kind of wonder if I need the rubber stamper instead? These seemed to dry very fast, which made actual adhesion to the nail a challenge. 

Patience was tried. I repainted my nails many a time to get a new base, then I'd flummox a stamp because it would not stick.

All my assertions to myself about how great these would be as stamping polishes flew out the window. 

Next I did a skittle or two of the Magnetix to see if they'd show up over their own darker colors.

See how much like peacock Sparks Will Fly looks? So much for purple shift!

Again, Gold Fusion comes out on top. Get Charged did a decent job, but Positively in Love didn't really stamp well at all. Con-fused and Sparks Will Fly did ok, though wasn't a real win. Bond-Tastic, well, not a lot of "tastic" to it, in fact. 

So. I humbly retract all "I'm so smart" assertions about stamping polishes.

I admit I 50% bought this pack because I had stamped with an Essence magnetic polish in the past it had been so good. 

I think the lesson here is that some do a great job and some don't. 

I will be working on a page of stamping polishes and adding samples. It's a work in progress, but helpful I hope.

As far as the China Glaze Magnetix go, they are not even on the China Glaze web site, so they must have been a limited edition.  Personally I won't be hunting down the first iteration. 

These polishes can still be found around the web ranging from just over $2 to just under $10.  

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Part 1 of a China Glaze Magnetix II Swatch-athon and Stamping Sampling

Hi sweet people!

Mea culpa on the hiatus, I sure didn't plan it. Life is a changing thing and unfortunately the blog fell to the back of the list on too many days.

I found China Glaze Magnetix (II apparently, I did not know there was a I) at Ross as a fluke many months ago, perhaps even a year.
Here's the box:

As I've just finished putting together Helmer number 5 (hoping to unload a Melmer that just drives me crazy) I am buying a lot less.

So this is part of my main goal: swatching!

If you've read my blog, I've been pretty free and easy supporting one coaters as a potential stamping polish. I've changed my policy: not until I've stamped with them will I go down that garden path again.

First the polishes, then the stamping.

Some basics:

  • No top coats
  • All are two coats
  • Some have a bit of a frost to them
  • None are magnetized. Homey don't play that way. ;]


Beautiful terra cotta shade. I have a couple of similar shades, I love these, very retro.

That silvery sheen of frost helps make it pop. Otherwise this would be a fairly bland creme.

Dense, easy to apply.

Gold Fusion

Rich metallic gold. I feel a gold comparison coming on because this does remind me of Color Club's Golden Girl from their Haute Browns collection, link here.

Dense, pretty easy to manipulate. Dried to a satin finish.

The pinkie looks darker, but it's only due to a shadow.

Get Charged

Another rather modern shade of purple. Understated, very demure. Silvery frost like Bond-Tastic.

This wasn't as tight as Gold Fusion or Bond-Tastic, but it was actually not impossible. I did do cleanup on this one, though.

In the same family of purples as Dior Silver Purple and Maybelline Purple Rage, blogged here.


I really love the color of this one, but it was a bit patchy, even at two coats. Brushstrokes abound, too.

Though it covered in two coats, a third would definitely have helped.

I don't hate it, who hates green? I sure don't!

Sparks Will Fly

Pretty medium blue that goes into the teal/peacock realm in warmer light.

In the bottle there really was a color shift, it was one of the reasons I picked up the set. But alas, there is nothing on the nail.

Bit of a brushstroke shimmer. Not very memorable on the nail. It was a let down for me.

Positively In Love

In keeping with the electric theme, they added a gorgeous electric purple. It's my favorite in the bunch.

A bit loose, but not bad, but the payoff is great.  Very metallic. Like the rest, it turns more satin-y when I don't top coat it.

This is the end of part one, part two real soon!!

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Rubies Rushing In

Insta Dri comes out with some cute stuff. I don't do the drug store polish thing as much any more. I do love the way they do some nice limited edition colors in this line. I grab them when I can because Insta Dri is the ONE Sally Hansen line that rings my bell.

The formula is really nice, a wee bit thick, but the stuff dries. No fuss, no muss.

We just won't talk about that brush. ;D

Here is Insta Dri Ruby Rush

Gorgeous. Rich and fabulous.

These red leaning purples capture my heart.

Truly, Madly, Deeply.

Three coats. Found on a display in Rite Aid. Snip snap. It was mine!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Green Sandwich

Change of pace.

Here's a sandwich for you.

Going Green by Sally Hansen in her Xtreme Wear line is quite disarmingly lovely. It's a bold kelly green with a faint blue shimmer. It is, however, somewhat sheer, and I don't often go for it when I think of green. Additionally I find it slow-ish to dry on me. 

What to do with a sheer that is not really a topper? Make a glitter sandwich! I put it together with Revlon Blue Mosaic.

Two coats of Going Green, then a coat of Blue Mosaic, then more Going Green, glitter again, then finally the Sally Hansen. 

In the future I'd put a base of a green creme beneath it to loose the darkness that creeps in, but I like how the glitter changes from generic metallic glitter into pale green and blue glitter.

Since Revlon's Blue Mosaic is somewhat sheer, it can make a lot of coats without getting bulky.

It was a bit tweaky to get dry, but it worked out fine in the end. 

Here's the bottle shot.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Non-Magnetized Magnetic

I've got a Sally Hansen Magnetic polish from a limited edition run that was really something that fell off my radar as soon as it came out.
Magnetic polishes just aren't my win, except this one is.

Really a beautiful beet purple metallic shimmer. somewhat brushstrokey,  but overall it's about a two coater.

It's called Red-y Response, but it's not really red. I will admit that it is pulling a bit blue in my photos, but not dramatically so. 

I plan on using it for stamping, too. It's one of those great finds. That has multiple uses.

I have to say that it's quite a lovely polish. 

This is now pretty much gone. It was last seen in my burg in a discount bin at my local Shopko. This one was given to me by a client who thanked me for some work I did for him. Nice!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!