Monday, May 23, 2016

Blue, Blue, Blue

L.A. Colors is all over the Dollar Tree right now. Not sure why, but while I will say that it's underrated, it's definitely on task for putting out some timely colors.

Food for thought: I have an E.L.F. periwinkle/violet that I blogged here, and I found a stone cold dupe at the Dollar Tree in an L.A. Colors bottle. Things that make you go hmmmmm.


Here's an oldie that I think I've worn before, a no name medium blue that has green or peacock undertones topped with what I thought I'd blogged before: Revlon Glimmer Gloss Blueberry Burst.

I know I've posted some of these Revlon Glimmer Glosses. They predate a lot of the toppers that were out when I first started in polish and was pretty excited to find them.

I also see that this one, despite three coats, is pretty sparse. 

Most of these are good enough to add a great topping layer. It's kind of a let down, but if you are looking for a scant accent color in lieu of something mixed into he polish itself, this is a good one.

Of the Glimmer Glosses, this is the one with the least glass fleck. They tint very lightly, and in deeper shades like this the base vanishes.

I think you can still round them up on eBay.

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Friday, May 20, 2016

Layering Green over Blue

I wore Arcane Lacquer's Comfortable Liar again (blogged here) and ended up wearing it as a base for layering.
It's a sheer with a holographic scattering, but tending toward the "too sheer, needs a base" category, which I don't mind, but at times it just means more categorization in the old stash.

I love the shade, it's that shade of blurple that is my weakness.

I topped it with two things: Pure Ice Heart Breaker (the newer version, which does have a blue/green shift, but less of that intense green shimmer that seems to pop) and an old Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear that is also a limey green.

My result is a poor man's Femme Fatale...

I love how the green shimmer over the violet blue base performs little shimmery games. Here, then gone, then HERE again.

Here you can see a bit of the holo popping out on my index:

At this writing, Arcane Lacquer is closing its doors.

Quite a sade day in the land of indie polishes when one shuts its doors.

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Simple Lavender Pinks

I've been pleasantly surprised by Maybelline Color Show polishes. I often pick them up at the Dollar Tree or Big Lots, but occasionally I grab one at the drug store.

Maybelline Ultra Violet

This one is from the Dollar tree, but it's a pretty bright lavender pink that covers well in two coats.

They call it a "bleached neon" and I don't know when this collection came out, but I figure a spring or summer outing.

I really love this one. Very impressive.

I compared it to IBD's Cashmere Cutie

Left to right:
Maybelline Ultra Violet
IBD Cashmere Cutie
Maybelline Ultra Violet
IBD Cashmere Cutie

All are three coats, but two will do.

I think the IBD is a very nice polish, but dries a little bit more satin-like than the very glossy Maybelline..

I found IBD online at Nail Supplies and tried out a couple of bottles. This is a good formula. Worth looking into as it runs about the same as Maybelline when you factor in shipping. Since there aren't a ton of swatches and IBD is more known for its gel polishes, it doesn't have the swatches out there.

Though it seems like I am, I don't have to work too hard to tell you that it is a good brand and I've been pleasantly surprised by the ones I've tried.

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Mauve Pinks

Here are a pair that I haven't worn in a long time and when I took this photo my nails were nice and long.

I think a mauve pink creme is so pretty and ladylike.

I think I blogged these before, but needed a little bit of a redo.

Here's Essie Neo Whimsical

It's one of my favorites from the Essie Art of Spring collection from about 2010.

It's a three coater for sure and was pretty a soft lavender rose creme.

I feel like I need a teacup and a crumpet when I wear it.

Not hard to find online, which is good. It's a soft mauve staple.

Orly Lollipop

A bit more coverage and a bit more of lavender leaning. Three coats again.

Pretty easy to find online, too!

Of the two, I definitely recommend the Orly. Better formula and for the price you get more polish!

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Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Eye of the Steed

When Bundle Monster came out with their big animal series last year, I was pretty excited by one plate: S152.

It had two animals I adore: horses and pugs.

I have small nail beds and I just knew the images would bee too large. Ah well.

Worked it out somehow....

I used China Glaze Recycle for the base and an old Sally Hansen Dollar Tree find Pat on the Black as the stamping polish.

I love how the eye cam out, though I will post more horse related stamping (the highs and lows), this one is magnificent.

I used my clear stamper for placement, which really helped a lot.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Red and Gray, Part 2

Back to the red and gray theme.

I love the combo because it reminds me of the 1950's.

OPI Athletes in Cletes, three coats no top coat.

I love this popping red chock-a-block with silvery shimmer.

Reminds me of a summer day at a triple A game.  I love it. It's a true red so it is very neutral.

Here it is stamped with American Apparel Factory Gray.

I used Pueen Leisure Buffet collection's plate 87.

I love the little bows.

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Monday, May 2, 2016

Red and Gray Part 1

Here are a pair of red shimmers and a pair of gray glitters.

First up is OPI Ro-Man-ce on the Moon

Deep red shimmer. Three coats and no top coat.

I took this with a a flash and it brings up the pink shimmer that is quite beautiful. It has a luminous quality for a shimmer that almost looks metallic.

I love the depth.

Ro-Man-ce The Moon is from OPI's Starlight collection, their holiday 2015 collection. Packed with interesting polishes, the reds seemed to be the standout, ironically.

Should still be on Nailsupplies, eBay, etc. I found mine at TJMaxx.

Here it is with Milani Silver Dazzle


Here is Milani Silver Dazzle alone:

Silver Dazzle is from the Milani One Coat glitters they put out a few years ago.

Long discontinued, these are dense glitters that are excellent for full coverage. They have texture, but glitter texture, not proper texture like the trend.

I found mine at the Dollar Tree, but I am seeing them on eBay. Worth getting.

Wanted to throw in another gray glitter, NYX CN244, a gray glitter, as an accent:

Ro-Man-ce on The Moon again. I have to admit I love the combo.

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Purple Jelly Comparison

Here are a pair that have been in my drawers for far too long, so I played around with them to see what I would find.

Verity Deep Violet and New York Summer Hot Purple.

Both have been the standard bearer for jellies for a long time. Now that Essie, OPI and others have trotted out some sheers like this, I think it's time I swatched these. I did find a few of the ones from OPI and Essie at T.J. Maxx, so I will try those out later on, but these have proven to be rather good polishes.

Some things: no top coat, nude base unless otherwise mentioned.

Let's start with Verity Deep Violet

This is four coats, although normally I grouse at four coats, I have zero grousing going on now: it is a great polish. It did build and it did go on with a good uniformity, which is my major "break-up" point with sheer jellies.

I love this baby. I also love the deep magenta leaning violet. No top coat and all shine. Greatness.

Here it is alternatively layered with three coats over a silver (I used Milani Art of Silver, a striper polish) :

I would say that it just wins so hard it's difficult to find a problem. I couldn't.

New York Summer Hot Purple

A much more true purple that is a tad bit more sheer. This is four coats and you can see on my middle finger that I blobbed a little extra on the corner and it darkened it. I think in general these are less forgiving of errors, so be aware.

Still, hard to fault. Very gorgeous.

Here it is layered over the same Milani silver glitter:

This is two coats, not three as I'd thought, and it really brightens up into a beautiful purple. I will add that this photo is a wee bit light and the polish pulls a touch blue in my photos, but not considerably so.

So I wanted to compare them side by side, because they aren't hugely far apart in person as they look on camera:

I blobbed them alternatively on my nails and you can see that the major difference is that one is purple and one is a red violet shade.

Finally I did alternating layers over silver:

You can see where the combo really does work out well.

I want to add another thing: I wore this manicure for a solid week of really using my hands to do things like pick up coins, groom my horse, etc, and it wore like iron. Seriously better than my CND Vinylux top coat! I was really surprised.

I will peek at the OPI Color Paints I've been acquiring, but these do stand on their own.

I found mine online at Transdesign, aka Nail Supplies. I think they are stellar polishes.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Spring Sunsets

The sunsets in spring, a friend once said to me, are done by Impressionists. I agree. 

Nothing shy about them around here: spring rains come and go and the light is clear and fresh as colors descend into night after a vibrant show.

Zoya Zara has been blogged (here), but needed another outing with a favorite flakie of mine, Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. 

The gold from Zara and the gold/red shift of Hidden Treasure, remind me of an evening sky.

Three coats Zara and two of Hidden Treasure.

I have to admit, I love this combination. Zara holds up its end of the work, too. That purple sings against the contrasting warmer tones.

Much love here.

Zara is available on Zoya. Hidden Treasure is on eBay for a fairly high price, but there are some dupes, I will work on a post on that pretty soon.

Meanwhile, spring is here and those of us above the 45th parallel love the stretching out of days and long evenings.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Pair of Fun Blues

I have to say, tapping into the blue drawer has been really fun.

Here are a pair that need an outing.

Orly Blue Collar

Three coats, no top coat.
Still available through Orly's site, this pretty light blue creme may appear to show ridges, but it's just my lighting reflecting the vertical lines.
A thick formula that isn't too thick at all, just enough to level out and perform the number one job a creme should do: cover beautifully.
I love this polish and it's a success story.

China Glaze Sunday Sunday

A rich blue that pulls a little bit more into the turquoise family, though I don't really call it a turquoise.
Three coats, no top coat.
I think this is a pretty nice formula, too. I don't think it's as thick as the Orly, but it does the job.
I can't complain!
This polish is on China Glaze's site, so it's still easy to find.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!