Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Richness in Humble Places

I notice now that the indie world, which I seem to be turning my head toward a lot these days, emulates things that I've made in the past by layering.

I will be trying to do more of that these days since I am maxing out on polish.

Here is a pair of old and probably so obscure I couldn't begin to tell you where to find them!

Super Professional 128 topped with a Borghese No Name mini glitter

I love the holiday feel, and I am feeling it hard this year. Major progressive changes have given me hope, and I know that there is very much more that will happen.

In the mean time, the Super Professional is probably rotting in land fills across the globe and nothing emerged after several searches. I gave away one bottle, a secret regret!

The Borghese is from the mini set I got about 6 years ago (wow!), check it out here.

I have all of these little gems, except one, and I love these a lot.
While there is a lot of Borghese on Ebay and the like, there isn't a glitter like this. Ironically two of the other minis have a not-so-mini, so why wasn't there a big ol' bottle of this jewel tone blue, fuchsia, and gold delight? Who knows.

I don't have anything similar, which is a real bummer, this is gorgeous!!

Ok, enough gushing. Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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