Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Finger Paints Easel-y Entertained

If there is one thing I really like, it's small size, dense glitter.

Here's a quickie and an oldie, but perfect for the holiday season.

I am always behind the curve with holiday stuff, but this one seems like it could work through all the fall ones, and into any winter stuff you have in mind.

Finger Paints Easel-y Entertained

Purchased ages ago, this pretty little glitter is a very good example of just how imperfectly I sometimes do this.

It's over an older many and just not even a tight, crisp set of edges, moisturized cuticles, etc. Just a janky paint-over of something I can't even remember what I was wearing.

The plus side, this does cover.

The downside, it's no longer on the Sally Beauty site.

I am not really a regular Sally shopper, so I don't keep up with their stuff. On the odd occasion if I'm in the area I will mosey on over to see if there is a sale.

I love the deep royal purple and the glittery goodness, and that's a face.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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