Monday, February 20, 2012

A Borghese Bit of Flotsom

I think I picked this set up on sale at Rite Aid or Ross, not sure which.

It's Holiday 2010 and I've wanted to swatch it for ages and ages, but keep putting it on the back burner.

I generally pull many polishes out for swatching and put them aside. Sometimes I will get an idea for a comparison, and pull out those polishes, or like the Mashups, just start putting polishes together visually. This one kept falling to the back of the list.

The packaging has no labeling, so I don't have names, but I recall these from 2010, though not all the names.

These are tiny Borghese heart shaped bottles and have the fabulous Borghese brush, albeit in miniature!

To the swatches!

An unusual glitter, by glitter standards. A deep walnut colored jelly base with scattered silver, black and red glitter. I kind of like it's singular quality to add Espresso to the pantheon of glitter polish, don't have it, kind of love it!
This is three coats, though, and as a layering type of polish I'd limit it to the same color family: brown, maroon, charcoal/brown gray, etc. Who knows, though, how it would play over burgundy?
I don't know the name of this one, though, I know it was out on a Borghese display at some point.

This one is easily recognizable as Stellare Notte. It is a gray base that has shimmer which shifts from green to magenta. Very beautiful. I believe it's in the Borghese main display and was not a limited edition.
Three coats and pretty similar to Misa's It's You!, though I think this is a little bit more of a neutral gray. I have both and didn't swatch a comp because I after I did this swatch session, I sat down and reorganized my gray polish and saw that SN and IY! are right next to each other in the drawer! The weird part is that I had one bottle in the gray and one in the purple....too many back ups I feel at this point!

A very beautiful multi-color small glitter. Pretty evenly weighted in red, gold, silver, blue, but extra doses of red, fuchsia and magenta, turning it into a pink glitter.
I think this is three coats and it's completely a topcoat glitter, I looks dense in the bottle, but takes a while to get anywhere with layers.
I might reblog this one over some other colors, it's a really great glitter, I love the combo and it predates a bunch of multi-glitters that hit in 2011.
Bottom line: it cries out to be in a mashup!

This is Bella Berry
****End Update****  ;)
Best for last? or...Why don't I have this in a large bottle?
I believe this is Carnivale Grape (Grappa?) and I do think it's a staple in the main Borghese line, but, I could be wrong. (And here's why: Borghese is $8 a bottle and whenever I stroll into the drug store that carries it, I rarely give the display a glance, it's usually out of my reach at the time I'm shopping and I kind of ignore it because I figure I can always get it later....hmmm....maybe I need to keep an eye on Borghese  a little more)
Two coats and a gorgeous rich grape shimmer. Unable to fault this one, I can only say if this were an Essie/OPI/China Glaze, etc, it would be so absolutely a hot item on the list of those recommending purple shimmers.

OK, so that's that little set. I will say that Stellare Notte is kind of a let down, especially since the Misa is so fabulous.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Ooh, that first one is lovely, and the third lookks like it's just itching to be frankened, lol!

  2. I hear you on the franken!
    I know the first one is so interesting for a glitter, too!

  3. I don't think that's Stellare Notte. My SN is a forest green/violet duochrome, and that looks like a bluish gray shimmer with a bit of violet duochrome? I wish they labeled them because I'd like to know what these are!

  4. I actually have two other bottles I found at Ross, and I am sure about that one.
    It's a gray base, with the magenta/green shift.

    I also need to research to figure out what they are.


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