Sunday, September 30, 2012

Color Club Alter Ego Part 1 of 4

Alter Ego is among the last handful of complete Color Club collections that Ross carried.

Like Dollar Tree goodness, Ross goodness seems to be a thing of the past. They still have Cosmetic Arts, repackaged, unlabeled Color Club polishes. Great if you know the colors, but not great if you don't and you either pick up a dupe or pick up a dud.

I am mostly blogging these to get them blogged, but I am as not overly giddy over many of these, but I am working on getting them blogged.

I know, joy, joy, joy.

My hands have been the hottest mess they've been in a while, so mea culpa. I'm re-examining my routine.
Broke four nails in one day, cuticles seem to defy the current crop of hand creams, and I can't get ahead of raggedy skin.

Looking back on some old photos, I know it's not an impossibility. So, I'm looking at drinking more water, taking more vitamins, upgrading moisturizers, etc.

So here are three of the pastels.
All of these are without topcoat and under lamp light.

Secret Rendezvous is a creme, pale lavender, tinted into the blue realm, but solidly in the purple family.
Pale, soft, gentle.
Three coats.

Get a Clue is a pink creme that is somewhat warm, but rather in the same vein of softness.
Three coats.
I feel like nearly every collection I have gotten from CC, they have a pink like this.

Pale latte. Rather, a nude.
A terrible formula, this may actually be 5 coats, but for sure it's four.
I think there are better nudes to be found.

I will finish this set out, and there are some fabulous polishes in it, but it reminds me that I'm glad sets aren't so abundant, too much redundancy, too many duds.

Well, of course with the Halo set coming out, the timing kind of stinks on that point!

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