Friday, September 9, 2016

Golden Rose Reblog

I wanted to reblog a pair of polishes that made me frustrated when I first worked with them here. Pretty poor formula was my experience.

Perhaps, though, this is a moot point, as GoldenRose's USA site is impossible to navigate to w/o a weird redirect, although their Facebook page is front and center.


GoldenRose 119

I've since let it evaporate a bit and thinned it with OPI thinner.
This process means I leave it uncapped anywhere from a few hours to a few days. It also requires nice weather. So, it definitely is a summer activity! Sometimes I thin just with thinner, other times I add a clear polish. This was a quick evaporation project.

OPI thinner is a low-ingredient-count thinner that has been a true stand-by for me.

This is two coats over black. Pure and simple: love it!  Taken under bright sunshine, as it favors only sun and doesn't play well under lamps.

Scattered holo over black = yummy!!!

GoldenRose 102

Same concept, evaporated and thinned.

Three coats alone. Mercilessly requiring sun, and even then just playing the innocent "who me? holo? what?"

I can't tell if this is a silvery lavender or a whitish blue. Still, very nice!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Interesting that evaporation and thinning can change formula for the better; I'd think it would be one or the other, not both, that was needed.

    1. When I evaporate it seems like it pulls more than just solvents. So if I get it evaporated down a bit I do need to add some thinner and sometimes clear polish.

      It's like in lab we used acetone to evaporate the water off the glass after we cleaned it b/c it dried much faster, so the water made a hydrogen bond w/the acetone and was pulled out.

      I kind of think the thinner's for loose bonds with other things in the polish, too.

      It seems to help some polishes, others, not as much.


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