Sunday, July 14, 2013

Golden Rose Holo Pair: 119 and 102

Golden Rose is a European brand that has an online USA footprint. They also have very affordable polishes.

I am going to admit that I hate the formula of the two polishes I have below.

First up is Golden Rose 102

Having said I hate the formula, I do admit that I am one of the few holo aficionados that adores a scattered holo. This is a good one.

Tiny 6 mL bottle means that one manicure finishes up about 1/5th of the bottle easily.

Gorgeous holo, very fine, but scattered.

This isn't a silver, but a pale powder blue.

Three, possibly four, coats here.  I'll discuss formula at the end.

Next is Golden Rose 119

More scattered holo in a smokey black base. Very lovely.

Three coats.

On to the formula. Every single Golden Rose polish I have seems to have a very sharp stinky 3-Free type of formula. I really have to love the color to put up with the smell. It's sharper than Kleancolor, but in that realm.

The worst part of the formula is that it really just is too thick and will not dry. I put a top coat on each and in every case I was rewarded with the same thing: sleek candy shell over a gooey mess below.

So, I took my bottles (yes, I have two of each) and dumped them into larger old Sally Hansen Salon bottles and thinned the bejeebus out of them. I feel they will be in realm of top coats. I managed to get 102 to dry after a spell and decided to keep it on as a manicure, so I didn't swatch the results.

Drying 102 entailed holding my fingers about 1/2" away from the bulb of my OttLite (registered trademark, because who wouldn't enjoy spelling "light" like "lite"!) for many minutes. Like curing a car paint job under heat lights.

Really not fun. I was pretty much done with the brand.

These Golden Rose Holos come in now discontinued square bottles. Their GoldenRoseUsa site seems to have some very retro tall slim handled bottles with holos. I can't speak for the formula of those, but I won't be expanding my GR collection any time soon.

Generally it takes one craptacular formula to get me to pan a polish, and though many attribute it to chemistry between base coat/polish/body I just don't have the energy to figure out why a fail is a fail. This is why you will never really see much Golden Rose or Kleancolor any more on my blog. I can not make it work.

OK, you may see GR again and one KC. I have that diluted pair of bottles and I am going to try them, plus I have one old KC that smells like normal polish (crazy!)

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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