Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Heart of the Fire

So, glass fleck. It seems to be an ongoing theme for me. I love this finish. The shimmer payoff is quite high compared to the more fine-particle ones that seemed to predominate before.

I have two stellar gems that are just heavenly.

Hard Candy Lava

Older Hard Candy found on eBay in a large lot. 

This photo is with a flash, and although the quality isn't super tight, it captures the deep red orange shade and intense glass fleck. I know that I didn't expect this polish to have such oomph. If you like color, as I do, you will enjoy this. This shade is remarkable. It's gorgeous.

Two coats, no top coat, much win.

Colors By Llarowe Shot Through The Heart

Awhile ago I did a post about a Revlon polish called Rose Ablaze, blogged here.

I love rose shades. This is no different.

Beautiful rose pink that leans a bit coral thanks to the mass of gold fleck in the mix It can look more orange in the bottle, but once on the nail it shows more of a rose shade.

This photo is taken with a flash and I think it cools down a bit with my flash, but of all the photos I took, this really shows the glass fleck off the best.

It's such a win. I am not sure when it came out, but I am so glad I found it. I think it was a limited edition, but beyond that, I can't recall. Meanwhile, it's unmatched.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. I think after holo, glass fleck is my next face. I keep buying it in the same colors...and I made a point to buy all the Sally Hansen HD glass flecks I could find...love!!!


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