Thursday, September 17, 2015

Intarsia or Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Lose

I wanted to make sure that as I post along on my nail blog and grow into doing more nail art one thing is clear: try and try again.

Using Pueen plate 11 from their Sumptuous Elements collection, I wanted to use the intarsia pattern alternating a navy and tan.

Yes. Well.

Ups and downs. 

I love the pattern, and it reminds me of a knitted sweater. 

I thought Borghese Plumaggio Purple, aka navy, would have enough oomph to cover, but it doesn't. Neither does Sally Hansen's Snappy Creme. 

In the end it falls under learning curve. I think the plate and pattern were very much a win, but the stamping polishes aren't that: stamping polishes. 


Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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