Sunday, September 13, 2015

Autumnal Plums

It's that time of year: shorter days, school bells ringing, that urge to bundle up against bracing winds.

I love this time of year, a whole lot. 

Here are two plummy purples that are unusual, but real winners.

Guppy 64

Two coats, but just as gorgeous one coater. No top coat.

The deep black base with a silvery glass fleck and metallic purple shimmer that turns into this pink shimmer. It is dark, but when it hits the bright light you get this. Normally it looks much more like my pinkie finger, so this also can work as a solid base for a lot of other things.

I got this ages ago on eBay in a pack that was full of broken polishes and I've not tried this one, thinking I had. It's a very nice, dense formula. Not a super fast drying polish, but a top coat solved the problem.

I can't find any Guppy polish on eBay, or much around the web, but I do see that 64 was pretty popular for a time and I must have seen it around the blogosphere.

Seche Nostalgic

To quote the late, great Joan Rivers, can we talk?

I  adore this polish! Two easy coats, soft violet and pink shimmers that turned up this foil from "yawn, yet another foil" into a real winner.

Made by the same company that makes the famed Seche Vite (I've never used it as a top coat), it seems like they get it when it comes to formula: dries fast, easy to use, great coverage.

I purchased a handful of these through Head2Toe awhile ago and never got around to swatching. I love this finish, the intense purple and it's formula stands up next to my favorite formulas. 

It was a lark, I wanted to try these and at $4 a bottle they kick drug store over-jacked polishes like SH CSM to the curb. Highly recommend!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Excellent purples, not familiar with the first brand.

    Yeah I felt SH CSM was too expensive. I only started buying several of them as they are now pushing the gel version..bah. I have a lot of polish, so I don't need it to last on my nails for days upon weeks .. LOL!


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