Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Mermaid Made Pretty

So, I'm not a big follower of the drug store action.

Was on a long road trip down to the BLM's Oregon Trail Interpretive Center in Baker City (worth the visit (<--link here, you can actually see wagon train ruts in the ground!) and stopped into a Rite Aid in Milton Freewater, OR. It's a small, rural, quiet little farming 'burg, but they seem to have a magical Rite Aid with a gigantic cosmetics department. I browsed around and found a Bonita display.

Normally I see very little Bonita at my own Rite Aid, but I do see - and have purchased - larger 6 packs of Bonita at Ross. Not a bad little brand. I wonder who makes it, I can't tell from the packaging, but it's really good stuff.
OK, let me qualify "good stuff" because I tend to throw out superlatives a lot. It's always easy to work with, it covers well, and dries with a quick dry top coat easily enough. I am not a super fussy polisher. I've got a Verilux lamp that I use for lighting, but the compact fluorescent bulb kicks out enough heat to use it as an assist to drying slow polishes. Meanwhile, when I hit on a one coater, a fast drier, or something that doesn't flood my cuticles I'm happy. Goodness I sound like a cheap date.

Here's Bonita Starry Night:

It is a one coat beauty. I was pleasantly surprised. 
This one is a deep petrol blue or peacock blue. It has a holo that scatters here and there, but there is also shimmer that is quite lovely, but it does cover up some of the holos. No real complaints, it's a gorgeous polish.

This is without a topcoat.

After a couple days I decided to top it off with an oldie, Mermaid in the Shade.

I blogged about it here, and a kind person sussed out what it was (in it's poor unlabeled bottle).

Here it is over Bonita Starry Night:

No top coat, you can see the texture somewhat through, but the color is the right base for Mermaid in the Shade and it makes me love this polish when I was about to purge. Nice!
Love it!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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