Saturday, March 14, 2015

Spring Is In The Air

Everywhere I look around.

Yes, it's here, early. Actually we never really had much in the way of winter around here. 

Meanwhile I felt the urge to push forward with a little more stamping. 

A few things first: somehow I found a super squishy stamper, this has made a HUGE difference in applying the stamps. It was one that came with something, I don't know what, I think an Essence. 

First up here is New York Color Palm on the Beach:

Very bright parrot green that seems to have gone a bit diffused thanks to my camera. Quick note about the formula, NYC in these little tapered bottles never lets me down. Love the formula. I purchased this at the Dollar Tree and was from the 2014 summer collection. It's a beautiful, intense green with a faultless formula.

On to the gradient and stamping!

I used this and Sally Hansen Marble Creme to make a little nail gradient for my stamping base. SH Marble Creme looks blue by comparison.

I used a homemade version of Liquid Palisade. The recipe was tweaked by Ravenclaws on MUA, but masking fluids have been around the blogosphere for a bit of a while. From tape, to liquid latex, etc.

I used an empty Sephora by OPI bottle (a crackle gone wrong) and it filled with glue and some 91% alcohol. This was not quite enough. I think the alcohol has the same kinds of functional groups as water - OH - so they don't help with evaporation.

 Thanks to Ravenclaws, I added nail polish to 1) help it dry and 2) help see it on your skin - she added a gel food coloring, but I think that would have been a challenge on my skin, so I picked a pink polish. It's still hard to see, but I think it's a game changing element in stamping, gradients, and especially marbling!

Here is a photo of me taking it off:

No, I didn't use my teeth to take the photo, I propped the stick up and took it with my other hand. Hehehe.

It makes a big difference. I will try it again with marbling, man, if it works, it will be great!

Here is the resulting stamping:

I am always trying to get this blog print look with stamping, I don't know why. I think the pinky (and this is all one hand) kind of makes it work. 

These polishes are a mix of the ones which I got from the nail stamping machine.

Here's a photo of the stamping plates, they are all from Pueen:

It's from the Sumptuous Gallery

Plates 18, 20, 23, and 24. I love these plates and will do more with them.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. It's nice to see you stamping! The stamping polishes from that machine are great but the bottles so tiny. I wish they could be found to purchase separately.

    1. I agree, and to be honest, the pigment is doing strange things, but they do a decent job over deeper colors, we'll see how long I can nurse them along...I need to branch out on colors, too.

      :D Thank you!!!


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