Monday, March 9, 2015

And Now For A Minor Fail

I have to admit, it has taken me ages to get around to swatching some polishes.

There still are polishes in my stash that I purchased back in 2009 that have languished. I have to wonder how close this pushes me to the edge of hoarder and how far I am from collector when I really don't know the strengths and weaknesses in my collections.

Having said that, I am only just this year finally really getting my cuticles under some sort of consistent control that feel like they are finally photo worthy. If perfection is the enemy of getting anything done, I've at least tossed that notion to the wind. I really hate languishing in mediocrity.
My nails may never be awe inspiring, but I do want them to look nice.

Hence the fail.

Sally Hansen Marble Creme is an old Dollar Tree purchase. It's such a nice color that it has, in the past, even garnered some attention in the blogosphere. It's that kind of green that sits in the room with teal, then leaves because it's just a bit shy.

I've loved it for it's soft and demure ways.

Three coats, not a bad formula, but could use a sprucing up with some evaporation and new thinner.

Here it is with a super fail of a polish called "Cosmos" by Love My Nails (given to me about 2010 by a very nice person, who I wonder if she secretly hated me because this polish is a freaking nightmare - it felt like there were 12 glitters in the entire bottle!)
The smell of this polish is pretty much worse than Kleancolor, which is saying a log, er lot.

I won't go on much more.

The glitter polish I gave away to a coworker who happily said "I'll fish out the glitter with a toothpick!" and I said "run with the wolves, baby, run hard and fast".

So while I can see I need some moisturizer at least my cuticles don't look like I've been clawing my way out of a tank of Humboldt Squid. I will take that win.

Meanwhile, got this at Dollar Tree, back when they were running a ton of Sally Hansen New Lengths and Hard as Nails in two packs (hence the backup). I won't quibble that I love the color.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. The stars look, so pretty on top of that color. It sucks about the formula.

  2. I miss the days when Dollar Tree was awash in old SH and Maybelline. I keep hoping they'll find another stash somewhere and restock.


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