Thursday, October 9, 2014

Zombie Zest as a Topper

Yes, you knew I'd do that!

Zombie Zest, by China Glaze is a virtual dupe of of Sparitual Optical Illusion, which I really felt was a let down.  Why am I not surprised that somehow I have both. Eek.

I'd blogged about the Sparitual here and Zombie Zest here.

I felt I needed to find a way to bring out the glass fleck.

First up I put it over Borghese Plummagio Purple. It's a deep navy, that basically has such a strong blue base that the purple isn't really extant in Plummagio "Purple", I'd call it a blue, and that's how I sorted it out.

This is truly a win. Plummagio Purple swallows up that pukey green jelly base in ChG and lets the swamp green glass fleck participate more in the mix. I still could not get the blue shift to emerge in the glass fleck, not sure if it's my lighting, but I just couldn't capture it.

Next I put it over SinfulColors Peppered Amazon.

This is quite a nice base. It lets the jelly base from Zombie Zest emerge as a deep halloween green and less like something unhealthy emerging from one's body.

In short, to me, it helps make both of these polishes (China Glaze Zombie Zest and Sparitual Optical Illusion much more wearable. Win.

Here's Peppered Amazon alone. This is very similar to the SC's old Rise and Shine.

I didn't do any comps, I may have unloaded Rise and Shine awhile ago.

Hard to fault. Spot on trend with the glass fleck we love so much. I think my photo is a tad light, but it really catches the fleck.

Now you can see how successfully this combo works!

Still couldn't get a color shift, but that might be that the Sparitual had it better than this one. I'll have to delve into it all again.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal.

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