Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Peachy Scenario in Toppers

Finger Paints is a startling good brand. I'm always miffed when I wear it that I don't have more.

Here's Finger Paints Peach Beach Scene:

I saw this on a blog and really knew I needed it. It's gorgeous. Soft glassy peachy pink. Yummy.
Picked it up at Sally Beauty, which I rarely go to because I'm not close to the store. I need to really get with the program. These are nice!

I paired it with American Apparel Berry

Three coats, pardon my lint!

I think I found this one at a blog sale. Nice!
Another brand with a great formula. Love it.

Here is the layering

Silvery pink glass shimmer. Not exactly color changing, but if you like the current trend of glass fleck colors, this will be an easy addition. This is one reason I like layering.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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