Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Third Man and My Nail Polish

Have you seen the movie "The Third Man"? If you haven't please do. It's a great one. They used to periodically repeat it on TCM and I always made sure I saw it when it was on. It's been a while since I've had cable, so I don't see it much. It's on Netflix for rental. Make the time. It's a good one.

It's a post WWII flick based in Vienna. With character names like Holly Martins and Harry Lime it's full of quirks. Quirks that inflame curiosity and remind you what an auteur is really about in cinema (and seems to be lost today by most accounts).

One character is called Dr. Winkel, pronounced Vinkel, and he is constantly correcting Holly Martins with an acerbic "Viiiinkel" with no real affect on Martin's pronunciation of the name.

So whenever I see Veriwinkle in my polish drawer, I think of The Third Man.

Meanwhile, back to the swatch, right?

Veriwinkle is an unapologetic frost. Brushstrokes and all!

I was going to try to use a sponge to soften the brushstrokes, but I've tried it on other manis and it's still not a skill I'd call "mastered" as of yet.

Veriwinkle ("veriViiiinkel") is a gorgeous periwinkle shade. Gorgeous. Did I say that twice? Well, thrice then: Gorgeous!

I'll be honest if this was just about any other shade I'd not give it any of my time, but it's like a frosty version of Orly Cashmere Cardigan or Revlon Modern Grace. Love it.

Meanwhile if your pash is for periwinkle ("periViiiiinkel"), you should add it to your collection.

I found mine online with an etailer, but at quick glance, I don't see it on eBay or readily in the google searches, nor on the Orly site in their search bar. Oh dear.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. That's a beautiful shade, but yeah, sponging would definitely make it better. I'll have to check out The Third Man; thanks for the rec!


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