Sunday, August 18, 2013

Princessa Redux

As a brand follower, I tend to like the obscure ones, I'll admit it. Princessa was one that showed up at Ross and few other places, it ended up being, for the most part, a pretty decent little brand.

What other brand would ship me back up of my absolutely fave color when it was discontinued? Nice!

Here are a couple I may have done before, or wore before and rejected, but thought I'd finally blog about them.

Tangi My Nite
(what does this mean?)

First a couple coats over black:

Deep blackened green. Almost milky, but not really. Not bad. Better than the last time I blogged it here.

Next up I popped it over a pale nude:

This is three coats.
Surprisingly wonderful!
Soft, luminous sea foam green.
Pearly glass fleck finish. Win!

Princessa Tangerine

Two coats over black. A generic pale blue in the bottle, it's a wee bit to milky to really bring out anything over black. Future usage will entail layering over lighter colors.

Next over nude:

Pretty, soft and with a gentle glow, three coats, though a fourth would have been more helpful.
Nothing "Tangerine" about this one!

If there is anything that redeems this fairly generic blue polish is this:

Pretty color shift that will reveal itself with a bit of tweaking of light angles.

Not enough of a shift to really call it a muscular duochrome, but enough to move the middling blue into a gentle periwinkle.

These all came out of a pack at Ross, and I never see this iteration of the Richon brand any more. Now they have Richon blister packs that look exactly like L.A. Colors blister packs.
Ebay has little Princessa, I see the same stuff with little change and I understand that the Richon site has  limited access to wholesale customers, so I can't browse the polish.
Ah well, that was then, this is now. Moving along.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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