Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pair of Sally Hansen Nail Prisms

I love Old Sally Hansen Nail Prisms.

No clue as to their original release, however these were some of the first polishes I grabbed at the Dollar Tree around 2008/2009.

Other than that, it's hard to say.

I wax on about the Dollar Tree, but it gives up less goodness over the years, that's for sure!

Lots of photos, duochromes do require it!

I feel I'm getting better at photos, but still not maximizing my lighting and exposure to capture the nuances availed to me in these polishes. I know there are some reblogs in order now that I think about it!

Here we go!

Sally Hansen Lapis Amethyst.

Not a particularly "sought after" shade, in this line of polishes that seems to range up into around 40 different colors, but appealing, nonetheless.

Here it is alone, no black base and three coats.

It looks like a bit of a pearlescent metallic. Silvery with some pale purple around the edges. Kind of ho-hum, but not without its own charm. Pastel metallic or pearl.

Now here are two coats over black:

More of the same, but enhanced.

Then it kind of shifts:

Hard not to enjoy this subtle shift into a silvery lavender.

I know that these have a tetchy formula: slowish to dry, show brushstrokes, and somewhat loose (as you can see from my lack of cleanup).

It's on eBay and appears to command a bit of a high price.

Next up Sally Hansen Lavender Sky

Three coats, no base coat.
Pretty pale orchid that is so translucent that you can see my nail beds where the light doesn't hit it directly to cause a reflection!
Another more underwhelming shade on its own.

Over black, the magic happens!

Purple shimmer now presents itself!
The edges show a bit of a silvery gray.
This is two coats.

Subtle shifts of my hands reveals some excellent green! Silvery khaki and even over into a beetle-y territory!

Devilishly wonderful to see how it shifts from purple to gray into green. Lurve!

This is not an inexpensive polish on eBay. I think it's probably got some kin elsewhere, it is much more of an intense purple than the current crop of duochromes that are coming out in Essie and OPI fall 2013 collections.
Formula same as above. I honestly am very forgiving of these polishes. These kind of duochromes are a metric sh!t tonne more expensive when I buy them from an indie or an importer.

The base black is just a plain old black, can't recall which, probably WnW.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. I am jealous!... <3
    I own five Nail prisms but none of them is blue. One is a red duochrome and the rest are coral or pink holos. I love them all!

    1. Check out blog sales and eBay, you never know when something will come up for cheap!



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