Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I look at mty first posts and kind of laugh. Some bloggers hit the ground running with great photos, clean-up and nails that hit the genetic lotto.
Me, I had to bump my head against a number of walls before I even got halfway decent swatches, much less photos.

So, I found this old, forlorn franken in a drawer and thought I wanted some secret shimmer.

Here is the original blog post. Seriously, could there be a sadder case of crappy application? LOL!

So, I grabbed the bottle and decanted some, thinned it and added a bit of shimmer and glass fleck. Why? Because I kind of wanted to emulate two things: Illamasqua Raindrops and secret shimmer.

Here is a close up:

That purple is my camera reflecting

I have three coats here and if I wanted a bit more dupe-ishness, I would add a larger glass fleck, white, but I don't really have a larger white, so this has a smaller one.

It has both fleck and shimmer.

Photos can be enlarged, too!

I love the glossy finish. I think the combination of thinning it and adding shimmer helped it a lot. I love its delicate complexity.

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