Sunday, April 29, 2012

Borderline Post

Sometimes I will swatch a polish and things happen:

  • I hate it very much
  • Formula self destructs
  • Will NOT photograph at all, so I need to redo it for a sunny day
  • Blah Happens

I think City Color - found at Rite Aid - is one of those brands that sometimes sneaks  under the wire with a cool thing.

Now, before I tear it a new one, I have to show a photo and promise redemption.

Three coats here with my ridge-y nails popping through the too-thin coats. Some balding at the top, and a bit of a sloppy formula.
What to do?

But, as a layering polish, it has potential. I need to reblog this one, but it's got this golden yellow shimmer that really pops on the first coat. After that, it's sheer heartbreak. A couple days later, I realized, it wore nicely and I like the shade of mind. Hmmm. Gah! Sometimes it's pretty difficult to decide if it's worth saving.

Bottom line it's a seafoam/mint shimmer with a golden shimmer built in.

See, now I figured I should have not blogged this one until I tested it over the top of something else.

Thanks for reading my nail polish journal!

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