Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sally Hansen Opals - Pt 8

Yes, the eighth installment of the Sally Hansen Opal Duochromes.

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Whoo! That's a lot of entries! Thanks for your patience!

I will be doing a 9th entry with a quick reswatch and comparison to see who is similar to who, and who might be dupes of what - at least what I have - and then a 10th entry on some frankens.
Frankening these might be the most fun of all! 

Violet Opal - 07

This is a non-shifting one that is a blue leaning deep purple. 

I imagine it's similar to SH Spark or CC Electronica, those deep purple/blue shimmers that delight wiht red and blue shimmer particles. 

Left to right 
Two coats
One coat 
Two coats
One coat

As usual, over WetnWild Black Creme, which I may not have mentioned in my last post. A ubiquitous black, that, I am running down on, and will try some others before I open the back up bottle. Does this mean I need to do a "black comp"? Hmmm!

You can see with two coats, when the light hits it, that frosty "opal" base can provide that "hmmmm" moment, but since I didn't do cleanup, around the edges where there is no black and some overflow of hte polish, it is literally invisible, so you need the black, otherwise, these are pretty much unwearable except as a gloss over other colors or naked nails.

Rose Gold Opal - 04

Last perhaps one that helps show the duochrome nature of most of these polishes at some of its best.

Starting out at a rich purple with a bright shimmer it really is a true purple, not a blurple, not a red-toned color.

Left to right:

  • Two coats
  • One coat
  • Two coats
  • One coat

As it morphs you see this silvery gray:

Then the green emerges:

Oh! Hello!

Finally, we get the gorgeous green:

I will also post favorites, too. Excuse the cuticles. Nothing like top lighting to bring out bad cuticles. Aaaagh!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. So pretty! I absolutely LOVE that rose gold one.

  2. Me, too!
    I wonder how they come up with the names! Neither rose nor gold!
    :D LOL!!
    Thanks for your comment! :D


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