Friday, November 25, 2011

Jemma "The Cake's" Blue, Franken Love

Part two of my homage to my dogs.

Maddie Mauve is here.


Jemma, aka Jemma Jenkins (I LOVE ME MY MISS JENKINS!!!), Jemmacake, Cakes, Cakerton, J'cake, Jake, Duchess of Cakerton, Li'l Jenkins, Jenkins, Jinx O'Cake (her test pilot name)...well, she has a hilarious array of funny names. She knows Jake and Jenkins like she knows a lot of human words.

Preternatural intelligence for a dog. Sensitive soul, but not above rolling in goose pooh on a walk.

Her story is a little more upbeat. This is how we met the lady who runs Orofino Humane. She has no website and had an add in the paper for rescues. We got in touch, sent photos of our fenced yard and ourselves, and Jemma came home. She was 9 months old, and looked at us like we had two heads. She lived with a bunch of pugs outdoors.

She immediately bonded with our husky/akita/shepherd cross, Ursa, who knew her for two years until we lost Ursa to Lymphoma. Jemma loves Maddie, but Ursa was her heart friend and stayed by Ursa's side during the long hours that she dealth with chemo and after chemo failed, her decline.

Jemma has that kind of heart. For a pug, she is very calm and quite shy. She is very type-y and very cubby, although she is a little on the fluffy side, she does have such well sprung ribs that she looks bigger than she is, though I am under no delusion that she doesn't need her diet food.

Jemma loves to run and can out maneuver most dogs, I've seen her outrun an Alaskan Sled Dog over a short distance. Quite amazing!

She is loyal and more of a sidekick than the fearless leader. But, she is so smart she understands words like hungry, go bye bye, GBB (the spelling version lasted three seconds!), and quite a number of others.

Jemma's breeder was also breeding for the pet store trade, but I am not sure. She may have been a show breeder, or got her dog from a show breeder. Pug showing is so arcane with the "rose face" and balance of the features that the genetic variations are kind of a joke.
Jemma snores and has a host of "snoggle" noises that are like spoken words or barks, they have meaning and we understand them to a degree.

She is a mystery, but a beloved mystery because in many ways she is an introvert, but a little bit of hugging and she comes out of her shell.

Our latest addition has become a sort of play buddy, because Maddie is so focused on me, Maddie isn't the best of pals and it has taken a while for them to really bond. Jemma is a dog oriented dog because of her upbringing and Maddie is a human focused dog.

Back to the franken!

I made her a blue franken and it is called Jemma Blue

It is three coats here and made from a L'oreal white sheer that I can't recall the name of, but perfect base for frankening. I wish I had more of these!
The blue is from a 120 palette of eyeshadows by Richon. The blue is deep ultra violet leaning, but in this franken it comes out as a shimmery periwinkle.
Bright and fresh, just like Jemma!

Bottle shot:

Perhaps a little sheer, but quite a surprise with regard to some variations!

Over black:

I admit this was a real surprise! I did not think it would turn all silvery. It may also be nice over a solid medium blue, too, but I didn't try that!

Last thing:

This is Revlon Top Speed Royal! One coat over two coats of Jemma Blue. Wow! It really pops!


I think this reminds me of Jemma's nature: you see one thing, but there are many things going on with that pup!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Aww wonderful story about Jemma! I don't know where I would be without my dogs, they are my heart! Love her franken too, it looks stunning over black =)

  2. Thank you!!!

    "They are my heart"
    Truer words were never spoken!!!

  3. This is so pretty! I really like it! Just found your blog! Am a new follower!

  4. That's a beautiful franken!! *swoon* Thanks for sharing about your lovely pets. I'm really hoping for another Albert-centric post. :B


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