Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sally Hansen Opals - Pt 5


Wow, nearly a year since I totally dropped the ball on this bad boy.

Time to pick up the pieces.

You can see Part 4 here.
You can see Part 3 here.
You can see Part 2 here.
You can see Part 1 here.

What a difference time can make: improving cuticles, MORE light, better use of camera, though it's a different camera, the same things apply.

Here we go!

Amber Opal - 11


This alternates left to right:
Two coats
One coat
Two coats
One coat

This is a gorgeous plummy purple, with two coats it becomes more of a shimmer than a twinkling top coats. It also dives into a deep purple on the pinkie finger, so I feel like there is some blue lurking, I think it is the pink base that drives the bus when you add two coats, so one coat is probably enough on this one.

It then pulls into this gorgeous espresso brown tinted with a raspberry duochrome.
The more coats, the less the duochrome seems to pop.

Formula is the old Sally Hansen one, which means patience in the dry time, or a quick dry topcoat.

Pale Pink Opal - 05

One coat over black.

This pretty much says it all. BAM!


A gift that keeps on giving! Look how easily it shifts over into purple!


I admit the purple was so difficult to snare.


A blue and purple mix, so unusual!

More soon on the opals!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Niiiice! I regret not picking these up when I saw them. I didn't think to layer, durr. On the other hand I found an old SH chrome polish at DT yesterday so maybe old stock hasn't run out? I'll keep an eye out. Oh, and I saw Max Factor polish, too!

  2. Wonderful score!!!
    Your DT sounds great!!


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