Thursday, September 29, 2011


A little comparison of two greens, mainly because I feel like they are similar, inasmuch as they sit next to each other in the Helmer drawer!
All are three coats, all are taken with a lamp.

Maybelline Colorama Jaded

Yes, I did clean up! Yay!!
A tropical green with enough shimmer to knock you back on your heels. This is under a lamp, and it appears to have a bubble, which is a bit of a bummer, but I think my fault.

Though three coats, some faint visible nail line you can see around the edges of the finger on the right (ring finger).

An easy to use formula that benefited from some clean up, though.

I tried it over black:

The yellow has been dowsed and this very tropical green now seems to be the star of the show. Brushstrokes are more evident, but there is a bit more green, now. I love this color, alone or over the black polish, it really has its own personality.

Then I pulled out a new addition to the stable, NYX Luscious Green.

In this photo it is a pure green, not really any yellow in the sense of shimmer, but yellow undertones.

Another photo:

Oh! Here ya go! Much more intense, I feel like I've landed in the tropics and the sun is beating down on my head! Where's the sunblock!

I was told by a kind person on the nail board that this is a close dupe of the famously difficult to find China Glaze Moonpool. I can't tell, from what I can see, the Colorama seems to hit the yellow nail on the head a bit more, well, it makes a try. Hard to say without a comparison!

I did compare the two, though!

A classic case of their differences illustrating their strengths and similarities.

Both have yellow, on different degrees, both have a beautiful shimmer, Luscious Green feels like the shadow of Jaded in some forestry fantasy world made up of nail polish swatches.
Related, and yet, independent.
If there is a Moon Pool dupe out there, this is probably as close as I am going to get, unless I layer Jade over Luscious Green.

No pix, I just thought of that while I was blogging!


"You are luscious!"                                     "You look jaded!"
Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. I have a ton of Coloramas arent they awesome!!! Plus they are so cheap since tyey sell them over at the dollar stores :-D

  2. You are SO LUCKY!!!!

    My DT is not carrying them!

    Get them while you can!

  3. Nice comparison! I have Jaded but never thought to put it over black.

  4. It's definitely sheer enough to try it out that way!

  5. I love Jaded over black! Lol at your bottle conversation. *snicker* Thanks for showing the bottles. :B


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