Monday, October 3, 2011

Sally Hansen Opals - Pt 6

Back in with the sixth installment of the Sally Hansen Opals!

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Wildfire Opal - 15


Deep teal green, though not unlike Pale Pink Opal 05, this one leans more green, has more deep waters, so to speak.
Almost lending itself to a pine green. 
One coat only, though.


Tips into a beautiful grape purple. Lovely, wanted more of this, but it was pulling teeth to get this!

Royal Opal - 16


Trim my nails with ermine! Royal Purple has arrived!
Rich and luxe, it is awesome!

One coat only on each, though, 

Hello! What?


Check out the green shimmer just busting into the royal chambers!

Quite the battle royale for the crown!


Ah! A usurpation! Green takes Purple! 
And my goodness! A purely perfect green! Deep, and wonderful! Not yellow nor blue. 
As you can see in my frantic enthusiasm to get the photo I ran into the lens with my finger. Doh!

Coming up:

  • Part seven and eight
  • a recap (reblog!!!) 
  • and some franken experiments!

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. I love my Dollar Tree for polish but they never have anything that cool.

  2. Yeah, my Dollar Tree is an empty husk of its former self!
    Some of these I found on eBay.
    They are equal to the famous Prisms, only they seem to be just without any dark base to show off the color changing properties of the mica particles.
    I will be working on some frankens with them.

  3. What a great find - love that green especially

  4. These are so beautiful. Does Sally Hansen not make these anymore? Shame since they're quite awesome.

  5. You're one of the few people who understands how to use the opals. I can't count how many times I've read posts complaining about getting these and that they are boring "clear polishes" and of course I usually suggest they try layering it over black or another dark color. Although I do think there are many women who just want to slap on a couple coats of one polish and don't like layering, or konading, or stickers, etc. It's like it's too much trouble to do more than the one color. The thing is, I like layering because I'm lazy! I can update my mani without having to remove it and start over, just by adding some glitter, or one of these opals, or flakies. Oh and I think youre one of the few who understands what to do with "Silver Lining" too, most women think it's just a sad sheer.

    One last thing, "Planet Pluto"???? *THUD!!!*

    *reawakens a bit dazed* I never thought I would see that one in real life! Thank you so much! I just got my prize package so I haven't had a chance to play around with them, but I sure did appreciate having a present to open on this gloomy rainy Monday. Thank you again!

  6. BMR, unfortunately they are long gone!
    I think whatever happened, they either brought this out as a line that failed (gee, sheers, go figure!) or special edition. Hard to say.
    They are on ebay, I don't know what the prices are but I think they show up now and then and not hugely expensive. They haven't taken on the aura of the SH Prisms.

  7. Donna!
    Glad you got it!!
    I wish I had more room in those boxes!

    Glad you enjoy the layering and opals!
    I am the same way with layering, plus my nail art skills art so appalling I would be needing a brass pair to post it!

  8. Are you in the mood for some new Zoyas? They are running a BOGO sale...

    I was reading some of your old posts yesterday and got to the one about using pigments and eye shadows for frankening, and wanted to mention a trick I read on one of the franken blogs, (I think it was Dr Frankenpolish, if I remember correctly?) anyway, she uses stripers to franken! I know you have a Dollar Tree nearby so those should be easy to find, (LA Colors Art Deco stripers are always available at mine) but what the blogger said was that these are heavily pigmented and the glitter ones, you already know the glitter stays suspended, unlike buying dry glitter and taking your chances and hoping it doesn't sink to the bottom.

    I was wondering, I know you picked up a few of the different polishes in the Sally Hansen display that had Hidden Treasure, like Silver Lining, did you get "Barely There"? This is one of the few polishes that just looks horrible on me, there is something about how it's so close to my skin color, that it makes it just not right on me. I think that means it's crying out to be frankened but I'm not sure what exactly to do with it just yet.

  9. You are psychic! I have an upcoming post on frankening with the Art Deco polishes bt L. A. Colors!
    Yes, the creme I used was heavily pigmented!

    I have SH Barely There, but it is too orange-y for me, but I have to say that I thought it would be a more nude leaning color - i grabbed it off ebay for $1.99 - it really seems hard to think of what to franken it with. Maybe more green and blue to get a brown? Now part of me wants to try, but part of me doesn't want to spend the time. SH has a crazy color palette sometimes. :D

  10. You're right about it being orangey. That's usually not a problem with my yellow undertones. I'm wearing Beachy Keen now, from the same collection, and that one is near my skin tone too but a little rosy, which seems odd since there is a vast difference in shades between the two. I think it's because I wore BT in July when I had tan hands, but August/Sept was all rain and I'm already lightening up. Anyway, I like your idea of using blue or green to neutralize the orange. I gotta hit Sally up and get some empty bottles and give it a whirl.

  11. These are gorgeous! My layering skills are pretty appalling though. *sigh* Btw, I've been meaning to ask, what's the difference between interference and duochrome. And what is duochrome exactly, anyway?

  12. I am no great shakes, the other day I made a hot mess, it happens more often than I would care to admit.

    Interference colors are those that show another color when painted over black. Duochrome is when you get two colors in a color shift. So, when you see the rare mulichrome shifts, you seehow awesome they are.


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