Saturday, September 10, 2011

Layering L'Oreal Party Hop

Party Hop, by L'Oreal, appears to be part of their disappearing line at my local drug stores.

Since Essie is now under the same parent company umbrella as L'Oreal, the only L'Oreal I've seen have been special editions like the summer collection I blogged about here.

There is a fall edition out, pretty stuff, but I am not feeling the neutrals they have put out, though there is a blackened green called Mystery that I want to franken a copy of. I've not many of their polishes, however, the greatness of Caught Red Handed, can not be understated.
Here is link to that post.

Back to Party Hop!

Though, for some reason the name Hip Hop stuck, so you'll laugh later on!

Sheer, glassy particle goodness. Three coats, though, I could have gone four, but indeed, the direction of this polish isn't really to be a soloist, it is born to be in a duo.

Here is Essie Lilacism:

Three coats, Essie's fab formula on me, and that blue leaning lavender that shifts in different lighting (sunlight, more blue, tungsten light pulls out the red making it more pink)

Here it is with Party Hop, two coats of Party Hop, that is:

Essie Lilacism is the perfect base for this!  Though you can see the base through two coats, it lends an air of "glassy foil" to the finish, instead of "sheer glassy particles".


Meet Diamond Cosmetic's Crushed Velvet:

Three coats, though, perhaps, two, I can not recall. Note to self: take notes!
Glossy finish with a pretty amazing "two dollah" formula. In fact, you can see me in the ring finger peeking over the top of my camera! No topcoat!
I need to compare this to the famed OPI Sapphire in the Snow, which is another blog post for another day! :D
p.s. I need to believe that I can do clean up, because I often mess up manicures trying, plus my biggest excuse is that I show how the formula works. Hehe...denial.

Meanwhile, let's examine Party Hop over it:

One coat, it adds the "party" to the Crushed Velvet, that's for sure!


Glassy goodness!!!

Here is the bottle shot of those last two:

Titling fail?

I love square bottles. 
Though why I didn't do an Essie bottle shot, I don't know!

There you go! Hop by L'Oreal! A layering polish with some lovely legs!

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!


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