Thursday, September 8, 2011

Revlon Modern Grace vs. Orly Cashmere Cardigan

Really not a "versus" because both colors are in the tippy top of my favorite blues.

Both are completely beautiful, though a shade different.

Tremulous blues, perhaps you can guess which is which?

If not, left to right:

  • Orly Cashmere Cardigan
  • Revlon Top Speed Modern Grace
  • Orly Cashmere Cardigan
  • Revlon Top Speed Modern Grace

Taken indoors under a pair of daylight corrected lamps. 

Sunlight, same order.
My camera corrected for the brilliant blue sunlight by adding a shade of red to the photo. I can't complain, it is the closer of the two photos, in my estimation.

They are both gorgeous colors. 

Modern Grace is the deeper of the two.  

Bottle shot:

In truth if you only get one, it isn't the end of the world. Both formulas are wonderful. I used to hate on Revlon - a lot - until I found the Top Speed line and had some good luck with cremes. The jury is still out on shimmers.

In some ways, Revlon seems to be catching onto trends. Of late they are hitting it hard. Though I haven't been paying close attention, they were hot with Street Wear, but when I first paid attention to polish again, it was pretty dull sedate colors. Now it's a bunch of special editions loaded with punch! 

Orly, well, fabulousness! It keeps on giving with new collections that knock my socks right into next week. 

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. ahhhhhhhhh i have no blue like this! yummy. I should get my hands on either one... once I have some spare cash that is :(

  2. Lovely colors, both!

    Revlon did some good non-SW stuff back in the day, too--duochromes like the collection KhakiZING is from the first one that pops into my head. (Speaking of which, I should put that on my list to do an entry about.)

  3. KD! Great point!

    Can't wait to see that post!!

  4. Wow! Revlon has been really fabulous as of late. I think I prefer CC of the two. Maybe. *confused*

  5. It is so close that they are almost the same color, but one is the darker version!

    Imagine if someone came up with an Ombre manicure collection?


  6. SO glad I found your post here with the comparison! I've been obsessing over my 'need' for the Orly CC, and here I see how close it is to a much-loved polish I have, plus a backup of course! Thanks!

    1. Hi!
      Thank you so much!
      I love these colors soooo much, too!

      I have found Modern Grace on blog sales, but CC is harder to find.

      So periwinke-y!!!


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