Tuesday, September 13, 2011

CND: Hot Days, Cool Nights

I have a pair of CND, or Creative Nail Design, layering combos I want to share.

CND generously sent me some polishes to review! Yay!

*stumbles around blushing and honored and excited all at once*

Let's get busy!

First up

The perfect coral for any skintone. Balanced just right, not too pink, not too orange.

I have three coats here, and I think it did need three, though the formula was very easy to work with, looking at my pinky, you can see that I didn't do clean up and it really wasn't loosy goosy or heavy. I love this shade of coral for summer: oomph but not neon or too bright. Never dusty, but somewhat demure.

I wanted to catch the sun - it's a late hot summer here - so I added Crimson Sparkle:

A rosy golden top coat that I really love. Glassy particle greatness!

What was even more fun, was that even with my small hands, I could fit the bottle between my fingers and stay outside in the sunshine and apply the top coat. Little demo below:

You can see a bit of the green flash in this top coat, too!

Next, CND Sapphire Sparkle over CND Asphalt Oilslick (sorry, should have jotted it down!!!!):

No, really.

Crazy wonderful duochrome.

Asphalt Oilslick is a rich black, a definite two coat, but a very nice formula that was easy to work with.

It was very easy to play with this one, too:

Shifting to purple, and showing it's blue range from royal to icy blue.

You know how I love a duochrome!

This one delivers!

I like the way it gives ample coverage in one topcoat, the black is there, but one coat fills the bill and the glassy particle greatness easily gives up it's charming color change.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal.

This product was sent for me for review.


  1. I confess it has a whole lot of win going on!!

  2. Whoa, Sapphire Sparkle is a whole lot of pow! for one layer. Nice :D. And I was amused by the demo haha.

  3. OH I have been looking for these everywhere!!! Love your pictures!

  4. This is GORGEOUS. I need to nab some of these.


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