Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hot Tomatoes!

I have been in a comping kind of mood this summer, and this post is no exception.

I admit that probably few people will find these polishes as they are not out any more.

But, if you run across them, you never know, do you? This may come in handy!

First up, Maybelline Red Alert

A red that has bright clarity and no implication of neon or brownishness. Fantastic!
Pure red.
Found at a Dollar Tree among many that were passed by and ignored. These reds must evoke something vintage, but not vintage cool, because they were all sitting there, forlorn. I grabbed one because, hey, I'm prone to that. Plus my favorite brown, (see it here) was one such "last picked for the team" sort of colors.

Three coats, easy dry time, a little bit of nail line visibility without the benefit of jelly-ation, but then again, the color is so crisp and perfect.

Second up, Borghese Maraschino

This color can only be described as a "dusty neon red" it is so amaze-cakes in real life. I have three coats here. A little loose-y goose-y with the formula - and I didn't bother to clean up - but there is something rather heavenly about this red. A wee bit tending on the sheer side, but not horribly bad.
I wore this one for a while and it held up nicely.
To me it is dusty, but quite bold. Odd combination.
Found at Ross, I passed on a purple for this one, and for me that is oddness incarnate! Kind of wish I got the purple creme, too, but alas, Ross is a hit or miss operation with regard to Borghese. For a $1.99 I can't complain.

Oh, forgot to add: I did a "in store comparison" of Borghese Maraschino (on my nails) with a bottle of Sinful's Timbleberry (in the bottle) and they are identical. I don't need any more of this color, but the good news is that if you have a big display of Sinful, you will be able to get this shade of red. Yay!

Here is a comparison, not to say that the polishes are similar, however their differences highlight their own unique properties.

This is quite an accurate photo of the colors. You can see that Maraschino is a bright yet, muted red and Red Alert is very hearty, bold, but nothing to suggest any other color than red.

If you do see them and enjoy red, I put both on the recommend list.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. These are both gorgeous reds, but my eyes are really loving Maraschino! It's funny, this post makes me think of Roma and large salad tomatoes side by side.

  2. Mmmmtomatoes!!!
    Enter my contest!

  3. Maraschino looks like a pinky coral to me, could just be my monitor though. I love pinky corals!

  4. It is almost coral, too, but like a dusty neon coral. If you are at the drugstore look at Sinful's Timbleberry and you will see what it actually looks like.


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