Tuesday, August 9, 2011

If Ever a Re-blog was in Order....

My original post about Orly Fantasea and L.A. Girl Enchanting is at the top of the list.

I originally blogged about it here.
Yeah, you don't need to say it, I am agog at the state of my hands. Moisturizer? Gloves? Cuticles? My blissful unaware self thought "oh, anyone can blog nail polish!" HA! I am probably the slowest learner of clean up, cuticle care and application on the planet, but dang, my ballz out "manicure shot" quote even causes me to chagrin!

I am laughing on the inside.

So, while I am the first to say I have a lot to learn, let's begin to examine these dupes a little closer, with a bit better application. Shall we?


What is it that makes Orly Fantasea so unique?  A bronze/brown shimmer in a purple jelly base. A base, I might add, that is an intoxicating combination of that kind of purple that appears to possess the beauty of twilight after a rosy sunset.

It is a sheer animal, too. Though it will build into a nice little polish on it's own, it is a great layering polish.

What could be nicer? That it's not alone, that's what! L.A. Girl has a dupe. So dupe-tastic that one wonders how easy it is to make, or is there one big pot with L.A. Girl, Orly, Sparitual and Forever 21's names written on it? Hmm? No looking behind the curtain because I am nowhere near the Wizard.

Hold your fingers above the names and block them out, can you see a difference? I can not!
Alone, it is a shimmerfest in that purple base.

I popped it over black:

A bronze, with a pinkish duochrome, emerges! Truly a brown at first glance, but you can see that the jelly base isn't opaque enough to do much and so the duochrome shimmer is cut loose.
This is one coat.
Still, very much the dupes.

The bottles, for your viewing pleasure:

No difference whatsoever.

Then I tried on New York Color's Peony, trying to find a base that complemented the jelly base in Fantasea:

I found this in the drug store, a limited edition by New York Color, and quite a beautiful one, too!
Three coats, easy to use formula, easy clean up and nice wear. Such an autumn color, but I seem to forget when I found this! Odd. My only complaint would be that I got a tiny bit of bubbling and I am not sure why.

Here is a bottle comparison the L.A. Girl Enchanting:

Pug shedding knows no boundaries, excuse the hairs!
Made for each other?

I think so!!

That robust shimmer definitely is up front and yet the deeper base of Peony makes the L.A. Girl Enchanting emulate the bottle a bit more! Perhaps another base like purple or even a mauve might also be fun.

I like this combo! A lot!

This isn't on the Orly permanent collection, but I have seen it on a couple of etailer sites.

It appears that the L.A. Girl has pulled all of their cylindrical bottles from their website and a lot of the other colors seem to be gone, too. I have a number and several are pretty cool, weird cool, like jelly, odd colors, and dupe of another Orly. Odd!

Such a strange/beautiful color. But, not yet impossible to find!  I think on top of being a really nice layering polish, its capabilities as a frankening ingredient are pretty nice, too.

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Nice reswatch! Fantasea is amaaaaaaaazing. What's weird is I have Peony, it looks exactly like your swatch but for me it's a one-coater. I wonder if NYC changed the formula. And thanks for showing the bottles!

  2. I am such a habitual 3-coater! :D
    Btw, don't forget to enter the give away!

  3. Great conparison they look like total dupes and such a lovely color fantasea has been on my wishlist forever but now I know to keep my eye out for enchanted.

  4. Hey thanks!!!

    I think both can be found around the web!


  5. HaHa! I made the comment about you taking care of your nails and cuticles before I read this one, you really have been!

    One of the reasons I don't update my blog is that I had hopes of being a polish blogger, but my nails are atrocious and I am too lazy to remember to use cuticle oil or cream every night. Also my camera is at least 10 years old and takes crap pictures. One day soon I will get a better camera!

    I think my favorite is this polish sheer but built up. I think ethereal is the word for it?

    I love LA Girls polishes and am so glad that they are available at Forever 21, yup, those Love & Beauty and LA Girls are made by the same company so you can get dupes there.

  6. Oooh, ethereal, I like that. It is so unique.

    I sometimes wish I could figure out who manufactures what, but I am sure that's top secret info. (I always think of that horrible Doris Day movie Caprice, so bad, but I saw it on TV when I was a little kid and it was so glam-o-rama)

    I think blogging has made me work harder on my cuticles, they are still a mess at times, and I think I am always behind the curve, but it's hard to say.

    Do your blog! I love nail blogs!!!
    Every one of them!


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